Simple and Easy to make Lotus Flower with stamen (TUTORIAL)

Beautiful Lotus Flower with stamen.

Handmade paper flowers are as eye-catching as real ones, and they’re surprisingly easy to craft. Best of all, these blooms are truly can make beautiful lotus with paper. Here is the super cool idea to make lotus . Let’s start!

Material Required:

  • Craft Paper (as per your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Thread or wire


Step 1 –

For making of lotus I used pink, yellow and green paper. Cut the pink paper 3″×6″ (10pcs).

Green paper – 3″×6″(5 pcs), yellow paper – 1.5″×4″ (3 pcs).

Step 2 –

For petals I used pink paper and fold in to half makes rectangular form.

Step 3 –

Now, fold all the corner the middle of the paper, as shown in the picture.

Step 4 –

From the sides also fold in the middle of the paper.

Step 5 –

Now fold the paper in the outside direction from the middle.

Step 6 –

Fold all 10 pcs in the same manner.

Step 7 –

Fold the green paper in same manner but in the last step you fold it inside from the between instead of outside.

Step 8 –

Take a yellow paper and fold it vertically and then horizontally. Cut the paper from bottom in this layers.

Step 9 –

Cut all 3pcs of yellow like this.

Step 10 –

Make 2 sets (1 green + 2 pink) like this.

Step 11 –

Add yellow piece after the pink paper put yellow paper alternative.

Step 12 –

Collect all the sets and arrange it properly and tie it with the help of wire or thread from the center.

Step 13 –

Now arrange the petals in middle and open the yellow paper in the middle.

Step 14 –

Now open the petals and arrange it accordingly.

Step 15 –

In the last open the green petals and your paper lotus is completed.

Richa Raje: