DIY : Learn To Make Unique Matchbox Secret Notebook

What can you create out by used matchboxes? Don’t throw out any empty match boxes. You can make an attractive notebook, personalized gift , school reminders, book bagcharm out of those boxes within few minutes . Go on , stack up your used matchboxes and made a unique secret notebook.


Material Required 

  • Colour papers.
  • Matchboxes.
  • Ruler.
  • Ribbon.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.

For Decoration

  • Stickers , printables, paint or markers.


Step 1 –

Take a empty used match book remove the cover and take a measurement on paper for making pages.

Step 2 –

Mark the box size on the paper and cut it accordingly.

Step 3 –

Now collect the pieces of paper and stick eachother from one side .

Step 4 –

Take a ribbon the length of ribbon is to be 15 cm and cut it .

Step 5 –

Apply glue in the cover to stick the ribbon .

Step 6 –

Apply glue again to stick the pages.

Step 7 –

Now take a coloured paper and make the size of the box on the paper.

Cut accordingly to the size.


Step 8 –

Not stick the paper to the uppar cover of the box.

Finally it look like this .

Step 9 –

Now its time to decorate the box . You can use the stickers , make some cartoons etc.

Step 10 –

Now put the box in the cover and the unique matchbox secret notebook is ready you can write your message in the box .

Make your own pieces and Give surprises to your friends , kids , and everyone .

Here try few more matchbox ideas.

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Happy crafting.

Richa Raje: