Learn to Make Invisible Bookshelf (Step by Step Tutorial)

Wouldn’t it be interesting if your books hang with the wall without any visible support. Let’s try to make such invisible bookshelfs.

Reading books is a great hobby. One must inculcate reading habits in their kids. If one has a reading habit, one learns a lot from other people’s writings. One can develop a deeper sense of understanding for different kinds of knowledge by reading. One should always read books which interest you.

Children grasp faster with a good reading habit. And as you go on reading your reading speed also increases and it helps in the long run. So one must always try to grab the books one loves and give them a nice read. If you have a nice habit of reading you are sure to have lots of books at home. Thus making it a mess without a proper bookshelf. Bookshelves are an important part of the household. Books look good and neat when set on the bookshelf or they create mess no matter how insightful or knowledgeable the books are. We must always keep them well stacked and tidy to maintain their beauty and dignity. We can have different kinds of bookshelves.

There are shelves in the cabinets or long drawn shelves. As the architecture changes, the interior designing definitions also get changed and we are introduced to newer bookshelf designs. The different kinds of bookshelf designs in a house can tell you the period in which the book shelves were set up. The book shelves also add definition to the interior design of the house. The books are compliments to the bookshelves on which they are kept. Nowadays the invisible book shelves are very much in vogue. Today we will look at the step by step tutorial of an invisible book shelf.

Just follow instructions of this image and you will have you invisible bookshelf.

Image Source: community.k4craft.com

This invisible book shelf design is very attractive. It can hold upto five hard bound books. You can have multiple invisible book shelves in a row or a design on the wall. To make an invisible bookshelf, start with a T-lap with holes for the screws. Take a marking at the place where the T-lap will be adjusted. Mark the places of the screws. Drill at the marked points using a drilling machine. Now fit the inner cups for the screws. Fix the T-lap. Add the screws on top. Now tighten the screws in place.

Make sure the T-lap is secured properly in place. Now take a hard bound book. Open the back cover of the book. Fix the inner side of the book cover beneath the T-lap. Secure it in place with adhesive. Now close the book. Let it dry for a day. Your invisible book shelf is ready. You can four to five more books to this invisible shelf. You can add more invisible shelves if you have more books to keep. These invisible book shelves have high aesthetic value.

They look pretty and well defined. You can have it with ny kind of interior design. It goes well with every setting and color. You can even keep some show piece or small teddie on top of the books. This will add another element to the invisible book shelf.

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