DIY: How to make ‘Key tag’ using magazine / Newspaper

This tutorial shows, how to make the key tags using magazine papers. The step by step process given below.

1. First take the magazine paper.

2. Cut the magazine paper into 04 similar pieces.

3. Each piece rolls starting from corner like this.

4. Then you can get ’04’ rolls like this.

5. Each piece cut into ’02’ similar pieces.

6. Paste these pieces using UHU Pro glue.

7. Cut the ends in a straight line.

8. Take black color strips. Then take the quilling crimper tool and get the wheel shape design.

9. Paste these black colour strips around it as given below.

10. Using paper quilling tool make a small ring using a black colour strip. And paste it like this using Uhu glue.

11. Add the chain into the loop as given below.

12. This is a very simple and low cost way of making a key tag using magazine papers.

You can take another colour magazine paper.

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