DIY Easy Invitation Card (Tutorial)

Enough of getting ready to buy invitation card for birthday. Instead of being monotonous show your friends and relatives that you are a big craft lover through this card. It just takes 10 minutes to make a card. Start doing it prior to your birthday and decide the period so that you could finish it early and start distributing it.

You need to have….

  • A scissor
  • one aluminium foil role
  • Gum preferably Fevicol
  • Sketch pen or marker to draw on the foil
  • Chart paper

So yeah! Let’s begin.

To create…..

  • Take the foil sheet according to the size of your card. For example if your card is A4 size take the same size of aluminium foil sheet from the role.
  • Draw the shape that you wish. Take care while drawing on the foil, as it is very fragile and might tend to tear. A flower pattern is used to create card in this tutorial.

  • Slowly cut the shape using scissors. Now the petals of the flower are ready.

  • Take the chart paper cut it according to shape you desire. A4 size is maintained in this tutorial. See that the card can open so that you may write your greetings inside. (Just like opening a normal greeting card)
  • Now start placing the cut pieces slowly on the sheet and stick it using fevicol. Stick the cut pieces from left to right, that is, from the place where the card has been folded.

Note: Be careful while sticking the foil. Since it fragile it may tend to tear.

  • Leave the card to dry for some time. Now your card is ready to invite. Open the card and write your invite or greetings.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Image Source: SCDesign

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