Heart Day Special Paper Card Tutorials

Heart is a vital organ in our body. We should take care of it. We celebrate heart day in order to make people realise the importance of a healthy heart in our body. Today we are going to learn some super easy heart shaped cards for the occasion. I hope you like these DIYs.

How To Make Heart Shaped Waterfall Card

First of all take a red coloured sheet and cut many heart shapes. For example we cut 10 heart shapes. Now take a broad black strip and place one heart at one end of the strip. Then mark the end of the heart shape. Now mark 9 times at a distance of 1 cm above the first marking. Fold at each marking, it gives a curvy effect. Now paste the first heart from its upper curves near to its marking. Similarly paste other hearts near their markings. Now cut a thin strip and place it below the first heat and secure it there. Lock this strip at the back with the help of glue. Use this strip to pull so that you can have a waterfall effect with the hearts. For better understanding of this heart waterfall card look up:

Heart Shaped Valentine Pop up Card

Take a red coloured square paper. Now fold it diagonally and then in the perpendicular direction. Now fold it lengthwise and then perpendicularly. In the end you get a triangle with sides folded in. Now make half heart on one side and then fold this cut heart to the other side to mark it and cut it there as well. Now when you open it you get four hearts. Cut another red heart of the same size from a red coloured sheet. Now take a red ribbon. Cut the ribbon in half and then paste the two ribbons at the two sides of an unfolded heart. Now take the red heart and paste it on the ribbon heart. Now take a white sheet heart and place it inside the card. When you fold the card you can tie it with the help of the ribbon. For better understanding of this heart shaped card look up:

Valentine’s Day Special Paper Card

We require: coloured sheets, pencil, raffia, bookbinding glue and 3D foam squares. Let us get started. We need three white sheets : 20x10cm, 10x10cm and 6x6cm. one red sheet of 10x10cm and one dotted green sheet 10x10cm. make and cut a heart from the 10x10cm white sheet. Make and cut a heart from the 6x6cm white sheet as well. Cut hearts from the red and green sheet using the white one. Now mark a heart on one half of the bigger white sheet, fold it and cut it but do not cut the joint. Then paste the green heart on the front of the card. Now using the smaller heart mark the space taken by the smaller heart and cut the area out. Then use 3D foam squares to paste the cut red heart on the green base. Now use ribbon(raffia) to make a beautiful knot and paste it on the top. For better understanding of this beautiful heart shaped card look up:

Heart Shaped Pop up Card

We need four sheets in total, three small red sheets two 7x7cm and one of the size 8x8cm and a big white sheet. The white sheet can be chosen according to the size of the card. Fold the 8x8cm sheet in half and then make a heart on it and make a horizontal cut on its meeting point. Cut this marking. Now cut two hearts in the same manner from the smaller sheets. Cut a small triangle at the flat from one side of each of the hearts. Now glue the two edges of the triangles and then stick the hearts together with the bigger one in the middle. Now cut a big heart out of the big white sheet and stick the three red hearts in the middle of it. Voila! You have a great heart pop-up card. For better understanding look up:

Paper Card in Heart Shape

Take a white strip of 13x5cm and red square of 9x9cm and a black square 10x10cm in size. Mark and cut a heart out of the red sheet. Now halve the heart. Use this heart to mark a slightly bigger heart on the black sheet. Now cut this black heart and halve it from the middle. Now take the white strip and mark a slight at the middle and then mark halve’s half and then fold the last half and then fold the rest at the back. Paste the red heart shapes on the black ones. Now stick these hearts on the top of the last fold on the strip. Now you can write a message inside the fold. This is your heart card with a sweet message inside. Hope you like it. Look up for better understanding:

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