Coconut Craft Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Coconuts are important economy wise as well as from the nutritional point of view. We are constantly underestimating the value of coconuts. We need to understand that they are vital for our well being. We celebrate coconut day to spread awareness about coconuts’ importance in each one of ours lives.

Coconut Shell Craft

First of all take a half shell and scrape the excessive hair off the shell. Use knife for this purpose. Now use sand paper to smoothen the edges. Use sand paper on the insides of the shell as well. Once the surfaces have been smoothened well, paint the inside and the outside of the coconut shell in the colour of your choice. When the paint dries use sequins to decorate the shell. You can even use lace for the purpose. You can even use glitter to make your shell shine. Once all the decorating material has been applied, use a fancy thread at two opposite ends of the coconut shell. This will be used to hang the shell. For better understanding of this coconut decorating DIY look up:

How To Make Coconut Bowl

We all love beautiful traditional handicraft. Let us make a beautiful handcrafted coconut shell bowl. First of all scrape off the outer husk of the coconut. Use a chisel to scrape off the finer parts of the husk. Noe use a flattening tool to make the base. Mark the middle of the coconut shell. Now cut it along the marking using a fine cutter. Now use a sandpaper to smooth the inside of the shell. Smoothen the outside of the shell as well. Then use a bigger piece of sand paper to smoothen the edges of the shell. This way you get a beautiful handcrafted coconut bowl. For better understanding look up:

Coconut Gift Craft

Let us make a showpiece using a coconut shell. Get 30cm of wire and two long newspaper tubes. Now push the wires inside the newspaper tube. Now paste the two tubes. Use cloth clips to secure the pipes until the glue binds them. Soak the coconut shell overnight. Now use a knife to scrape of the husky outside of the shell, then use a sandpaper to smoothen the surface. Now paint the shell in any of your favourite colour. You can decorate the shell in any way you wish to decorate it. You can use sequins or beads for that purpose. Paint the tubes in golden colour. Now wrap the golden tubes in a thin rope, securing the rope at places with glue. Now make a ribbon flower and stick to it some false flowers using a stapler. Secure the golden tubes inside the shell using a glue gun. Place some napkins inside the shell and stick artificial plants to it. Rest your teddy on top of it. Stick the ribbon rose on the tube’s upper corner. For better understanding of the DIY look up:

Learn To Make Waterfall Showpiece From Waste Coconut Shell

Let us create a beautiful waterfall. Gather coconut shells, lace, thermocol balls and other pieces of decoration. First of all prepare the surface of the coconut shell by scraping off the husk using the cutter and using sand paper to smooth out the surface. Smoothen the inside as well. Cut a rough drawing on a cardboard sheet, now cut colourful sheet and cover the cardboard with the coloured sheet. Decorate it using lace. Cove the old glue bottle in a lace made up of sequins. Paste the glue bottle on the cardboard. Now secure the coconut shell on top of the glue in a tilted manner. Now paste the other shell on the bottom. Make water using the glue gun. Now decorate the cardboard and the shells all around using lace and shells, aquarium stones as well can be used. For better understanding look up:

How To Make Mini Tabla Using Coconut Shell

Let us make a nice sounding table using coconut shells. First of all take two half coconut shells or you can cut a whole coconut using a big cutter or an axe. Once you have cut it, cut off the excessive husk. Make holes at the base of the shells. Start painting the shells in brown colour. Now get wires and cover them in white sheet. Now join these sheet clad wires from the hold to the base. Now cut circles according to the size of the shells, paint them in white and make a black circle. Join the paper design on the shell base. Cover a bangle in cloth. This cloth clad circle will become the strong base for the of the coconut table. For better understanding look up:

I hope you will enjoy realising all these DIYs. They will make your children understand the value of every part of the fruit individually and on the whole. Coconuts are great fruits and the only ones alive from their family. Keep on nourishing your bodies through coconut water and rind, your creativity will surely be fuelled by its shell.

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