Senior Citizen’s Day Special Easy Craft Ideas

We all love our Grandparents. Our parent’s parents are the ones who toiled all their life long to make our parents comfortable and worthy of the life they, we are leading. They are the pillars of the growth of the family on the whole. They are the strong foundation for the nurturing of love and relationships. In present times the senior citizen’s are leading a dejected life. They are the senior citizen’s but they as well yearn for love from their progeny. Let us make this Senior Citizen’s day special for our grandparents, by showering love and warmth over them. We can surely wish them, spend time with them and gift them our DIYs which will add to their memories.

Grandparents Day – How To Make Grandparents Drawing

We are going with some granpa and grandma drawings. You can draw them on cards or simply on a sheet or you may even get them framed or may even border the drawing on your own. We are going to start with the head of our dear grandpa. Then we move on to his body. We are here showing him to be wearing a pant suit. He is all perfect and looking handsome and his best. Next we start drawing the grandma close to him. They are shown to be standing together as if posing for some photograph. In this video of reference the dress chosen for the grandparents is western, you can choose to draw different type of dress if your grandparents wear traditional clothes. Colour the drawing or shade it whichever way you prefer. For better understanding look up:

Happy Grandparent’s Day Handmade Card

Let us make a card for our grandparents. First of all fold a black sheet in half and then open it back. Take the two end flaps and then fold them till the middle of the sheet. Be careful with the creases. Now take a pink rectangular sheet to fit in one side and then a sky blue sheet which can fit the other side. Take smaller white sheet with a grid made on it, paste this on the blue sheet. Take a light yellow sheet, paste it on the pink one. Now take two faces, one for the grandpa and the other for the grandma. Paste the grandma’s face on the pink side and grandpa’s face on the blue side. Use cotton to make the hair for the faces. Now use some pink glitter to mark the neckline of grandmum’s picture, you can draw some semi-circles around the neckline. Use a blue glitter and draw a triangular neckline and a tie for your grandad’s picture. You may write down your lovely messages inside. Use the pink and blue space to describe your grandparents, or you can write how much you love them. You can even use the inside to share special feelings or the moments spent with them that you always cherish. For better understanding look up:

How To Draw A Cartoon of Grandma

If your grandfather and your grandmother are nothing else but fun then you can try the next two videos. They are light and cartoonish. So, let us get started. As it is cartoonish art, you need not to be upto the proportions, you can have wrong curves and lines. We are using a black marker, make sure that you have more than one sheet beneath the main sheet so as to ensure that the marker does not get soaked up by the main sheet bloating the art. You can even start with a pencil, if you feel unsure going straightaway with a marker. We are going to start with the eyes and then the shine and the irisis in the eye. Then we go on drawing the spectacles and a big round face. Make the hairline an a bun. Then we draw the body for our sweet grandmother. We make the details on her dress. Draw the hands and arms for the grandmom and then colour the picture accordingly. For better understanding of the procedure look up:

Let’s Make a Cartoon Grandfather

We start with a big and nearly circular face. Now draw two smaller circles and two smaller circles inside for the iris and the shine in the eye. Now fill in the eyes leaving the small circles. Draw a small oval for the grandfather’s nose and then draw a moustache. Draw the rims of the spectacles. Draw the ears and then start with the body. Draw hair on the sides of the head showing the receding hairline. Draw the frown lines showing the responsible personality. Now draw his arms and legs and then his hands and feet. Now colour your grandfather in his favourite colours. For better understanding of the method look up:

I hope you have fun realising these art and craft ideas. Your grandparents will also enjoy going through these fun activities. They will find your effort so loving and these small gestures are going to be their life long memories.

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