Easy To Make Mason Jar Decorative Ideas

Mason jars were patented on the name of the inventor, John Landis Mason. The jars were invented and patented in 1858 and at present are a common household item at everyone’s house. They are more common than other glassware due to their handy size and nice sealing mechanism. They are very helpful in art and craft as well. We can create beautiful mason jar decors easily. The easy availability of the mason jars make them a suited choice for craft projects.

Easy Mason Jar Crafts

First of all let us make a snow mason jar. Cover the mason jar with super glue and then pour Epsom salt all over it. Tie a red ribbon around the neck of the jar. Your snow mason jar is ready. For the next DIY stick a tape around the mason jar at some height from the base. Now apply glue below this and sprinkle the sparkle on it. Remove the tape and your glitter mason jar is ready, you can place candles inside it. Take a small mason jar and stick a small doll inside it. Now pour some glitter over the doll and fill the jar with water, leaving some space from the brim. Now fill this gap with glycerine. Close the mason jar and your snowy doll jar. For more ideas and better understanding of the mason jar DIYs look up:

DIY Mason Jar Room Decor

We need three mason jars, foam brush, sand paper, white paint and a paint colour of your own choice. We also need some flowers. Now mix the coloured paint with the white paint and start painting the first jar, paint the neck of the jar as well. Do not let any clumps form while painting. Now take a darker shade of paint and paint the next jar. As we are taking up gradient effect in the three jars we want the shade to be a bit darker for the second jar. Now take the third jar paint it directly with the paint from the coloured one. Once when these jars dry up, use a sandpaper to remove the excess paint. Now take some false flowers, to place inside these jars. Your rustic flower vases using the mason jars are ready to adorn your room. Now et us make a glittery mason jar for our makeup brushes. Apply super glue to the lid and cover it with glitter. Pour beads or coarse glitter in the jar and seal the lid on. Now you can place your brushes inside it. For better understanding and the inspiration for the picture mason jar look up:

DIY Mason Jar Cup

Let us make a drinking cup from a mason jar. We all love to sip our beverages. So let us get started. We need mason jars, hammer, glue gun, plumbing lines, some straws and to decorate we need some spray paint and washi tape. Punch a hole in the lid of the mason jar, make it large enough to make your straw pass through. Now stick some plumbing rings to the top and bottom of these punches. Now try passing your straw through. Now let us decorate the mason jars. In the first one we are using the washi tape. Stick washi tapes of different designs or colours in succession. This completes the first design. Moving on to the second we are going to first write words or a pattern with the help of a glue gun, then spray paint the jar. Now for the third jar we are going to ombre spray paint. First taking up spray painting from the top, start spraying the paint, then take another colour and finish the jar from the bottom. For better understanding look up:

DIY Nebula in a Jar

We shall be taking up a nebula inspired mason jar idea and realise it in two different ways. Going by the first method first of all mix paint with a little amount of water and pour it in the jar. Now place the open balls of cotton inside, mix them well. Now put in some glitter, make another layer of liquid and cotton layer as well. Now place more cotton and then pour pink coloured water inside. When done with this layer place one more layer of cotton and pour light blue coloured water. Keep on doing so with more cotton layers and different coloured water subsequently you will get beautiful nebula effect in the jar. In the second method take a diaper and cut it open, pour water on this material to make it fluffy and enriched with water. Now pour this inside the jar, form a layer and pour coloured water over it. Go on in this pouring more coloured water and the water enriched diaper filling, keep on pouring glitter after some layers so that the nebula keeps shining. You can use wooden dowels to maintain the proper mixing of the layers. I personally liked the cotton one better. For better understanding look up:

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