New Dreamcatcher Ideas For Room Decoration

Dreamcatchers are catching up soon. Everyone wants their good dreams to be kept near and the bad ones to be warded away. What dreamcatchers do is exactly the same. They are a big help to make our lives happier and blissful. Let us create with these beautiful dreamcatcher ideas to make our lives dreamy and rooms beautiful.

DIY Dreamcatcher

We need decorating material like the pearls and faux feathers. We need cutters, scissors and a big cardboard piece. First of all make a marking of a big circle on the cardboard sheet. Now make an inner circle marking. Now cut along these markings. Be careful while using the cutter. Now cover the whole hoop with the help of a bright coloured woollen thread. Now take a white thread and wound it the way explained in the video. Secure this thread with the help of a pearl in the middle. Now make hangings for the dreamcatcher using the thread and the pearls. You can also use feathers if you can get some faux feathers. They look good in a dream catcher. Finish it with a loop to hang on the hook. Keep in mid the symmetry of the hangings. For better understanding of this dreamcatcher DIY look up:

New Weaving Technique for Dreamcatcher

First of all cover the hoop with the cloth. Cut thin strips of cloth for this purpose. Now wrap the whole circumference of the hoop by winding these strips around the hoop. Now take a sturdy thread to weave the web. Seal the web at the middle by knotting the thread in place. Now hang loose threads and other colourful beaded threads from the lower ebb of the dreamcatcher hoop. This will become the hanging for the dreamcatcher. For better understanding look up:

DIY Dreamcatcher Idea using Old Bangles

Let us use old bangles to make a beautiful dreamcatcher. Take an old bangle and cover it with a thick white thread. Do not leave any loops in between the loops. Now take a thinner thread to make the web inside the bangle. Weave the thread in the desired manner. The star weaving is explained in the video. The video very well explains the method and the procedure is simple to follow. Weave in some beads in the pattern as well. Now secure the thread in the middle. Now start making the hangings. Thread the beads and the feathers in the hangings. Now your dreamcatcher is ready. For better understanding look up:

Boho Style DIY Dreamcatcher

Now take a wooden hoop and some colourful threads. First of all secure a bright coloured thread on the hoop and start winding it on the hoop. Once you have completed this step mark axial points on the hoops. Take another bright coloured thread and start weaving the loop. Leave the middle as a gap in the dreamcatcher. Now take bright neon coloured thread and tie it at the base of the dreamcatcher. Thread in some pom poms in the threads. This will beautify the dreamcatcher. Tie tassels at the end of the thread. Now take a sewing hoop and add the ribbons to the bottom of the hoop. Align the ribbons at the end. Now take the other hoop and cover it with a lace cloth. Now secure this with the screw. Cut excess of the lace cloth. Cover the screw area with ribbon. For better understanding of this dreamcatcher DIY look up:

DIY Boho Inspired Dreamcatcher Ideas

Take a wooden dowel and tie the thread at the two ends of the dowel. This will be used to hang the dowel from the nail. Now tie different lengths of threads in the other direction. Align the threads according to their size. After you have tied the threads according to the size. Make tassels with the same colour of thread. Now tie the tassels at the base of the threads. Secure these tassels with knots. Now take up another dreamcatcher DIY. Now take ringlets and knot the thread through it. Tie the two ends of this with the dowel painted in brown. Now start making big tassels using the same thread and a big piece of cardboard. Now cut the ends and tie them with knots on the dowel. For better understanding of this dreamcatcher look up:

Take some plastic straws and paint them with golden spray paint. Now take the yarn thread and cut long lengths of it. Now cut small lengths of the yarn and tie them in the middle using the long one. Bend over the smaller yarns and you end up with a tassel. Now secure it by tying it with another thread at the base. Thread a golden straw at the top of this. Make many such yarn lengths with tassels. Now take a dowel and tie all of these in a pattern on it. For better understanding of this dreamcatcher DIY look up:

Hope you liked these dreamcatcher ideas to use in room decoration.

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