9 Easy & Cleaver Home DIY Hacks

Improving the appearance and functionality of your home is perhaps a never-ending cycle. Homeowners are constantly seeking ways and methods to not only improve the way their home looks, but also a cheap alternative. Whether these methods allow for a faster way to clean, or an alternative to better organization, they are all very simple to complete by yourself. Below are the best, and easiest home DIY, or do-it-yourself, hacks.

Home DIY Hacks

1. For those who use a drill often, it can be difficult to mark your measurements exactly and precisely. As a result, you can simply attach a pencil to your tape measure. Fasten the pencil into the binder clip then on your tape measure. You will now be able to easily measure and mark measurements simultaneously. Your drilling and hammering projects will be simpler than ever.

2. When faced with a painting project, everyone is always concerned about getting paint on the floor. As a result, many people simply place a sheet of newspaper under the area they will be painting.

However, for those who want to take additional steps, they can use a large plastic lid; such as a large coffee lid or an old tin paint-lid. Next, simply cut a hole large enough for your paintbrush handle to securely fit in there. Now pull down the paintbrush, and enjoy the benefit of the lid catching any paint drips.

3. Before you throw away your old toothbrush, check to see if you have any dirty sneakers. If so, simply apply some toothpaste to the toothbrush and brush away. Your shoes and sneakers will look much different afterwards, especially white sneakers.

4. Got ant stripped screws or bolts? You can simply use a balloon or a rubber band to help get that stubborn screw out. Simply place the balloon at the point of the screw, and try to remove it.

The rubber in the balloon’s material will act as an extra force, and give your screwdriver a better grip to remove those screws in a matter of seconds.

5. Have pets who shed a lot? No problem! Use a squeegee to sweep up the unwanted pet hair from your furniture. It is a very effective, and satisfying method.

6. Is your bathtub drain clogged? Pour some baking soda then white vinegar into the drain. Wait a few minutes and run hot water though it. The baking soda and vinegar will react to help clean out the drain.

7. Are you also tired of bags sticking to your trash can? Simply drill a hole in the bottom of your trash can to prevent the bags from sticking. The vacuum-like seal in trash cans make it difficult to remove bags from them. When you drill a hole in the bottom of your trash can, you break that vacuum seal, and are left with effortless bag removal.

8. Have a stinky garbage disposal? Simply cut up a lemon into a small slices and run them through the garbage disposal. This will not only leave you with a beautiful lemon scent, but can also be very useful before guests arrive at your home.

9. Last but not least, don’t ever try to pick up little pieces of broken glass with your hands. Simply grab a piece of bread and press it down over the area. All glass shards and pieces should pick up easily.

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