Handmade Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Birthdays are a special occasion. The day when we realise that we have lived another year of our life and that there are many wonderful things ahead. Birthdays make us feel special. They are meant to be special. The day starts with wishes and love and yes so many gifts and blessings. Enjoying and celebrating the day with merry. The best thing about birthdays are gifts. It shows us the effort a person took to buy us the perfect gift that defines us and the relationship with the person. Gifts don’t have to be readymade. You can even make gifts yourself. That would have a lasting impact on the person whom you will gift. It will show them what they mean to you and there importance in your life. Here, I am going to tell you some amazing handmade gift ideas that is super easy and can be made without spending much time or money. So let’s get started.

DIY Gift Set for Mother

The woman who brought us in this world is special and so is her birthday. So, I am going to tell you some cute diys which you can make and gift it to your mother on her birthday. First we would be making a lip balm. All you need is coconut oil, petroleum jelly, essential oil and food colouring or some blush powder. Microwave the coconut oil and then add the petroleum jelly. The melted coconut oil will help you to melt down the petroleum jelly. Now add the food colouring or blush power to it and mix it well. Add essential oil to make it scented and then pour this in a small container. Second diy would be a keychain. You need just polymer clay and some jump rings. Take polymer clay of any colour and then mix it. Make any shape you want and make a hole where the jump rings will go. Bake it and then insert the jump rings and then add the keychain. You can write a beautiful quote in your keychain too. Third one would be a pearl necklace. For this, you need a chain and some beads that look like pearls. Now, just pass the beads through the chain and your pearl necklace is ready. Pack this 3 diys and gift it as a set to your mother. Watch the video for the steps.
gift set for mother.

Gifts for Brothers

Brothers will always annoy you, tease you and make fun of you. But they would always be there for you, to pick you up when you fall down. Brothers are special. They make our childhood worth remembering. So on his birthday, why not gift them something which would always be with them? You can make a cute little picture book, which he can keep in his wallet. You just need to cut out a piece of colourful paper, according to the size you want. Now fold it so that it may look like a tiny book. Decorate it with some colourful tape. Stick the pictures and then tie it up with a ribbon. He would absolutely love it. You can even make a bracelet for him. Watch the video for such amazing ideas.

Book Pendant

If you have a book lover in your friend circle, whose birthday is coming very soon then you can try this diy to gift him/her. Though you can always gift a book to your book lover friend, but then it may ultimately make there to-be-read list higher. You can make a bookmark by taking a thick paper and then writing a quote in it or by painting and making designs in it and then cover it with cellophane paper. The bookmark is ready. You can even make a sweet little book pendant and it’s really easy. You can get those tiny books from a stationary shop. Paint the tiny books with any colour you want and then let them dry. Cover the books with colourful paper if you want. Make a hole in each book and then start inserting it in a long pin, with a knot at the bottom. Apply glue between the books and then let it dry. Do the detailing and then add a jump ring and then add the chain. You can even put some charms in the pendant. Watch the video for tutorial.

Gift for Fathers

Fathers are so amazing. They are so strong and so supporting and would always be there for us at the perfect time. So why not gift something really special to our dads on his special day? Some easy and heart touching gifts that would bring a smile on your father’s face. First one would be a kit which can be made from those old open tool box which you might have in your store room or you can simply make one from cardboard. Cut out the cardboard according to the type of box you want, either an open one or close one. For making the slots , cut out small pieces of cardboard and then put it in the box. Now, decorate your kit box. You can cover it with colourful paper, put glitters and beads or maybe lace. You can paint it too. Now, just take your father’s favourite snacks and keep it in the kit box. You can keep anything that your father likes. It can be ties, pens, some sweets, snacks or something healthy. For more such ideas, watch the video below.

Autumn Gifts

If your friend is born in autumn and is of calm and peaceful nature just like the season, then this might be a perfect gift for your friend. You can make a wall hanging. For this you need, embroidery hoop, fabric and some embroidery thread. Fit the fabric in the embroidery hoop and start doing embroidery. You can make a design and then do embroidery on it and you are done. Just cut out the excess fabric and then gift it. The hoop will serve as the wall hanging. You can even make homemade tea bags and even a calligraphy autumn print. These are some awesome diys that would obviously make your friend happy. Watch the video for steps.

Gifts for Girls

Here, I am going to tell you some gift ideas that you can give to that important girl in your life. You can give it to your sister, your mother, your best friend or your girlfriend during her birthday. You can make a sugar scrub and gift it. For this you need, oil, sugar, essential oil that you need to make the scrub a scented one, like rose, some dried rose petals and a medium jar. Add oil to the sugar and mix it properly and then add the essential oil and dried petals and mix. Add this scrub in the jar and tie a ribbon. Don’t forget to write what it is and how to use it. For more such easy diys, watch the video below.

Personalized Gifts

Gifts denote the type of person. They tell them what we think of them and how well we know them. Here are some personalized diys that you can make to give as a birthday present. For the first diy, get a white tote bag, or of any colour you want and some contact paper. Now cut out the contact paper in the shape that you want to decorate the tote bag with it. Follow the instructions in the packet of contact paper. Now, paste the paper and yes, do keep a notebook inside the bag or else the design will get printed in the back side too. Now, paint the bag or just add glitters and then remove the contact paper and let the bag dry. Your beautiful tote bag is ready to give as a present. You can even make a rock pendant and a book clutch. Watch the video for the steps.

Chocolate Flower

Birthdays are about happiness and chocolates denote happiness. So here I am going to tell you how to make a chocolate flower. You don’t need much things. Just grab some old newspapers and crush them to make a newspaper ball. Take a thin bamboo stick and wrap it with colourful tape and then insert this stick in the crushed newspaper. Cover the newspaper ball with gift wrapping paper and secure it with tape. The basic structure is ready. Now decorate it with paper roses and stickers. Take a can and cover it the wrapping paper. Make thermocol circles, measurement should be that of the can and then fill the can with the circles upto brim. Now insert the chocolate flower in the can. Don’t forget to stick the chocolates on the flower. Watch the video for steps.

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