How to make a decorative flower pot of chips cans

Of cardboard boxes, which have been put up in chips, you can create many things. For example, the sympathetic small decorative flower pot “shabby chic” style.

For the manufacture requires a cylindrical cardboard box, which remained after like “Pringles” potato chips eaten, thick cardboard, black (also suitable for dark brown) and white paint, paintbrush, glue, unbleached linen, lace piece.

Required Material and tools:

  • Small jar of potato chips
  • Beer cardboard
  • Acrylic paint: white and umber (brown)
  • Glue “Titan” or the “moment of the crystal”
  • Candle
  • Fabric (I flax) and sewing
  • Paper thick, you can take the paper for sketching (I design paper weight of 300 g / m2)
  • Cutter, metal ruler, pencil simple
  • A sewing machine

Measuring jar: Height 8.5 cm, diameter 7.7 cm We need to compute the length of the circumference of the cans.

From beer cut strips of cardboard 8,5h1 cm, such strips need to 24 pieces.

With glue “Titan” or “torque Crystal” glue strips beer paperboard bank.

Work piece paint acrylic paint Burnt color.

After complete drying of the paint, rub the wax box using candles. Apply the wax in those places where we want them to be worn.

Plot the top layer of white acrylic paint.

After the white paint is dry, using a sponge or nazhdachki do abrasions on the surface of the box.

Size lna15h27 shishe cm and length 27 cm.

Well ironed cloth and bends 5-7 mm inward from each side and also iron. To one side are putting sewing, as shown in the photo. Sews each of the parties on the sewing machine.

Fold the fabric in half with the wrong side and sewn side at a distance of 3-5 mm on the machine.

Next, insert the stitched fabric in a box and tucking the excess tissue.

We make out the bottom using heavy paper. Cut a circle to the diameter.

And stick it to the bottom of the box.

Incidentally, the decorative flower pot or Kaspi can also use dried flower bouquet insertion. But to make it fresh flowers, Kaspi put it into a small glass or plastic container with water.

Hope you like the tutorial.

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