25 Easy Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas Kids Can Make

Not a single day should be considered as Mother’s Day because we all know very well not a single day our Mums work hard. It’s difficult to express how thankful we are to them and we can never compensate them for their services but Yes!! we can surprise them with our little contribution in the form of a gift. Nothing is more precious than the genuine smile of our parents and those twinkling eyes. Here we have 25 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that kids can smoothly make. Not everyone is looking for an expensive gift, some people want that gift which has the special touch that reminds them of you, your love and all your heart that you poured while making one.

Make your mother happiest with these personalized gifts and surprise them with your creation which is totally invaluable. No matter if you are a teacher looking for kindergarten assignments on mother’s day, guardian, father, mother or a neighbor, encourage your munchkins to indulge themselves in designing at least one gift this Mother’s Day.

25+ Adorable Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

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I am sure after taking a good look at this, all your Continuous Search for gift materials on the Internet will stop with our Magnificent ideas for Mother’s Day gift craft and DIY projects.

1. Painted Pots

Very personalized and artistic. These painted pots are mesmerizing to look at and heartwarming to gift. Instead of making flowers you can design and paint anything like wild creatures, bees or butterfly anything. Go for it while grabbing only a few flowers, soil, paintbrush, tempera paint, white acrylic paint or gesso, and 4-inch peat pots.

Image source / Tutorial: thatartistwoman

2. Butterfly Footprints

This butterfly canvas project is for all ages, if you want to make something cute and have a lil’ bit time then this is an ideal gift you can go with. Paint your feet with any paint color or mix different colors for it and get started with these little butterflies on canvas paper taking each foot in opposing directions to make the wings then using a 1 black sharpie create butterfly body. Even if you are a mother then also you can excite your kids with this amazing activity on this Mother’s day.

Image source / Tutorial: plainvanillamom

3. Fingerprint Heart Magnet

This little heart shaped magnets are so worthy of being gifted. Just get one today by ensuring you have all the products needed- Baking soda, Small circle magnets, Paint brushes, Cornstarch, Small letter stamps, Cookie cutters, and Acrylic paint. Adorable Clay Heart Keepsakes, you can create many magnets of different shapes for your parents or grandparents.

Image source / Tutorial: fun-a-day

4. Mother’s Day Flower Pot

A best-fragrance flower is the best thing you could ever give to someone. A very pleasant smile will cover the whole face just after inhaling the intoxicating fresh aroma of the blossoms but wait a minute this is not just about flowers here is something very tasty inside that pot YES!!! That’s a treat. Prepare treat in this surprising way. Here’s what you will be needed- small terra cotton pots, printable letters, strings or twine, ice-cream, fresh flowers, oreo cookies, tin foil, and straws.

Image source / Tutorial: petitepartystudio

5. DIY Tulip Napkins

Great utilization of a simple yet elegant napkin one could ever imagine of!! Isn’t it already liked by you? Not even random but something which we can call PERFECT. It’s just awesome, nothing is messy and the finished work is giving a hint of like an expert’s mind is all behind this. Be that one Expert and do this for your mother, I am sure she would keep it forever with her. You’ll be needed- Iron and ironing rod, pencil and scrap paper, brayer, linoleum cutter, speedy cut printing block, craft paint suitable for fabric and a cotton or linen napkin.

Image source / Tutorial: thehousethatlarsbuilt

6. Happy Mother’s Day Card

A greeting card with a heartwarming incredible sentence is sometimes more than an expensive gift. But a handmade greeting card hits emotion. So, lets gift this greeting card coming right from our soul. Check out the whole video attached below to make this amazing paper flower pot greeting cards.

7. Ladybird & Butterfly Crafts

A very simple activity can be scheduled any day. Ladybird & Butterfly craft activity is at its best in springs but you can do it anytime. Very Cute and a very few things are equipped for this like scissors, kids PVA glue, a permanent marker pen, colored paper, cellophane, sequins, two googly eyes, and a clear self-adhesive book covering.

Image source / Tutorial: childhood101

8. Little Hands Project

This is an inexpensive but a sweet Mother’s Day project. All you have to do is just to note the recipe and start with the ingredients. It’s easy and adorable you can actually make it with play dough.

Image source / Tutorial: teachingmama

9. DIY Bracelet

DIY Bracelet is something which every toddler can go with and express their gratitude and honor their mothers. This gift is simple in actual, meaningful and homemade. To make this DIY Bracelet, you’ll be needed to have pipe cleaners and cheerios only. Just in 30 seconds you’ll be done- thread some cheerios through the pipe cleaner and wrap the pipe cleaners around to give it a bracelet look. These are cute, hold affirmations and love.

Image source / Tutorial: lessonslearntjournal

10. Colored Pasta Jewelry

We have seen many kinds of jewelry like gold, diamond, silver, metal, pearls, platinum, sea shells etc. But jewelry made out of pasta, never. It’s not expensive nor boring, just pretty and stylish. Gift this unique incredible thing this Mother’s Day. Grab stuff like zip-lock bags, food coloring, hand sanitizer, uncooked hollow pasta, and a paper towel for colorful pasta jewelry. It is a cute kids craft can also be served a day assignment in Kindergarten.

Image source / Tutorial: kidspot

11. Coffee Filter Flowers

Creative!! How colors bend with each other beautifully and turn the whole paper into a mesmerizing mess. To make Coffee filter flowers get markers, coffee filters, spray water bottle, pipe cleaner, table liner, and a wax paper. These flowers are great for all seasons, these are not going to fade away anytime soon.

Image source / Tutorial: kindercraze

12. DIY Crayon Candles

This DIY Crayon Candles can melt anybody’s heart!! These homemade candles can be made with wax, wicks, old crayons, and containers. The whole activity needed to get these container crayon candles can be done under the guidance of an elder one like a teacher or mother herself. The end result will lit up the whole room with happiness and love.

Image source / Tutorial: thepinningmama

13. DIY adorable Mother’s Day Crown

Your kids would absolutely love to make these. Mom’s Crown is perfect to be given this Mother’s Day because we all know that she is not a princess but a queen of our house and heart and this crown will totally justify this position. The crown is just made by bending pipe cleaners into the shape of letters then wrapping around the base and embellishing with some of the pom-poms. Moms will definitely love this crown, go and make one for sure.

Image source / Tutorial: designimprovised

14. Egg Carton Pins

Create egg carton pins or badges that are totally cool to be made by tiny hands. Colorful, glittering, well shaped and a little imperfect but gifted right from the heart and made by munchkins own hands leaves a lovely impact on Gift. Isn’t it? These badges can be used as a decorating for a plain shirt, t-shirt, top, coat or anything by pinning it. Supplies required- cereal box cardboard, egg carton, tempera paint, pom poms, and Sharpie markers.

Image source / Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

15. Personalized Holder

This can be used as a personalized vase or pencils holder or even a planter, or anything that fits best in it. Materials for tin can craft is mod podge, a photograph of a child printed out of a paper, craft sponge, acrylic paint or paintbrushes and empty tin with no sharp edges. This is a special homemade gift for Mother’s Day.

Image source / Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

16. Egg Carton Jewellery Boxes

Egg Carton after being used is treated like trash and is thrown directly in the dustbin, Stop if you are also one of them who follow this ritual. An egg carton can be utilized in much more interesting ways, like in a jewelry box. Here in the below-given image, the jewelry box is the ultimate beautiful transformation of a simply faded egg carton and it also makes a good gifting item too because most of the ladies love jewelry. You’ll be needed- scissors, glitter (if you like), tacky craft glue, paint basically acrylic paint, an egg carton for the base of the jewelry box, and additional egg cartons to make into flowers, and a shiny mirror board. Grab all of the stuff mentioned. Teachers can also introduce this whole practice as Mother’s day craft Project.

Image source / Tutorial: thecrafttrain

17. Hand Print Book Bag

This makes an absolutely great gift if your mother is a teacher or especially a kindergarten teacher (not compulsory, just saying). You can gift it to them as they always need bags to keep their books in. You need a plain bag and a few colors that do not remove after washing. Dip your toddler’s hands in color and start with your imagination to give it a totally unique yet cute look. It will be fun to carry such creative stuff.

Image source / Tutorial: thechirpingmoms

18. Mother’s Day Card with ORIGAMI Letters

Amaze your Mom with a special kind of message that truly makes her happy from the heart. Origami Letters are making a little yet significant difference from ordinary cards, design it or you can go with more colors but what has to be written inside that letter entirely depends on you. Supplies- glue dots, card stock fold into a card, ruler and a 3in x 3in Origami Paper. You just have to be a little artistic while making letters (all those folding parts).

Image source / Tutorial: zakkalife

19. Paper Flower Collage Bowl

Totally authentic and really something new most of the people are looking for. Just a 2-3step process craft will not consume your much time. Acquire needed materials- paper flower printable, scissors, bowl, mod podge, plastic wrap, paintbrush and paint which is optional. As the end product will be quite fancy and artistic you can store your light objects in it or can use it just as a showpiece.

Image source / Tutorial: b-inspiredmama

20. Branch Vase

An amazing idea and a totally unique product that will fit best to your Mom’s likings. This Branch Vase is giving a beautiful and quite mysterious look at the same time. Deeply connected to nature and a pure natural vase that is easy to make within just a few minutes. You need not many materials for this just a mason/ recycled jar, hot glue gun, dried twigs of equal size and a flower for the vase. Just a few steps and you’ll be done in no time with the ultimate masterpiece in your hand to be gifted.

Image source / Tutorial: gardenmama

21. Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot is something very personal that is directly connected to sentiments. Every mother wants to see their child growing and these little footprints can be kept for years in this way, later when their kids will all grow up they will stare at it and remember tons of memories connected with it. Kids can paint their feet with colors, in fact, many colors as given in the image below and leave their footprints on a simple flower pot and when it gets dried they can use a black sharpie to form butterfly body.

Image source / Tutorial: mamapapabubba

22. Hanging Picture Display

Aren’t you loving this hanging picture display already? Because I am. This is just so fascinating -a thread with some objects in so creative way is connecting all of the family members or kids in only one frame with their distinguished or more I say in their own way. Go and collect all the stuff needed for this and get started today.  You’ll be needed- Computer-printed photos, cardstock (optional), tin can lid, ribbon, double stick tape, laminating sheet (optional), scissors or circle cutter and yes a powerful drill.

Image source / Tutorial: myplumpudding

23. Hand-print Apron

An apron is something commonly used by Kitchen In-charge but a simple apron is nothing special, Right!! Design your Mother’s Apron by yourself with some paint colors and handprints. Once an apron was simple now is kiddish, lovely and personalized. Collect all the kinds of stuff needed and start drawing creatures on it, well this one is depicting a cute garden but you can go with more creativity as liked by you.

Image source / Tutorial: littlepageturners

24. Jewelry Dish Keepsake Craft

This keepsake is simply beautiful and so cool. It will play 2 roles- like a jewelry dish keepsake as well as a showpiece in the house. Surprise your mother with this great gift material which isn’t ordinary. Acquire all the materials needed for this fantastic keepsake today. The process is a little bit longer but the product is worthy of deserving your keen attention.

Image source / Tutorial: rhythmsofplay

25. Eye Pillows with Lavender and Glue Batik Fabric

Make some lavender eye pillows with the glue batik for both mother and grandmother. You’ll be required- White or natural cotton or muslin fabric, soft fabric of the same size for the bottom of the eye pillows, sewing machine or needle and thread, dried lavender flowers and rice. These eye pillows make absolutely great homemade handmade gifts.

Image source / Tutorial: artfulparent

Mother’s Day is totally an exceptional day so make a good difference by giving it a special touch of making handmade sound gifts that are totally inexpensive but precious at the same time. Show gratitude, love, and honor in that gift. We have given you 25 different adorable gift ideas, so you are totally free to opt any of your like or as per your mother’s likings. Happy Mother’s Day from my side to all loving, caring, hardworking, and beautiful mothers.

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Hope you liked. Which ideas you liked most? Leave your comments / post links. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft! We will soon come up with more such crafty articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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