Easy Apple Crafts for Preschoolers using Recycled Material

Try out these easy apple crafts for preschoolers using simple papers, plates and other recycled material to have fun time with kids.

Brace yourself to make some easy apple craft with kids. As we know, Apples are the most popular fruit with a fair amount of health benefits. Although having the apples in breakfast are delicious, creating apple craft is more pleasant activity. Just ready yourself with great enthusiasm and energy and take recess from all the work.

We have downright list of all worthwhile easy apple crafts for preschoolers. Just check out them thoroughly and don’t miss even a single creative craft by a mere chance.

Easy Apple Crafts for Preschoolers

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Easy Paper Apple

This moment we have this paper apple craft which seems adorable and superb. The overall outlook with leaves is ineffable which require not more than 5 minutes to build. Kids would love it and can craft it by themselves. Bring out some minutes for innovating these easy paper apple.

Image source/Tutorial: Buggy and Buddy

Difficulty Level : Easy

Material Required : Paper, thread, paint, scissor, glue and sponge

Description : It is soft, light weight and flexible in nature, can be used for the object of decoration. Just place it at wall and on the dinning table. There are more than two color involving red, yellow and green.

Apple Printed Cloth Craft

For this awesome project you just have to put a tiny effort. Apple printed cloth is one of the easiest apple craft ideas and its length is quiet short which looks perfect. We have two kinds of apple with two different color, one is red and the other is green. I gifted one to my cousin sister on her daughter’s birthday.

Image source/Tutorial: Homemade Serenity

Difficulty Level : Very Easy

Material Required : Red and green paint, an apple, cloth, paint brush and scissor

Description : It is really alluring, soft and sweet. Hang it on rope in the garden area on a line or outside the kitchen. Putting it on door of your lovely kiddo would be fantastic.

Simple Yarn Apple Craft

This fun project will stun and going to blow mind of you all. This superlative apple craft idea shook my mom noggin last week.  Red color signifies desire and love which can be presented to someone special who reside in your heart.

Image source/Tutorial: MooMama

Difficulty Level : Moderate

Material Required : Yarn, wood, glue, tape and cardboard

Description : It is chunky, voguish, Eco friendly and apple in shape with oval leaves on the wooden stick. Instruct your little ones to create this sublime yarn apple craft on their spare time.

A For Apple Craft

This activity is specially prepared for toddler who is still learning alphabets. If your baby couldn’t let you sleep for a while then this craft will lessen your hindrance and make your baby indulge in building this A for apple craft.

Image source/Tutorial: Parenting Chaos

Difficulty Level : Quick and easy

Material Required : Cardboard, Paint,  glue and scissor

Description : It manifests creativity, motor skills and urges. It can work in the same way as sticker does. Placing it over refrigerator or television excite your kids more.

DIY Adorable Apple Yarn Activity

We see apple all around this season and this adorable yarn activity is extremely simple and demands just only 5 minutes. Here we are equipping our viewers with two color apple yarn – red or green.

Image source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

Difficulty Level : Rapid and Easy

Material Required : Cardboard, yarn with green and red colors, scissor and brown pipe

Description : You may take advantage over other by crafting this yarn apple and it is warm, flexible  and highly polished. Its brown stem looks so lovely. Children would like it as a toy and it can be put inside the fruit basket as a fun decoration at home.

Simple Marble Painted Apple Activity

Today we will craft most easy apple craft idea with some bright color. As you have seen making craft with paint brush but sometimes opting marble seems finer. I promise you, kids will love to craft it with fun and elation.

Image source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

Difficulty Level : Very easy

Material Required : Marble, cardboard, paint (green, yellow and red color), paper and scissor

Description : This marble painted apple craft unveils art and creativity. If your walls are left empty then it would be worthwhile to fix the apple craft in there. I hope you will direct your kids to form this sublime craft to keep them  busy in work.

Easy Wall Hanging Apple Craft for Preschoolers

I reckoned with the idea to make the easy apple craft by exercising yarn to decorate home. Turn yarn into cute and gorgeous apple craft by just spent a little quality minutes with kids, Have fun and enjoy applying brain in creativity for few minutes.

Image source/Tutorial: Hands On As We Grow

Difficulty Level : Quick and easy

Material Required : Yarn, glitter and glue

Description : This pretty simple yarn craft should be hung at the gallery or hall in the house. An alluring home decor can be made with bundle of easy yarn apple craft.

Pine Cleaner Apple Craft

Are you questing for some easy apple craft ideas? I know apple things have lot of fun. Therefore we made sweet pine cleaner apple craft within small time. It is perfectly shaped in apple with oval leaves attached with apple stalk.

Image source/Tutorial: Make and Takes.

Difficulty Level : Easy

Material Required : Pipe cleaner, paint( red, yellow and light green color) and thread

Description : Can you imagine a pipe cleaner apple? I know it seems funny but it can be finished within few minutes. Gift it to your friends and juniors in school. Decorate your home walls with handmade apple craft.

Apple Printed Card For Kids

If you folks love to create distinct and unique craft then you are at right place at the right time. Have you scored less in the exam? Don’t worry at all, this apple craft idea will make a side corner in the teacher heart for you.

Image source/Tutorial: Make and Takes

Difficulty Level : Very easy

Material Required : Thick white paper, paint, an apple and pencil

Description : This apple printed craft can be given to teacher as a giveaway on teacher’s day or on their birthday. Make collection of this craft and keep it on dinning table next to real apple as you can see in the image given below. I hope your kids would love building this superlative apple printed craft.

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Hope you liked these easy apple crafts for preschoolers using recycled materials. So many wonderful ideas will actually become fantastic only when you try them out with your friends and enjoy doing it. Try out these easy apple crafts for preschoolers and have fun time. Add your innovation to it and let us know how you liked it. Come back to us for more of such amazing ideas. We’ll be waiting for you. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! You can check out our other articles on similar topics. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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