Go Green This Earth Day with These Adorable Nail Art Designs

Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970. If we stop caring about the environment, then how are we to thrive on Earth? Inspired by the event and to encourage everyone to do their bit for the environment, we bring to you some Earth Day Special Nail Art Designs which you can rock on the go.

Earth Day Nail Art Designs

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1. Super-Cute Nails So Fashionable Yet So Educating

Image Source: arudilia

These nails look so adorable and super cute but this nail art design can also be helpful in raising awareness among the people about the ideas of reuse, reduce and recycle. Four nails have been designed in four different ways which are common nowadays. The third nails look super adorable!! These designs can be created with a basic stick and some brush strokes. Don’t forget to apply the clear coat otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain and polish would chip off. Pair this with light and comfortable clothes. In order to match the vibes, try wearing green or blue dresses to synchronize with the designs.

This nail art design is perfectly fit for a baby shower party or a birthday party because it is quite colourful and is giving out nice natural and innocent feels.

2. Green Is Quite A Cool Color

Image Source: mrslochness

Two nails covered in green colour and the other two in blue quite represents Earth. Can you spot the shark on the pinky finger? That is so cleverly made. The ring finger shows the mapping and is so finely made. The neon green paint is so flauntable. Overall, this nail paint design looks absolutely fine. This Earth Day nail paint design can be paired with sea green colored dresses and green flats. Tops will accessories the look. A simple artificial bracelet will also work wonders.

If you are going for giving a speech on Plantation Day, or any event related to it, this will suit you. This can also be rocked in a beach party.

3. The Grey Paint Has A Close Relation To Soil

Image Source: nailzferatu

We can already smell the pleasant soil after the showers. The grey paint is reminding us of those. The leaves are drawn to perfection. And the pattern which is followed here is quite cool. This can be paired with salwar suits and Kurtis because grey will suit the other colours. You can also wear baby-themed dresses. You can use stickers to create such designs and patterns for perfection.

This design can be rocked in baby shower parties, random picnics and if you are going for a nature adventure!

4. Get Inspired By Sunflowers

Image Source: Brittany McLemore

Honey bee drawn on yellow nails are giving us the perfect summer feels. Painting your nails yellow emits energetic vibes and transmits positive energy. This Earth Day Special Nail Art Design can be beautifully paired with lehengas, suits and gowns while you are going for the pre-wedding rituals of someone like the Haldi ceremony. Tiara, bracelet, mang tikka made of artificial flowers would glorify the look. Take a simple black pen and draw the honey bee on yellow painted nails. This can also be paired with off shoulders and ribbed jeans.

This is perfect and cool for a summer outing. You can wear this to flower exhibitions while going to the hills.

5. Yoga Is Good For Your Body And Mind

Image Source: girlyOh

As you all can see, this nail paint is trying to invoke awareness about the importance of yoga and how doing yoga in nature can help in healing the body and staying fit.Nature has so much to offer to us, we need to exploit it to our benefits without harming it. Pair it with calm, cosy and comfortable outfits. The embellishments can be stuck on the painted nails while the other designs can be created using brushes.

Go for random walks, meditation in parks wearing this style. If you are a nail paint freak and going somewhere on International Yoga Day, do not forget to paint your nails like these.

6. Feel The Depth Of The Oceans

Image Source: lemoney2

We are mesmerized by the fact that how Earth provides us with different heart-warming colors. These blue nails look so heavenly and gorgeous especially the index and pinky fingers. A metallic tinge is getting added to the nails. Pair it up with cool dresses of different shades of blue. Such designs are easily available in the market.

This nail art design can be flaunted in pool parties, beach parties, foam parties, while a visit to your favorite water parks during the hot and humid summers.

7. Glitter Is Never Gonna Fail You

Image Source: Shannon Potts Nails

These glittery and shimmery nails look so glamorous and interesting. These are gel nails which can be easily be created at home at your convenience. Green represents nature and shows how we can spend time with nature and understand the importance of this so a cute little leaf has also be drawn on the nails. The roots can be created using the brush. You can pair these with shimmery outfits or outfits with embellishments and glitters.

So in a way you can wear these polish to the discos, bars, clubs or whenever you are going to hang out with your friends.

8. Space Has Much More To Offer

Image Source: Lowcountry Lacquer

This Earth Day Special Nail Art Design is just so aesthetic and creative. How beautifully the makers have crafted the black glittery polish to make it look like space and then the map of Earth on the cuticles of the nails. Personally, we are in love with these nails. These are not only looking fashionable but also are successfully representing Earth Day.These can be rocked with any of your black dresses like your florals, LBDs and crop tops or dresses. Similarly accessorizing it with black belts, lockets, bracelets and hairbands. To make the map patterns, you can play with the nail paint brushes.

This design can be slayed in bachelor parties, cocktail parties, reception parties and kitties.

9. Animals Make The World More Lively And Cheerful

Image Source: pinkyboonails

This Earth Day Special Nail Art Design is focusing on the most enriching aspect of Earth that is the animals and insects. God has endowed our planet with so many beautiful creatures which is quite evident from the nails. The nails look so colorful and intricate with minute details. These designs have been created using nail stamping to make them look perfect. This design can be paired with animal prints and styles. Accentuate with leather belts and animal printed accessories.

Whenever you go for a jungle safari, visit the zoo, catching fishes and bird watching; do rock these styles with ease and comfort.

10. Stars Are So Aesthetic!

Image Source: Megan Donahey

Everyone loves to watch stars in the night sky. But unfortunately, due to the increasing pollution, we are unable to see the starry nights from our homes. However, these nails look awesome and eye-soothing. Stars on the royal blue nails are looking absolutely amazing. These are hassle-free to make. Even a kid can make these designs using a stick dipped in the white polish. You can pair this nail art design with starry outfits. By starry outfits we mean dresses which have stars printed on them, dresses embellished with sequins, decorations, glitters, etc.

This design can be perfect to wear in small house parties, get together parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and small dates.

11. Now, This Is Real Imagination And Creativity!

Image Source: suger23

So, the blue holographic nails represent the water bodies and in black are the continents. Sheer imagination right!? This Earth Day Special Nail Art Design is oddly satisfying. It is looking very beautiful on the nails. Holographic nails are taking over Instagram and beauty trends ever since Gigi Hadid wore them in the Met Gala. These nails can be paired with denim, tops, shirts and other formals as well as casuals.

This can be suitable for formal events and business meetings because these nails will give you a feeling of being bold and confident.

12. All We Want To Give Mother Earth Is ‘LOVE’

Image Source: Holly984

We should show our love towards our planet which it truly deserves. Inspired by this, we bring to you another Earth Day Special Nail Art Design. Different letters of LOVE written on different nails is in trend and sporty. This can be paired with white comfortable chic floral dresses and shoes. Write the word love using a stick.

This is suited for Valentine’s week because of the word LOVE. Whenever you are going for a date you can wear this nail paint.

13. Summer Calls For Some White

Image Source: 101nailfreak

As the nail paint reads ‘ Please Protect Our Home’ and we should be doing it because no other planet is going to shelter us as selflessly as Earth. The look has been created very neatly. After applying white nail paint, using a pen’s nib which has no ink; you can create the design by dipping them in different paints. You can pair this look with shades of white top and denims. White sneakers or boots will enhance the look even more.

This nail paint can be suited for light summer events or if you are participating in initiatives related to clean environment and surroundings.

14. Another Metallic Effect Just For You!!

Image Source: Anya

The green colour reminds us that we should spare some time from our daily routine to be grateful to nature for all the beautiful things in the world ranging from leaves to flowers to fruits. These nails are also metallic. Simply coated in the metallic green polish. Pair this up with metallic dresses as we always suggest! Because metallics are best suited with shimmery and glittery outfits. These nails are really charming. Whenever you feel like spending time with nature, go for this polish. This will make you feel connected to nature and happy about the fact.

15. How Can We Not Mention The Green Color When Talking About The Earth Day?

Image Source: Nails By Fatimah

Another green and white nail paint combination just for you. When talking about Earth Day Special Nail Art Design, we cannot miss the green color because it is of so much importance. Green is the colur of nature so we are repeatedly mentioning it. Green color has been abruptly stroked here and there on white nail paint to bring out a grassy effect. Pair this up with frocks, dresses, gowns and whatever you want to wear. These nails are so relaxing and refreshing. This is emitting cool and fresh vibes.

Wear this nail paint to religious occasions, environmental campaigns, when you are going camping or an adventure or whenever you feel like exploring nature.

16. Say A Big Hello To Reduce, Reuse And Recycle

Image Source: getnailedbyriss

The words reduce, reuse and recycle might sound cliche but this is what we need, our planet needs right now. Portraying this idea, we bring another Earth Day Special Nail Art Design to you which speaks volumes. We don’t think we need to elaborate much about these concepts. So, basically these are gel nails which maybe difficult in the first attempt but you will definitely nail it with practice. Gel nails are created using UV lamps. Pair these nails with any outfit you want to as gel nails are super adjustable.

This is suitable for after parties, beaches, nature adventure, wildlife exploring, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, etc.

17. We Actually Care About Earth Madly!

Image Source: alykatnails

Every single person should be environmentally conscious and should spread awareness about why consciousness is needed. Today, Earth is handling all sorts of torture due to humans and the condition is not the same as it was twenty-five years ago. So, we are continually stressing on such ideas. So here is another inspiring nail art design to channel your inner environmentalist. The design and details have not been drawn perfectly but it still looks good and presentable. We feel that this has been created using sticks and brushes and you can do this too! Pairing it with light breezy outfit will give you the feels.

This design is suitable for any kind of nature-related travels. For example, going on a safari in a jungle, boat riding, bird watching, visits to national parks, sanctuaries and other natural sites.

18. We Think Earth Has Never Looked This Innocent!

Image Source: Annes Nails

We actually think that Earth has never looked so innocent and cute. This little thumb looks so childish and bubblish. To get this design, on a silver nail, the water decal of Earth has been stamped. Yhe stars have been created using white polish and we cannot get enough of this. Pairing this with jumpsuits, skirts, minis, shorts will give the required effects.

If you are going for a baby shower party, it’s our request to you to not  forget to ace these nails. These are quite childlike and would be loved by everyone in the party.

19. Water Decals To The Rescue!

Image Source: Nails Anatomy

Flowers are not only aesthetic but also elevate the spirit. The scent of flowers is just so heart lifting. Ombre nails and water decals are an interesting combo. And that too of a flower makes it more interesting to view. Three colours of polish added to sponge in equal ratio and dabbed on the nails and stamped with a water decal. We have previously mentioned in our old articles about water decals. You can check them out! This is quintessential to be paired with all the florals lying in your wardrobe. Style it up with flowery accessories and jewels.

This is suitable for light parties as well as royal parties. After all flowers can never ditch you and go wrong anywhere!!

20. Finally The Color Of Our Soil!

Image Source: Nails by Kait

We cannot get over the brown polish applied on the tips of the nails. It feels as if someone has taken some fresh soil and rubbed it on the tips. This look has been created through ombre effect. On a sponge white and brown color has been taken and dabbed on nails. Using an unused pen, write the word grow and draw a seedling on the other nail. This nail design can be nailed with white bottoms and green uppers like tees, t-shirts, shrugs or anything.

This is perfect for beach parties, pool parties, foam parties or any light summer events.

We end our collection here by providing our dose of environmental awareness. Now, it is the duty of every human to keep their environment safe and protected in every way possible. We hope you enjoyed our collection Of Earth Day Special Nail Art Designs. Stay tuned for more such nail art inspirations!

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