DIY: Stylish Penholder for kids

DIY Stylish Penholder for kids: You might be having few pencils on your desk that you always move from one place to another. It would be much easier if you would just have something to store them in and get them out of the way. It would make your desk much organised and you’d also always know where to go when you need a pen or pencil. Here is the way in which you can make it by yourself.

Material Required:

  1. Paint brushes
  2. Glue
  3. Peas
  4. A glass or a jar
  5. Acrylic primer

Let’s start:

1. Take the can in your hand and apply glue to the can and fix several peas.

2. Glue the first row of peas from the bottom, at the very bottom of the can.

3. Continue gluing rows of peas, moving from the bottom up.

4. Paste over the can with peas to the top.

5. After the glue is completely dry, cover the jar with acrylic primer.

6. A good stain will cover all irregularities.

7. If you can not evenly paint the first time, cover the can with a second layer of acrylic primer. Each layer must dry thoroughly.

8. Now paint the can with acrylic paint in White Silver.

9. The peas sparkle as if they’re pearls. That’s very beautiful!

10. Again dry paint…And hurray! Wonderful stylish pen holder is ready!

Hope you like this!

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Tanvi Seth: