DIY Step by Step Plastic Bottle Crafts Ideas

Plastic bottles are a menace to humans and nature. The plastic waste we have been generating for all these years has got accumulated in the seas and landfills. We all are aware of the fact that plastic is non-biodegradable and does not compost or mix in the soil for millions of years. We still keep on using plastic bottles. So, it is important that we must follow the three R’s. We should try to reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic waste we generate. We have come up with some interesting plastic bottle reuse craft ideas. You can always try to make these reusing the plastic bottles. Your kids can even help you to make these beautiful crafts. All these beautiful crafts look pretty and add utility to these used plastic bottles.

Easy to Make Step by Step Plastic Bottle Crafts

DIY: How to Easily Make a Plastic Bottle Vase (Video tutorial)

This is a beautiful plastic bottle craft. You will need some adult supervision to make this plastic bottle vase. You will need an old plastic bottle, some old cloth napkin, paints and paint brushes. This beautiful vase can be used to store pencils and pens, flowers, and other things. These vases can be made in a myriad of colors mixing and matching with the interior decor of the house. You can blend these beautiful vases into the shades and colors which go well with your home. Kids will live to make this fun plastic bottle vase.

DIY: Make Easy Plastic Bottle Vase (Video tutorial)

This is a beautiful plastic bottle craft idea. This beautiful vase design can be made with patience and the right tools. This flower vase can be hung on the branches of a tree as well. You will need some old Plastic bottles, white acrylic paint, beautiful white lace, some sweet flowers. You can even set the vase inside your home. Even you can tie bright ribbons around the vase to add a zing to it. The beautiful vase can carry soil and flowers can be grown in it. Your kids will surely love this activity to recycle the old and used plastic bottles. You can make this vase with your kids as well.

DIY: Make Plastic Bottle Gift Tube (Video tutorial)

Gift tubes are a great idea in today’s world. We have been exploring variety of gift wrapping techniques and papers to decorate our gifts, which eventually added to the waste we have been generating. We have brought to you this new kind of gifting option. Now you can use all the old plastic bottles to gift your small sized gifts. These plastic bottle gift tubes can be easily made. Cut some cylinder or curved pieces of the plastic bottle. Now mark the circle on the top and at the bottom of these cylinders on hard stock sheet of paper. Now set the circular piece on the and at the bottom of plastic bottle piece and seal it with colorful washing tapes. It looks really pretty.

DIY: Make Plastic Bottle Binocular (Video tutorial)

Binoculars have always been a rage among kids. They fancy the way binoculars work and make things larger than they appear. You can use two small sized plastic bottles to make the binoculars. Design the binoculars. Use strong adhesive tape and ribbons to join the two empty bottles. Remove the base of the bottles and uncap the bottles to make the binoculars. You can paint the plastic bottles with the help of acrylic paint or spray paint whatever you please. These binoculars will look cool and will make for a great pastime for your kids.

DIY: Make Plastic Bottle Utility Basket (Video tutorial)

Bottle baskets are a nice way to start reusing the plastic bottles. You can make these changes pretty baskets for your kids to carry their stuff, these can make for great kiddie shopping bags. Use the large plastic bottle s for these crafts. Cut the large sized bottle in half. We will be using the lower portion of the cut bottle to make the basket. Now cover the lower portion of the bottle using a nice patterned cloth. You can use gems, sequins, rhinestones to decorate the basket. You can also add faux flowers at the base of the handle of the plastic bottle basket. Your kids will surely love this plastic bottle basket craft.

We hope you liked all these beautiful crafts. We live to see all our readers making the crafts we share with you. It would be nice if you can leave a feedback or your opinion on the articles we share with you. You can leave your comments in the comments section given below. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We will come up with more such environment friendly articles for you soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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