DIY Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas and Hacks

Just hearing the word ‘Gift’ makes us joyful and wonder what will that be as most of the gifts are wrapped properly. The giver sometimes even plays a game of asking the receiver to guess the gift before opening the package. Wrapping is so much important as it brings a whole different perspective to the gift depending on how it is wrapped.

Thus, one must know the possible step by step gift wrapping ideas that can be used while giving gifts on various special occasions such as birthday, marriage, anniversary or any other celebration. To make it easy for you to decide, we will now list a few Simple Step by Step Gift Wrapping Tutorials. These ideas and tutorials will assist you to give a perfect gift every time. Also, your choice of wrapping and decorating will be appreciated by many acquaintances.

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.

1. The golden netted step by step gift wrapping with a flower

Image source / Tutorial: diy-enthusiasts

This is a beautiful and easy gift wrapping style. We will tell you the step by step gift wrapping technique. First of all choose a base golden colored gift paper. Start by wrapping your gift in the golden paper in smooth creases. Fold the corners inwards for a better finish of the wrapping paper. Now take golden net piece and cut it in identical rectangular pieces. Lay the golden net pieces one on top of the other in a perpendicular manner. Keep the packed gift box on top of it and toe the net pieces on the top. Use a beautiful scrunchie golden cloth to cover the net flower. Seal everything with a hot glue gun. You may add some white or golden beads threaded in a wire to the golden flower atop the gift.

2. Beautiful patterned step by step gift wrapping

Image source / Tutorial: designsponge

You may beautifully customize your gift wrapping paper. Start with a light colored brown paper. Take a suitable sized potato, cut it in half and form a design on the surface of the potato. Make a design you want to imprint on the gift wrapping paper. Lay the paper straight onto the work table. Dip the potato stamp in paint and give light impressions at regular intervals. You may cut different shapes in the potato to form different printed patterns. Now use this patterned gift paper to cover your gifts. You may add a twine to glorify your gift wrapping.

3. Beautiful heart shaped step by step gift wrapping

Image source / Tutorial: Unknown

This seems to be a difficult gift wrapping technique but is rather a cool and simple gift wrapping technique. Start with a colored paper. Cut it according to the template provided in the image above. The template has four different rectangular structures with half hearts made on first and third rectangular piece. Leave a little slit at the edges of the first and fourth rectangular pieces. This will come handy to join the gift wrapper around the gift. Make the rectangles as per the measurement of the gift. Seal the gift wrapper around the gift. Secure the two half heart pieces atop the gift. It provides a beautiful effect. It is the perfect gift wrapping technique for Valentine’s Day.

4. Beautiful cut out step by step gift wrap

Image source / Tutorial: highondiy

5. Beautiful paper bags step by step gift wrapping

Image source / Tutorial: thechicsite

This is an easy but beautiful gift wrapping technique. Start by collecting some brown paper bags. Now take some self made, colored or patterned sheets. You may even make some marbled sheets of your own. Now cut rectangular strips from this colored sheet and paste them at the base of the brown paper bag. We will be pasting this colored base on only one side of the bag. You may also add sequins and buttons to adorn the base of the brown paper bag. Now you can place your gift inside this beautiful and creative gift keeping paper bag. It is a great way to hand over your beautiful gifts to your loved ones.

6. Beautiful polka dots step by step gift wrapping guide

Image source / Tutorial: stylecaster

This polka dot gift wrapping idea is a sure shot winner. We provide you with the step by step gift wrapping guide for the polka dot gift wrapping design. Start with a plain brown paper. Now take some glossy white paint. A pencil with a rubber at the back and a broad white ribbon. First of all cover the gift with the brown paper. Dip the base of the rubber at the back of the pencil, in the white paint. Make white dots all over the gift paper at equal distances. Once when the white dots have dried, you may cover the gift with the white ribbon running along in the four directions. Make a flower atop the gift. This is a great gift wrapping ideas to give gifts to your friends and family.

7. Brown paper and red polkas step by step gift wrapping guide

Image source / Tutorial: postris

If you are a fan of big polka dots, you may go for this beautiful red polka dot gift wrapping technique. It is the most suitable and efficient gift wrapping technique for Christmas. Start with a brown paper sheet. Cover your gift with the brown paper. Using a red polka dots strip, peel and add the polka dots to the brown paper clad on the wrapped gift. Once this has been done, use a red and white twine to tie across the gift on all four directions. This looks elegant and perfect.

8. Jute rope flower basket step by step gift wrapping

Image source / Tutorial:

This is a very intricately worked up jute rope flower basket. This looks really pretty and is fascinating. To make this beautiful jute rope flower basket, get some soft jute rope. Now using a glue gun, start circling and securing the circular rings of the jute rope together. Once you have achieved the required diameter for the jute rope base, you can start building the walls of the jute rope basket. The walls of the flower basket are to be made the same way the base is made. Now make a sturdy handle for the flower basket. Let it dry completely. Now arrange fresh flowers in the basket to present it to your someone special, it can also be used as a thanking gesture or as a get well soon message.

9. Beautiful furoshiki gift step by step wrapping

Image source / Tutorial: evermine

This is a very easy way of gift wrapping your precious gifts. Take a square piece of cloth and keep your gift at the median of the cloth. Now take the opposite ends of the cloth and tie them atop the gift. Now taking the other opposite pair of the cloth corners, tie them over the previous knots. You gift is packed. Add a name and wishes tag to the gift. You can also add plastic fruits like berries, grapes, etc. to the knot of the gift.

10. Hearts popping step by step gift wrapping tutorial

Image source / Tutorial: thehousethatlarsbuilt

This is a very innovative gift wrapping idea for Valentine’s Day. You can even use it on your anniversary. Start off with a brown paper cover. Now using a small white placard cut out a heart shape. Now use this heart shape as a stencil on the brown paper to make and then cut half of the each heart shape. Fold the cut part backwards. Once you have cut out the heart shapes from the brown paper, paste the red colored sheet at the back of the heart cut. Now you may make as many hearts in the same way. When you have completed this, you can start wrapping your gift for the special someone. They will be happy to receive it.

11. Half and half color combination step by step gift wrapping

Image source / Tutorial: ohhappyday

This is beautiful and easy way to add colors and designs to your gift wrapping technique. Collect some contrasting colored gift wrapping papers. Keep scissors and tape handy. Cut the colorful gift paper in an angular manner and paste it onto the white gift paper. You can even paste it on a light colored gift wrapping paper. Now use it to wrap the gifts. You can try out different color combinations. You can even try out some different pattern combinations to go with. Once you have covered the gift with this bicolored wrapping paper, use a twine to secure the paper in place and to add beauty to it. This gift wrapping technique is also suited for formal gifting.

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

We hope you liked all these beautiful step by step gift wrapping techniques. You can now boast of such impressive gift wrapping skills. This is a very fundamental skill and can help you win hearts always. Do share your experience and feedback with us in the comments section below. You may also check out other craft ideas at K4 Craft. We will come up with more such useful articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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