Christmas Quilling Designs and Ideas

Quilling is a form of art which involves use of paper strips that are rolled, shaped and pasted together to form a decorative designs. This art has been around for hundreds of years. Quilling is used to create art, to decorate cards, boxes to make it wonderful for decorations, gifting, etc.

Here is the list of things you’ll need :

  • 1/8” quilling paper strips in different colours according to your creative ideas.
  • Quilling winder or round toothpick
  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • White glue
  • Waxed paper
  • And at last, the thing on which you’ll do quilling like cards, boxes or gift tags.

How to make and design quilling for yourself

Make sure you read and understand every step before starting:

Step 1 – Project Preparation

Make plans on what you want to do and gather everything that’ll be required for quilling. If you are going to make your own quilling paper strips, refer to the Basics of Quilling craft project for tips. In the designs that are given in this project is made with a winder of size about 2mm in diameter, just like a round toothpick. You will also need the toothpaste while applying glue to the wounded coils of paper. You can refer to the Basics of Quilling craft project to see how it’s done.

Step 2 – Create Quilling Designs

Spread the sheet of waxed paper for the glued coils and quilling designs. Make your designs or select from the Christmas Quilling Designs that are given below. Now you can make coils of paper according to your design or else you can choose designs from our list and thus make coils and scrolls as listed. Then glue the coils and place them aside for a while to dry.

(Note – You can refer to our Basics of Quilling craft project for learning how to make different types of coils and scrolls.)

After all the coils and scrolls have been made for the designs, glue them together to form the design as pictured. Or for a handy reference, you can download and print the project sheets from our designs below.

christmasdesignsquilling (Source:

Step 3 – Use Quilling

The Christmas Quilling Designs are used to designs anything or to decorate everything such as paper craft, or greeting cards, or can be used as an ornament with addition of a hanger. While affixing quilling designs to any craft, use white glue so after drying it couldn’t be seen. To paste the quilling designs on to the craft, apply the glue lightly to the back of the quilling design and then press it against the craft surface and hold for a couple of seconds to place it. To ensure that the quilling designs is held better on the surface, weight the design with light weighted things such as pad of paper or a paperback book .

Christmas Quilling Designs

There can be many designs and decorations ideas using Quilling and like ideas, uses of quilling can be endless. Start with the Christmas-Themed designs given below after this you can come up with your own creative ideas and designs.

  1. Christmas Tree

Strips –

  • 11 green strips, 8” by 1/8”
  • 5 yellow Strips, 2” by 1/8”

Coils Designs –

  • 3 green teardrops
  • 8 green closed coils
  • 5 yellow teardrops

Now glue all the coils together as shown below in the picture:

A Quilling Christmas Tree would look good on the greeting card as the festive is arriving and it will make the card look classic. Above is a basic blank green matted card (4¼” by 5½”) with red (3¾” by 5″) and white (3½” by 4¾”) mats.

At last, the card is finished with a rubber stamped ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ in red under a yellow strip of paper or else you can write it with coloured markers.

  1. Christmas Bell

Strips –

  • 10 red strips, 4″ by 1/8″
  • 1 red strip, ¾” by 1/8″ (V-scroll)
  • 1 yellow strip, 3″ by 1/8″

Coils Designs –

  • 1 red teardrop
  • 6 red petals
  • 3 red closed coils
  • 1 red V-fold (3/4strip)
  • 1 yellow petal

Paste the coils together to form the bell and glue the V-scroll to the top of the bell as a hanger.

You can decorate a gift enclosure card or gift tag with Christmas Bell Quilling Designs. You can also make a simple matted gift cardfrom a 2” by 4” piece of green cardstock (folded in half) and a square red (1 5/8”) and white (1 ½”) mats.

  1. Christmas Decoration

Strips –

  • 12 green strips, 4” by 1/8”
  • 1 red strips, 7” by 1/8”

Coils Designs –

  • 10 green teardrops
  • 2 green closed coils
  • 1 red S-scroll

Glue these coils together as shown in the picture below and arrange the two green parts on either sides of the red S-scroll.

You can create a stylish gift box by decorating the lid of the gift box with this green and red quilling decorations.

This is it. Now it’s up to you what you’ll decorate with quilling. Let your imagination bring new ideas for decorating gifts and cards, ‘tis Christmas season!!

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