Stylish DIY Pillow Craft Ideas – Step by Step Tutorials

Collection of stylish DIY pillow craft ideas with step by step tutorials that you can use to decorate your home!

When you talk about your home, you have certain way on how to design it, decorate the space in your way. Some likes to hire professionals for the same while others likes to do it on their own. There are some people who want to design their walls with their hand made paintings or some banners. Some crafts that they might have created on their own also works for them. So today we will be talking about designing your own pillow covers. It might sound silly to some people, but let me tell you these DIY Pillow Craft step by step tutorial is amazing and it deserves your attention as well.

These pillow covers are easy to make, cheap in price and will definitely not compromise with your comfort related to it. K4 Craft have shortlisted these amazing designs for you. Whether you like hearts, or floral designs or the colour patterns on your pillows, these quirky styles are in this article. So get ready to do some amazing pillow cover designing craft.

DIY Pillow Craft Ideas – Step by step Image Tutorials

1. How to make Fabric Decorative Flowers Pillow Cover

This amazing, colourful and quirky design is so lively. If you like flowers and want them on your pillows, this DIY Pillow Craft step by step tutorial will help you in creating these flowers. You will need some colourful buttons and printed fabric pieces. A thread and needle to sew and you are all set for this pillow design. You can put these pillows in your living area or even in your bedroom. They will instantly make your bed look so quirky. This design is so lively and gorgeous as the fabrics used are colourful and printed so it is best suited if done on plain cover only so that the fabrics can stand out.

2. DIY Pillows cover decorate idea using felt

This pillow cover design is so subtle and classy. It requires different shades of felt in same colour pattern. For example if you like blue, then you should have felt of blue colour, light blue colour and aqua blue colour. These are similar shades and will give beautiful result. So now cut circles of equal size of all the different coloured felt and stick it the way the tutorial suggests. You can choose the colour you like. it can match the colour of your wall or the the sofa colour. Where ever you wish to put these pillows it will give a very gorgeous look.

This pillow cover design can work in your room or near the sofa or the lounge corner you created for yourself to read the books.

3. DIY Felt flowers decorated Pillow cover

This felt DIY Pillow Craft step by step tutorial might seem little difficult to you but it is not. This is a very easy pillow design idea that will be best suited for the drawing room sofa cushion. This design looks so intricate and delicate that you will probably not be sleeping on but can at least use as a back pillow. This design is so bright in colour and can instantly light up the entire room in which you decide to put this pillow after you have made it. It is yellow in colour , you can choose a different colour as well, that is upto you. But I will strongly suggest that first you try to do it in the. similar colour, because that ways you will know what the output will look like.

4. Stylish Heart Pillow Cover Idea

This is such an easy pillow design to make. The design is extremely girly and quirky. The colour of the heart is hot pink, you can do it in other colours as well. You will need an iron, the material to create the heart called the heat transfer material and you are all set. If you want, you can do it in other signs as well. You can make a question mark or some other design, whatever you like in which ever colour you desire. This will instantly jazz up the entire room. This DIY Pillow craft step step tutorial is by far the easiest tutorial.

5. DIY Flower Cushion stitched on clothes

This is a very delicate design and requires focus. Flowers have been made and then stitched on the fabric itself. The flowers are also made of some thin fabric which can be folded into different shapes easily. These flowers have been stitched in a heart shape, you can stitch it in other shapes as well. This pillow is best for show case, not to sleep on. You can keep it on the corner of the sofa. Such a beautiful colour pattern has been used in this DIY Pillow craft step by step tutorial.

6. DIY Felt Cushion Cover idea – Step by step

This pillow cover design has been made by using a material called felt. Use three different shades of blue felt , similar to the ones in the picture shown above. Cut these felt in square shape and then fold them inwards. Stitch it up loosely to give it a 3-D Effect. Your DIY Pillow Craft step by step tutorial needs to be followed properly to get the similar results.

7. DIY Dandelion Pom Pom Pillow Cover Design

This pom pom design requires a yellow coloured wool and green coloured wool. Green coloured wool needs to be used to make the stem just like in the picture, make Dandelion pom pom just like the way shown above and then you can stitch it on the pillow cover. You easy pillow design is ready.  This can be put in the bedroom or even in the sofa. Put it on the rock chair. This design is so subtle and simple that it can be put anywhere in the entire house. It is completely on you where you think it is best suited.

These DIY Pillow craft ideas are here to help you design the room the way you want with the pillows you designed yourself. These amazing designs will make your house look like a home. These hand made designs can even be used for gifting purposes as well.

Try these K4 Craft ideas which have been created for you. This will make your room look better as well. Which one your favorite? Please tell us in the comments below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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