DIY Paper Flower Step by step making tutorials

Nature has given us so many beautiful things to enjoy. One of the most beautiful creations if nature are the flowers. Flowers occur in different colors and forms. We love to take a stroll when all the flowers bloom. The flowers increase the happiness levels in the blood. With all the fragrance and colors, the flowers possess, the world has always been a better place to live in. Flowers add the shine to life. Giving flowers to others is customary. Whenever we wish well to someone we gift them flowers. Every beautiful thing in this world has a tendency to perish. Likewise, flowers also wither away with time. A better way to give flowers to your loved ones would be to gift them the flowers made of paper. These paper flowers are fun to make and look pretty.

Beautiful Paper Flower Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Layered Paper Flower Cutting and Folding (Video tutorial)

This is an easy paper flower step by step tutorial. This beautiful paper flower made in pristine white sheet of paper looks pretty. The petals of the flower are made individually. These petals are made by paper folding and cutting techniques. The petals are joined together with glue. You can make the flower petals with the help of rectangular or square sheet of paper. Turn the rectangular sheet of paper to square sheet. Fold the sheet in half. Now cut the design of the petal using a pair of scissors. Unfold the petal. Make more of such petals. Now stick all these petals together to complete the flower.

DIY: Make Easy Modular Paper Flower tutorial

These are some really pretty flower designs. These paper flowers are really easy to make. You will require hard colored sheet of paper for this paper flower craft. To make these pretty flowers, each of the petal design will be made individually. To start with, cut out small sized circles from the colored sheet of paper. Cut out many such circles. Now fold these circles into one-fourth cones. Give a staircase cut to the cone shape made with the circle. Now stick all these little asymmetrically cut cones together to form a complete circular pattern. This will give rise to a beautiful flower design. You can make it in different colors and patterns.

DIY Crepe Paper Flower step by step making

Crepe paper is really easy to work with. It gives you the flexibility to work with a pair of scissors. Let us make this beautiful flower vase full of crepe paper flowers. You will need purple and green colored crepe paper to make this beautiful flower design. You will also need some wooden sticks, a China dish or a base for the flowers. To make these pretty flowers, start by making the central bulb of the flower with a light colored crepe paper. Now stick the central bulb in top of the wooden stick. Cut out some beautiful petals from a colored crepe paper. Now attach these petals around the central bulb on the wooden stick. End the flowers by covering the wooden stick with green colored crepe paper or green washing tape. Make many such flowers and put them in the vase.

DIY Make Paper Flowers Out of Crepe Streamers (Video tutorial)

Crepe paper streamers are one of the most widely used decorating material for birthday parties. We can also employ these beautiful and bright crepe paper streamers to make these beautiful flowers. These flowers are really easy to make. You will need two bright colored crepe paper steamers, a pair of scissors, a wooden stick and a glue stick. First of all make regular slits on the sides of the crepe paper strip. Now roll the dark colored strip and the yellow colored strip on the wooden stick. This will make the central bulb of the flower. Now take the bright colored paper streamer and make slits all along the length of the streamer. Roll the streamer in a circular fashion. This will give you a beautiful base for the flower. Now slide it on the wooden stick. Your beautiful flower is ready. You can make multiple flowers of the same kind to make a beautiful bouquet of crepe paper streamers.

DIY Paper Flower Step by Step Idea (Video tutorial)

These are some really easy to make paper flowers for you. These flowers are based on paper folding and cutting techniques. You will need lots of square colored paper sheets to make the different layers of these flowers. Start by making sure which layers will be used first and which ones on the top of the flower. Now make a draft of petals on the folded paper sheets according to their placement in the flower. The larger petals should be placed at the base of the flower followed by smaller Petaled flower shapes. Add a central bulb to the top of the flower to complete it. You can use a circular sticker or a small pom pom as the central bulb of the flower. These flowers look pretty. You can use them for spring season decoration or for festivals.

DIY: How to Make Tissue Paper Rose Flower (Video tutorial)

Tissue paper is a versatile material to work with. You can use it to make different things. This is a beautiful rose making DIY with tissue paper. This beautiful paper craft is really easy to make. You will need a wooden stick, a tissue paper roll and another wooden stick to curl the petals out. First of all draft the flower on a rectangular sheet of tissue. Cut out petals on a platform of tissue. Start rolling the tissue length on the wooden stick from the edge where the smallest petal is. Stick the rolls on the wooden stick. Now curl the petals outwards with the help of a wooden stick. This completes the rose flower. You can also add a leaf or two to the stem of the rose flower.

We hope you liked all these pretty paper flowers step by step. These will surely add the bling to your gifts. You can make many of such flowers to make a bouquet. This will surely look pretty. You can also check out other related articles on K4 Craft We would live to hear from you. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such pretty articles soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft! And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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