DIY Learn to Make Funky Stress Balls

Stress balls are mostly used to get relief and obviously take your stress out on something as a ball. It is a ball which can be squeezed as much as possible and it will come back to its original shape without breaking. Besides this it is used by children as toys to play around, it can also be given out as gifts for fathers/mother’s/teachers day or can be kept as a keychain. There are many simple ways of making stress balls either with flour, beans or rice. This tutorial will show you to make funky stress balls with flour, so here we go.

Things you’ll need

  • A balloon (any colour of choice)
  • Flour (1 cup would do)
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Funnel or a small paper that you can turn into a funnel
  • Scissors
  • Wool for décor (optional)
  • Permanent marker pen


  1. Place the plastic bottle on the table and take the cap off.
  2. Take a funnel (if you don’t have one then take a paper and fold it into a funnel shape and use it) and place it into the bottle.

  1. Take some flour and start pouring it into the bottle with the funnel acting as a passage. (1 cup flour will do it)


  1. Shake the funnel lightly in the bottle so the excess flour can fall into the bottle and take the funnel out.
  2. Take the balloon and blow into it a little and without letting any excess air out by holding tightly onto it.
  3. Place the opening carefully onto the opening of the bottle making sure it is secure.
  4. Turn the bottle upside down to the let the flour pour into the blown up balloon and make sure the bottle has completely emptied.

  1. Then carefully remove the opening of the balloon from the bottle opening without letting any air out of the balloon.
  2. Slowly while still tightly pressing the opening let a little air out at a time until it has very little air left in it. (do not let the air out too quickly as the flour may also escape little by little)
  3. Tie a knot to the opening.
  4. Take some woollen thread and wrap it around your four finger few times to make multiple loops and cut it off.

  1. Then take the woollen thread from your fingers and tie it with another small piece of thread in the middle.

  1. Now take your scissors and cut the loops made on both ends to get free strands (the basic idea is that it should look like hair).

  1. Then tie it to the knot of the balloon tightly.

  1. Take your permanent marker and draw on some goofy looking eyes and mouth onto the balloon to make up the face.
  2. And voila!! Your own funky stress ball

Now just squeeze and enjoy. You can also try making cute emoji stress balls. You can add a key ring to it to make key chains. Try making some more out of beans or rice and have fun with it.

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