DIY: Learn to Make a Pencil Stand Using Juice Plastic Container

Pencil Stand DIY: Create a pencil stand using Juice plastic container with abstract design

Hey there!! Drinking juice is habitual to everyone in every season. People who step out of home would like to prefer fresh juices from outside which are packed in a plastic container.  These bottles life doesn’t get over there, it can be reused again. Why don’t you carry the bottle next time with you and make use of it? This tutorial will help you to make a simple pencil/pen stand using an abstract technique which enriches the beauty of the container.  By collecting all the containers you can even make an installation at your home by inserting lights inside the containers which looks gorgeous at night. So let’s see what we need to make this stand.

You need ….

  • A juice plastic container
  • Electric gum gun- For the abstract technique
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes

So yeah! Let’s begin.

To create this…..

  • Take the gum gun and let it heat for 10 seconds.

  • Once it is hot start creating patterns by just pressing the gun and letting the gum to fall on the surface of the transparent container. Keep repeating the process until you get your desired design.

  • I had done a water drop effect which gives a natural look over it.
  • You can leave this as such and can also use it as a container to grow small indoor plants. Routine change of water has to be taken care.
  • Now by decorating this container with paint the final pen stand will be ready.
  • Double colors can be used to increase the aesthetic of it.
  • I had highlighted it with golden colour which gives a bead effect.

  • It is very simple and easy and doesn’t take more than half an hour to complete. So, your pencil stand is ready.

Hope, you liked our tutorial. Thanks for visiting our website.

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