DIY: Learn to make Homemade Smartphone Projector in just $2| 10 Easy Steps

Do you know, you can change your smartphone screen into a projector? You will need just a cardboard box and magnifying lens to make your own projector. Just follow our 10 easy steps to create “Homemade Smartphone Projector”.

Things Required

– A shoebox or small box
– A magnifying glass. We went with the smaller one in the end.
– A paperclip
– A smartphone
– A stanley knife
– Duct tape
– Black paint (optional)

# Step 1: Place magnifying glass at center and trace around it

# Step 2: Cut the hole in the box

# Step 3: Stick Your lens inside the box

# Step 4: Cut out the extra handle of magnifying glass

# Step 5: Tape the magnifying glass

# Step 6: Poke a hole for charger cable in the back side

# Step 7: Fashion a paperclip in a stand for smartphone

# Step 8: Flip the screen upside down

# Step 9: Place the phone inside the box on its stand

# Step 10: Enjoy your movie on homemade projector

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