DIY: Honeycomb Garland for Birthday Decoration

Birthday is always special then why not decoration be the same. Here, we would like to help you to decorate your place with special designs.

Honeycomb garland always catch the attention of people, so we here providing tutorial to make honeycomb garland at home.

Things Required

  • Tissue papers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Ribbon or pipe cleaner
  • Ice cream sticks

Step 1: Cut out half-circle shapes

You will need a total of 28 sheets per half circle, and two half circles in total.

Step 2: Cut notches

Step 3: Staple half-circle together

Step 4: Glue first two sheets together

Step 5: Glue next sheet

Step 6: Fan open the glued sheets

Step 7: Repeat for second half-circle

Step 8: Glue two half-circles together

Way to Arrange

Here are few more Ideas for wall hangings.

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