DIY Happy New Year cards – creative ideas for seasonal greetings

New Year Cards!

We all love to wish our near and dear ones a very Happy New Year for the new things are meant to be rejoiced and to be wished luck for. Today we are going to look into some New Year Card ideas to make and wish Happy New Year through them. For nothing equals the joy of making your loved ones feel special and loved.

How to make New Year Card-Handmade

Let’s get started with a beautiful purple pop-up card. We would need a thick coloured sheet with stone stickers, coloured pens and different shaped punches. You can choose from a wide array of embellishments to decorate your card. Now fold the base violet sheet in half, take a white sheet and draw a curvy design on it. Paste it in the front and cut small petals from the rest of the sheet. Cut similar purple petals. Now paste these petals on the opposite part of their existing colour. Write Happy New Year on top left corner. Now cut two flowers, one bigger than the other. Paste them on top of each other. Paste a sticker in the middle of these flowers. Make leaves and paste them. Now take an off-white sheet and cut flat rectangles in it. This will become the pop-up portion of the card. Now paste this inside the card and fold properly. Write, cut and paste Happy New Year on the three slits. Cut or punch different shapes and paste them inside. Adorn the card in whatever way you like. For better understanding of this beautiful card making process look up:

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New Year Greeting Card-Cards ideas

We need scissors, glue, glitter, sketch pens etc. for this DIY. Let us get started. Take a white sheet and cut circles out of it. Now cut these circles into spirals. Turn these spirals into flowers, by turning them around. Glue the end to the flower body. Now write “Happy New Year” with sketch pens on a white sheet and cut it out. Now make grass runners on the sheet. Cut these runners, fine tune the edges and paste them on the base red card. Now align each and every individual piece on the base, using glue or double tape. Now use liquid glitter to make shiny dots on the card. For better understanding look up:

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How to Make New year magic Card

Now let us make a magic card. We would require card paper, colored pens, scissors and other embellishments. First of all take a colored card sheet and fold it in half, once from the diagonal orientation and then from the middle of the edges. Now compiling all these folds, you get a beautiful shape with lot of sheet hidden behind the front. Now fold the front half upwards. Now write 2018 on it. Cover the inside portions with the help of different colored sheets. Write personalized messages inside. Cover the back of the card in a differently coloured sheet. Make small triangular portions to keep the card in place. Sew the necessary thread area. Be careful of the needle if working with children. For better understanding look up:

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How to Make New year Greeting Card

Let us make a beautiful yet quirky New Year card. We will use a white base sheet in this card. Fold the white sheet in half. Now take black quilling strip and cover the edges of the front part. Using a golden or silver foam sheet, cut out ‘2’, ’0’, ‘1’, ‘9’. Now cut quirky or geometrical shapes out of a red colored sheet. Punch holes in these shapes thread the punch  holes. Take a patterned sheet and paste it on the background of the front. Now paste the threaded shapes on to the front part of the card. Now paste the 2019   on these shapes. Write Happy New Year at the base. Now open the card and line the edges of the inside with black quilling strip. Take a big circle and make a spiral along it. Colour the spiral and paste its one end on one side and the other end on the other side. When you open the card, the spiral expands giving a beautiful view. Cover the spiral with stars. Write your wishes at the bottom. Look up this easy and lucid tutorial at:

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DIY Heart Greeting Card-Handmade Card Tutorial

Take a lightly colored sheet. Make the specific markings on it. Now use scissors to line the folding regions. After folding mark  half heart shape on the top-fold. Now cur away the excess area and stick a darker sheet base at the back of it. Now cut slightly smaller hearts in glitter foam sheet and paste them on the top of the previous hearts. Cover the background in dark pink sheet. Tie the card with a ribbon. Write a New Year wish message. Your beautiful card is ready to be presented. For elucidation of the making process look up this beautiful video representation:

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Hope you loved this new year edition of DIYs. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you enjoy the festivities with fervour and all these DIYs in sight of making and building.

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