DIY Study Spaces: Desk Decor & Organization Tutorials

Study Table Décorom!

Study tables are very important in student life. One must have one and keep good care of it. Keeping care does not only mean avoiding excessive wear and tear to it but also keeping it enticing enough to attract you to sit and study for long hours. We all know bland stuff is not going to invite us to study. So, let us enliven up our study tables with the following ideas and hacks.

DIY Desk Decor & Organization ideas

Pin board is a very good way to keep your work organised and managed. To make a pin board first of all take a hard cardboard and cut it in the desired shape using a box cutter. In this video the board has been cut in a circle. Now take a beautiful cloth piece and cover your board with it. Secure the cloth using the glue gun. Now take a string and stick it to the back of the board using glue gun. Hang your pin board above your study table. You can add succulents to your study table to enliven the environment. Take some old tin cans or some old tea cups, add some pebbles to them and transplant the succulents in them. Water them once or twice in a week. Now for the mouse pad you can either use a wooden board or a piece of cardboard. Cover tea cup with the same cloth as used for making the pin board. Secure the cloth on it, using the glue gun. You can look up this easy tutorial video for more such ideas:

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DIY Room Decor & Organization- Easy & Inexpensive

If you want to organize your stuff then this tutorial video is for you. Start with two old boxes. Cut one box open from the top. Now cover it with hand made sheet. Take another box and deepen it, paint it. Now you can easily store your things in these boxes either individually or by combining these boxes. Now take mason jars and paint them in soft pastel shades. After the paint dries, use black paint to make cartoon figures or animals on the mason jar. You can even use forming clay to make a storage box, give it and animal figurine if you like. Make a base for the box and let it air dry. Paint it in playful colours. Store your things In this goodie box for more such ideas and a better insight of these aforementioned look up:

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DIY Desk Organization & Decor

You can DIY a cute mouse pad. Just choose a picture, customise it and print it. Buy a suitable board and paste the picture you printed in a suitable manner on top of the board. Use pins and glue to secure it to the back. You can use fabric paint to enliven the details. Your mouse pad is ready to go. Now let us make a memo board. First of all, take a large board and stick on cotton layer on it. Secure the cotton using glue gun. Remove the excess cotton. Now use a base cloth to cover it. Secure the cloth at the back using a stapler. Now take ribbons and create a mesh in the front. Paint some buttons and paste them at every intersection of the ribbons. Your memo board is ready. For a paper clip mason jar, take a glass base and secure a mason jar on top of it. Paint the lid of the mason jar. Place paper clips inside and your paper clip mason jar is ready to be used. For more ideas like this look up:

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Let us make a very good storage box. Take a juice or milk carton. Take three paper roll cylinders. Now cut the container open from bottom and the lid, cut in circles according to the size of the paper rolls. Now paint the box and the cylinders. Give the cylinders and ombre effect. Place the cylinders in place. Secure them with the help of glue gun. Place pins in the front to keep notes and memos. Now you can use this as your go to storage box. To grow succulents, take a plastic dinosaur and cut a cavity inside it from the top. Fill this cavity with soil and plant your succulents. To make glass keeping pads, take a paper and cloth, cut them in circles of similar sizes. Now stick them with each other. Paint them in any way you like. Give a plastic cover to them to avoid wear and tear. Buff their edges. To make a calendar holder, use popsicle sticks. Align them in such a manner that the sticks converge to an end. Now secure a stick at the base and the top. Secure a stick at the back to give the structure support. For better understanding look up:

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Hoping that you find all these ideas helpful and useful. Happy study hours to all of you.

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