DIY : Geometric Cut Out Tee

The world of fashion is unique in itself. Its elegance depends on how we carry it. We have adopted the ideology of self creation in our everyday routine. And this ideology has turned the table of fashion mainly. The innovation and creation of fashion has now become everyone’s cup of tea. You don’t have to be a fashionista for it. With your simplicity you can customize your outfits and be your own kind of beauty. Cut out t shirt are the trend in present time. In this DIY I give you one such idea of customizing your outfits.
Girls have a whole lot of clothes in their closet which they feel that is not compatible with the trend. This DIY will help you out transform your old outfits and set a new trend. Lets get started.


  • An Old T-shirt
  • A4 Size Paper
  • Sissor
  • Marker
  • Acto knife
  • Pins (optional)


First, decide the pattern that you want to create on your tshirt.
You can also search for patterns online,choose one as per your desire and get the template printed.
If not that, then you can always draw one for your self.
With the help of acto knife or sissor cut the pattern so that you can trace it on your tshirt.
Later, place the paper on the tshirt and trace the pattern using a marker or pencil.
Use a shade that is visible on the color of your tshirt.

With the help of scissor cut the pattern that you traced on the t-shirt. Be careful with the cutting process so that the desired pattern comes out properly.

After you cut, put your fingers through the cut-outs and pull them softly to give a finish to it.
And there you have your CUT-OUT TSHIRT ready.

You can make a pattern at the front too as shown in the picture.
Use your innovative ideas and customize your regular clothes into trendsetting outfits.


  • Before beginning with the tracing and cutting, flip the tshirt and then do it. This will prevent from showing the left out pencil marks.
  • While tracing the pattern, either stick the paper with the help of tape or use pins to avoid the paper from moving.


Neelima Patel: