100+ DIY Craft Ideas for India Independence Day & Republic Day

First of all Happy New Year to all, I hope it is a Safe & Happy 2024 for you! With the India Republic day coming soon, the craze has caught on in a big way specially among kids for 26th January. Restaurants, fashion designers, and e-commerce websites are offering tricolor themed food, clothes and flags and apparels inspired by freedom fighters respectively to make it special.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

26 January is an important and eventful celebratory day for the whole nation. The nation comes together to celebrate the Republic of India. It is a nation wide holiday each year. Everyone salutes the Indian Flag on this day. The children of the household are always the most excited ones. Helping children to celebrate this day make some tricolor crafts, this post will help you to teach the students or your children about importance of Republic Day and the legacy of India.

Need some last minute ideas for your Republic Day and Independence Day Celebrations?  We have everything you need!

India Independence Day and Republic Day Craft Ideas!

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Republic Day Special Notice Board Decoration Ideas

We all have that patriotic feeling in us which brings goosebumps when we listen to the National Anthem or do any activity similar to that. It automatically brings pride within us to be a citizen of this country. That’s why, all around the nation, we celebrate Independence Day and Republic day we utmost dedication. Both the days mark an important footprint in the nation’s history as on one day India got freedom and the other, we built our own constitution. No matter how imperfect this nation, we love it with all our hearts. So, to help you show your love towards the nation by celebrating the Republic Day, we have listed the possible Republic Day Craft Ideas which you can use for the decorations at school, college, office or home. These ideas are idealistic for every place decoration.

Republic Day White Board Decoration Craft Idea

Image Source: Jigisha Shailesh Shah

If you have good calligraphy skills with you, you can use this idea for Republic day too. Inplace of Independence Day, you will have to right Republic Day with the correct year. The sides of the board can be used for writing alphabet and months. Add some balloons and the drawings of the flag, pigeons, and a rising sun in the background. T his doesn’t require many skills and also will be ready in a few hours.


Handprint 26 January craft Idea for decorations

Image Source: Jigisha Shailesh Shah

If you want to keep the decorations simple and interesting, you can use your own hand prints for the same as done in the above image. Also, the calligraphy here is easy to implement and this decoration will ready in less than an hour. The whiteboard is to match the middle white portion of the Indian Flag. You can take the help of your kids for this easy to make the design.

Cultural Decoration for Republic day Craft Idea

India has a diverse culture in the region. From dance forms, festivals and food, we can find a large variety hidden in our country. If you want to showcase the touch of the Cultural aspects of India, you can go with this Republic Day Craft Idea. You will have to draw the dancing lady in the ethnic dress. The drawing will require a good skill set. Then you can use craft items such as rolls, hands, crafts for peacock feathers, etc for utilizing the sides of the board. This idea can also accommodate a patriotic quote at the top of it as done in the image.

Beautiful Chart decoration for Republic Day Craft Ideas

This Republic Day Craft Idea doesn’t require much of the drawings. The flags pasted on the corners are bought from the market and the smileys can be easily found on any nearby stationery shop. The drawing in the middle represents the two hands of saffron and green color holding the Ashok Chakra. You can doodle around the empty space with sketch pens. Thus, the material required is easily available. The time and effort for this craft are minimum with beautiful results.

Cute Paper Fan Republic Day Craft Ideas

In this idea, the notice board can be used in the background for the decorations. As the paper fan handcraft is the first thing we teach school kids in the craft classes, thus you can ask the students to craft a few for the decorations. The peacock in the middle above the Indian flag colored craft represents the nationality at its best. Thus, you will need only construction papers with different colors for this Republic Day Craft Ideas.

Notice Board Republic Day Decoration for School

Image Source: Sneha Raushan Kumar

The second Republic Day Craft Ideas in the list is decorating the Notice board. As this board decoration uses cutouts of drawings, you can also use magazines to get the images, if you are short of time. These drawings can be made by secondary school kids and the juniors can help in cutting the pictures. If you find any difficulty in making the peacock or the tiger, you can use images from the internet and print them. You can paste those images, or even trace them on chart paper.

Clothes Made Republic Day Large Wall Decoration

There are sometimes a situation where you have to decorate a whole wall in the school or college. This, as compared to a notice board, is a huge project. If you will try to cover it with craft pieces such as in a notice board, you will require a lot of time and skills for new ideas of crafts. In place of all that, you can go with this Republic Day Craft Idea for wall decoration. You will need long clothes of the saffron, white and green color. For the Ashok Chakra, you can use a large ring and add crafts of pigeons on the sides. This idea will require efforts in installation but is more efficient than decorating with small craft items.

Pretty Republic Day Chart Craft decoration idea

Image Source: Kashmira Sinha‎

if your drawing is really good and you have the required skills, you can utilize your talent in this chart idea. The pigeons and the hands will require fine detailing. Also, the Ashok Chakra needs to be symmetric. If you think you can pull this Republic Day Craft Idea through with available time, then we will recommend you to draw this chart. You can refer to the above image for the structure of the chart. Don’t forget to change the date to 26th January if you making it for republic day.

Decorating Notice board with Drawings and Balloons for 26 January

The shortcut to decorating the venue is to use colored balloons. They fill the space and also it feels like you have invested a lot of time in the same. You can install the drawing of kids celebrating the Republic day by singing and dancing. Ignore the Rakhi decoration and change the independence day title to Republic day. You will find this Republic Day Craft Idea easy to make and less time will be needed as compared to other ideas.

Art and Craft 26 January Decorations Idea

Image Source: Preeti Jha

Now, if you want to mix both your drawing skills and your craft skills together to get a beautiful masterpiece, you can use this Republic Day Craft Ideas. The cones for the design in the below chart, the pigeons and the balloons with make use of your craft skills. In the above chart, the drawing of the flag and the calligraphy will need your art skills. You can use crayon colors and readily available materials for the above decoration.

Religion and Unity Republic Day Craft Idea

Image Source: Purnima Gupta

As we all know how much religion is being discussed in the states of India. This shows that the nation has all types of religious beings residing here. To enlighten this fact and show your support for equality in religions, you can use this Republic Day Craft Idea for the decorations. You can show different religions with the attires in your drawings and then write a quote which shows that we all live together in one nation despite the differences and conflicts.

Colored Chalk drawing on Blackboard Republic day craft Idea

Image Source: Mamta S

If your plan for the decorations involves a blackboard, you can use a different color of chalks to draw the above design. Apart from this, you can even paste craft pieces on the boards wherever you find it suitable. The drawing can be first made on chart papers and then pasted on the board.

Republic Day Craft For Kids

Most of the people celebrates Republic Day on January 26 which is a national holiday. The whole sky is deluged with number of planes. Entire India is enclosed with tricolor manifesting India flag. Aren’t you folks are wondering of crafting some adorable republic day craft for kids in 2024? Let your kids know why is this day so significant, historic and extra special. Just do check out these more awesome and simple independence day craft.

National Art Craft Of India

Image Source: Sapna Santosh Upadhyay

Kids should know about national flower, fruit, bird, etc on being an Indian personality. On this republic day, direct your young ones to draw some beautiful national flag with tri-color, flower, bird, fruit and animal. Spend quality time with them in crafting these wonderful national craft of India and have fun. It’s not only display nationality but also abet them in growing a good citizen of India.

Simple Paper Flag Craft

Image Source: Sapna Santosh Upadhyay

Paper Flag Craft demands roll card, paint and paper. This is one of the most easiest Republic day craft for kids. This national flag color circle can be employed on walls, car, door and shirt. And it would be absolute ideal to be presented on the functions in school. Children should know India map, enjoy creating these fabulous activities while performing.

Easy Republic Day Flag Badges

Image Source: Kahkashan Iqbal

On Independence day, school teachers assign n number of task to children. Don’t get afraid a bit, just make this very easy and marvelous Republic day flag badges which requires only paper, pins, color, and scissor. Fixing it over chest of dress seems to be fantastic.

National Symbol Rangoli

Image Source: Anjana Ramaprasath

A traditional Indian art of forming rangoli is massively popular. By availing sand or powder, a rangoli with alluring  Indian flag can be crafted in adorable manner. Let’s make this easy national symbol rangoli with youngster. Kids will love crafting this national flag with outright fun and zeal.

National Bird – Peacock Rangoli

As we all peacock significance for India on being national bird. Kick off making this exquisite and graceful rangoli and frame it as peacock and national flag. Just let your little ones wallow in creating the peacock rangoli. Leaves exhibit greenery of India. If you really want your home to be well garnished in lovely style then begin crafting this sweet and adorable rangoli forthwith.

Cute Flower Pots Craft

Image Source: Shweta Singh

Aren’t you reckoning for flower pot in order to trim house with beauty? We have simple and cute flower pots craft which demand glass tin, fresh flower and foil paper. Bharat written on it shows tribute to our nation. It may be placed on table, near balcony and study desk. Enjoy your life on independence day while making these amazing Republic day craft for kids.

Make Tricolor Bird Craft

One of the most simple craft is tricolor bird which needs only 5 minutes to accomplish. There are orange, white and green color birds indicating Indian flag. It requires cardboard, paper, paint and scissor while building tricolor bird craft. Just initiate instructing kiddo for making this elegant kid’s stuff on this big day.

Special Republic Day Poster

Image Source: Shraddha Bhatnagar

If you are feeling bored or looking for some great republic day craft for kids then it’s the right platform. Kids would have fun while creating the special republic day poster. Just fill all competition form or application and submit this poster to succeed in war.

National Bird Sum Flag Rangoli

Image Source: Sneha Raushan Kumar

It will not take more than 10 minutes to carry out. Indian Flag has three different color along with a blue wheel. Are you wondering to prettifying your garden with sweet rangoli on the occasion of Independence Day? We have alluring national flag rangoli accompanied by peacock craft. This craft is unique, creative and elegant to make by kids.

Butterfly Flag Craft

Are you tensed for your school functions on the event of Republic day? Don’t worry at all because we are coming up with 5 minutes butterfly flag craft. Kindly withdraw some time from your frantic and restless lifestyle and invest it towards creating this lovely craft. These little Butterfly is made up of paper.

Triple Blast Independence Day Craft

Image Source: Alka Ojha‎

Are you people looking for some easy republic day craft for kids? This year we have rolled paper and stick craft which seems to be perfect to hang on the nails, flower craft and leaves craft with the aim to enlighten your house. Just go and join your kids in making this amazing Independence day craft.

Cute Butterfly Craft

This Unique, creative and modish butterfly demands only 5 minutes to craft which requires colorful paper. I made one for my sweet little one. It looks perfect to be put on walls and to portrait. People love red, white and green color. I promise kids will enjoy and have fun while making it with hearts.

Flying Birds Craft

Republic Day made our constitution. Shouldn’t we make some adorable and alluring craft for this extra special day? These beautiful bird craft which is orange, white and green in color and encompasses the use of paper, cardboard, marker and paint.

How to make Indian Tricolour 3D “Quilling Flower” Crafts

This is a pretty Republic Day craft idea. You can make this beautiful Republic day craft with some easy quilling techniques. All you will need is simple quilling needle and tricolor quilling strips. This floral quilling design can be used for decoration purpose and you can also make a flat bouquet with it too. You will be required to make loose coils in tricolor strips. That is make sime loose coils in safron, some in green and some in white color. Now pinch the coils at opposite ends to make an aye shape. To make the central bulb start by tight coilong the white colored quilling strip. Now make side cuts on a navy blue quilling strip. Coil the navy blue quilling strip around the white tight coil. This way you get a beautiful central bulb. Now stick the tricolor petals around the central bulb in the right sequence of colors. Your kids can even make this beautiful Republic Day craft with you. You can learn to use the quilling techniques from the mentioned link.

How to make Indian Tricolour “Badge” for kids

Such tricolor badges look great on Republic Day. You can make these beautiful tricolor badges along with your kids. Your kids will surely love to make these tricolor badges. Kids can wear this badge as a brooch on their shirts on Republic Day. You can use hard stock sheets in tricolor to make a fan. This fan will make the central part of the badge. You can even add tricolor ribbon pieces at the base of the badge. You can make the central fan in a layered manner. You can make large saffron fan and stick a white colored fan smaller than the saffron one on top of it. Add an even smaller green fan on top of the white fan. Finish it off with an Ashoka Chakra in the middle of the fans. You can even opt for a single fan design with different sized rings of tricolor.

How to make Indian Tricolour “Hair Band” with Quilling Flower

This beautiful tricolor headband is a nice show of your patriotism. This is surely a nice way to wear your national love on your head. This way you can show the love for your country in a beautiful way without altering your attire much. You can complete this patriotic headband by first sectioning a plastic hair band in three sections. Now cover the sections in saffron, white and green colored ribbons respectively. Now make a tricolor flower using quilling techniques. The flower is easy to make. You can make it with the help of tricolor quilling strips and quilling comb. You can add beads or sequins to beautify the hair band. This head band looks really pretty. You can wear it to Republic Day celebrations and also on other patriotic functions. This beautiful head band looks pretty on kids. You can even make it for choir performers or dance paryicipants for Republic day.

Indian Tricolour “Pen Holder” decorate with Quilling Flower

This is a pretty Republic Day craft. This pencil holder will be a great utility craft for kids. Kids can easily make such Tricolor pencil holder. It can be made with material which is easily available near you. Start with a toilet paper roll. Clean it. Now wrap the toilet paper roll in tricolor paper. Starting with saffron colored paper at the top, white in the middle and green at the base. Use a quilling needle and tricolor quilling strips to make the eccentric eye shaped petals for the flower. You can make the petals by making some lose coils and then pinching them at opposite ends and making an eye shape.  Make the central bulb of the flower by tight coiling a navy blue quilling strip. Now stick the petals around the navy blue central bulb. Stick the flower on the front of the pencil holder. It will surely look pretty and ooze out patriotism. This pencil holder can be used efficiantly ti keep the atationery organised on your desk. The kids will love to have such a beautiful pencil/pen holder on their study tables.

How to make Indian Tricolour “JEWELLERY” for National Holiday

These are some really pretty jewellery making ideas for Republic Day. These are really easy to make and fun to wear on the eve of Republic Day. The earrings are easier to make. The pendant of the necklace is intricate. The easrings are made of a large tight coil made from tricolor strips. One small tight coil in saffron color is added to the top. The two coils are joined together and then lined with some coiling on the outside to seal the earrings. Pass a earring hook through the top coil. You can even add some sequins or beads to beautify the earrings pattern. Now make a similar design for the pendant. Make some small tight coils feom tricolor quilling strips and stick them at the base of the pendant. Decorate the pendant with beads or pearls. Pass a hook through the top coil of the pendant. Now thread the pendant in a necklace. It looks pretty. It is rightful for Republic Day celebrations. Flaunt your Republic day crafts in the best way possible.

How to make Indian Tricolour Quilling Comb Flower

This is a beautiful Republic Day craft. You can make this quilled flower with the help of a quilling comb. Start by collecting some saffron, white and green quilling strips. Also get some blue quilling strips for the central bulb. Make side cuts on the blue quilling strip. Tightly coil the blue quilling strip in which side cuts have been made. Now flatten out the side cuts of the central bulb. To make the petals of the flower use the quilling comb. Make a two sided pattern on the quilling comb. Seal the end of the strip at the back and cut off the excess strip. Remove it from the comb and fold it inwards in the shape of a petal. Now stick the petals around the blue central bulb in the right order of colors. This flower can be used to decorate your home. You can even decorate walls with these beautiful tricolor flowers. These quilled flowers look great. Your kids will have fun making these pretty Republic Day crafts.

DIY Handprint India Flag Kids Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: puttis world

It’s a great, simple project for kids of all ages. Enjoyed painting her hands with orange and green paints and printing on the paper, creating a flag of her very own.

Ombre paper mobile with cricut explore

Image Source/Tutorial: sweet charli

You guys are going to fall in love with this Ombre Paper Mobile. This is totally something you would see in a catalog, right? That’s just how great this project is!

Republic Day Special Paper Cards

Image Source/Tutorial: valentines day quote

Happy Republic Day Kids With Tricolor Balloons Greeting Card.

Tricolor paper flower for Republic Day / Indian republic day craft idea!

Image Source/Tutorial: sparkling buds

Indian flag has three colors – orange, white and green with a blue wheel (Dharma Chakra) at the center. We made a paper flower with these three colors as part of our Indian Republic day crafts. This paper flower craft can be used for any occasion by changing the colors of the paper.

Required Material:

  1. White, Green and Orange Color Paper,
  2. Scissors,
  3. Ruler,
  4. Stapler,
  5. School glue,
  6. Marker

Republic day and Independence Day Kite Badge Craft Ideas

Image Source/Tutorial: treehut

Mosaic style Indian tri-color kite badge. Materials used are white card paper, sketch pens and scissors. Children may make and wear them on Independence Day (15th August) or Republic Day (26th January).

DIY Rolled paper Indian Flag for 26 January

Image Source/Tutorial: puttis world

Tricolor flags for Indian Independence Day. This is a very simple paper flag which Putti and her friends enjoyed making.

First, begin with a sheet of white rectangular paper. Fold the paper in quarters. Then open up the paper so you have four sections. Cut off one of the sections. Next, roll up from the other end of the paper which will become the flag pole. Use a piece of tape or glue to secure rolled paper from unrolling. Once it is taped it is ready to be painted or colored with markers or crayons as the kids wish.

India’s Republic Day or Independence Day wall decoration Tricolor chain

Image Source/Tutorial: princessliya

Tricolor chain for republic day and independence day! Using these three colors for holiday craft “that’s the color of our national flag”.

How to Make Tricolor flowers using Crepe Paper

Image Source/Tutorial: butterfly handicraft

A Colorful Indian Flag Colored Rose for Every Indian Heart.

Feel proud be an Indian. No better day than independence day to symbolize India’s free spirit of India.

Easy Indian Flag Tricolour Origami Tulips and Butterfly

Image Source/Tutorial: treehut

Indian Independence Day origami kids craft.

How to make Greeting Cards – Independence Day / Republic Day

Image Source/Tutorial: youtube

How to make pop up greeting card at home for kids on the occasion of independence or republic day. This activity can be very good school project.

What you need?

  1. A4 size coloured paper,
  2. Seven small square shaped paper,
  3. Orange, green & blue sketch pen or colours to make Indian flag,
  4. Scissors,
  5. Glue,
  6. Ruler or Scale

Tricolor paper badge for Independence Day / Republic Day

Image Source/Tutorial: Pinterest

Make your own badges using simple paper craft.

Indian Republic Day Special – Modular Tri Colour Origami Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: youtube

Tiranga paper Art, Modular Origami Special Indian Independence Day.

Vande mataram tricolor paper card

Image Source/Tutorial: valentines day quote

DIY paper card for republic day and independence day with quilling butterfly and tricolor chakra.

Tricolor Patriotic wrist Band – Republic Day Craft | Independence Day Craft

Image Source/Tutorial: youtube

This band is super easy and takes only 5 minutes to make.

National Army Drawing for kids (Step by Step Tutorials)

Indian Republic Day activities and crafts for kids

The Ultimate List: 50+ Ideas for India Republic Day Celebration

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