DIY : 3D decorative Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Heart shapes are an all time favourite of everyone, be it any age group. You always love the heart shape and it always looks attractive. Heart shapes can be made in different colors and can be used to make different types of crafts. They will surely look great. Heart shapes can be used for various decorative purposes. One can always put up heartshapes on cards, greetings, bouquets, wallpapers, etc. You can always use heart shapes. Even kids can draw and cut out a heart shape. Being so easy to make the heatt shapes always find utility one way or the other. 3D decorative paper crafts are really easy to make and look very pretty. We have come up with some pretty 3D decorative paper heart garlands. We hope you will surely like them.

Materials required

  • Brown paper bags (newspaper or fancy papers)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Paper punch
  • Ribbon

Felt hearts decorative Heart garland design


These are some really pretty felt foam heart shapes. You can use a stencil or a paper heart shape to cut out the felt foam hearts from different colored felt foam hearts. These beautiful felt foam hearts look pretty. You can thread these felt foam heart shapes to make a beautiful bunting or garland. This 3D heart paper heart shaped garland looks great. You can even use these felt foam on the cards and greetings. You can easily make these beautiful heart shapes. You can make these heart shapes in different colored felt foam sheet. You can use colors like pink, red, magenta, hot pink, purple, etc.

Beautiful Decorative Paper Heart garland design


This is a really pretty heart shaped garland. You can use some beautiful patterned paper sheets in different colors. Use a heart shaped stencil or a paper heart shape stencil for making a heart from the colored and patterned sheet of paper. Now take a colored twine, stick the colored sheets heart shapes on this colored twine. You can make a beautiful and easy bunting using these heart shapes from colorful sheets. You can even sew the twine through these paper hearts. These will look pretty on a birthday party and also on Valentine’s Day. These surely look pretty in the drawing and dining halls of your home. You can even use these buntings or garlands on the entry and exit of your home.

Red thread Heart shapes


These red woollen thread heart shaped garland looks pretty. These woollen thread hearts are sturdy. These look pretty and intricate. You can even make these pretty hearts using other colored woollen threads. These little hearts are made by dipping the woollen thread in glue and water mixture and then set in a heart shaped fixture. These look pretty cool on drying and hardening. Once the hearts have dried and hardened you can thread them through a twine and hang them like a garland or a bunting on different occasions. These will add to the beauty of your interior decor. You can even use them to decorate for a party or birthdays. You can even hang this garland on top of the fireplace mantle.

3D Decorative Paper Heart Garland


These 3D heart shaped garlands look pretty. The culmination of the three differently sized hearts looks pretty and appealing. The hearts are made in different sizes and then stuck together to make these 3D heart shaped garlands. The smaller heart shapes are stuck on top of the larger ones, keeping in consideration the mid rib of the heart shape of each size. This looks pretty. You can use different colored and patterned sheets to make these buntings. You can hang these pretty garlands on house parties, Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, etc. You can even use it to devorate your room. This is easy to make.

Beautiful 3D Decorative Paper Heart Garland


You can make these beautiful 3D decorative paper heart shaped garlands to decorate your home in the beast way possible. You can use some light gsm paper in different colors to make this beautiful craft. Start by cutting out multiple hearts from the colored sheets. Stick these hearts together side by side. Now thread a thin jute twine through the last heart flaps of the 3D heart shape. This looks pretty and fulfilling. You can hang these hearts in balvony or at the main door. These will look great when paired with fairy lights or some other fancy lighting. You can even add origami swans with these 3D heart garlands. This heart shaped craft is really easy to make.

We hope you loved all these pretty paper heart decorative crafts. You can finde other paper craft articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your opinion and feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful and colorful content soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 craft!

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