DIY Cup String Lights – Home Decoration Ideas

String lights are used to decoration on Christmas or the party decorations. They are often used by young generation. When it comes to the dark nights, its look like magical or the string lights twinkle just like the stars in the sky. Even big celebrities also use the string light decoration in parties or festivals.

If you think the string lights is too boring or dull, follow this tutorial to do some simple but also beautiful cup string lights. These Cup string lights will not spend you much money, but can become the awesome home decoration. Enjoy the DIY project, which will also not spend you too much time.

Required Material:

  • Paper cup
  • String lights
  • Designer paper sheet
  • Exacto knife
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Double sided tape

Step-1: Cut the designer paper sheet in cup ring shape.

Step-2: Use double sided tape to wrap the sheet on the cup. (as shown in the image)

Like so!

Step-3: Now Using a pencil you’ll make an X on the bottoms of paper cups. Then carefully using an Exacto knife you’ll need to cut an X pattern into your cup. Then carefully begin popping in each bulb to the bottoms of the cups, stringing along until your garland is covered.

Note: Use LED lights for safety.

You can hang it on a bookshelf, bed frame, or window. No matter where you hang it, it will look great and beautiful.

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Hope you like this tutorial. Keep creating with K4 Craft!

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