20+ Amazing Crafts Using Balloons – Fun Projects

Here are some creative and easy crafts using balloons, which will bring them a lot of inspiration when creating beautiful and practical craft work.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think or see balloons is birthday parties. As in my childhood memories that is the only place where balloons were mostly used. But I grew up I started seeing alternative use of the balloon as well and I was pretty astonished. These balloon crafts were so amazing that I felt why the heck we weren’t using them like that before. From decorating slippers to making lamps anything could be done with the help of balloons. Here, in this articles I have brought to you folks some amazing DIY related to balloons.

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These balloon ideas are perfect for home decorations like Easter, weddings, pool parties, ice cream socials and more. Wow, who knew all of the incredible things that could be done with balloons like keeping drinks cool?!

And a good tip is to use the party balloons, which can be used in various craft work, and now we have come to show them this article. Let’s check:

Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Balloons:

An idea widely used in crafts with balloons are the party decorations, which can be made in various formats, with the use of one or more balloons.

This tutorial video shows how to build a beautiful flower made with the use of several party balloons:

Already video tutorial shows how to make beautiful decorative vases with the use of balloon and newspaper:

The cool of this technique is that you can use line and string to assembly of the vessels, and thus have a new craft option, which offers many ideas for his handiwork.

More crafts ideas with Balloons:

And to bring them more inspiration, check it out below a few images, which show different craft ideas with balloons, which will bring them a lot of inspiration.

DIY Balloon Bottle Decoration

We tend to change the bottles of our fridge every summers. We get bored of the bottles in that season and hence we buy new once. What if I say you can change the pattern of the bottles this summers with the help of balloons and can reuse them. Take some balloons of the star pattern of different colors. The balloons must be big in size so that they can be stretched to a certain extent. Then take the bottles and cut the upper slim side with a scissor. Then put the bottle inside the balloon and cover the bottle with the balloon like a cover and we are ready. Make this summer a cool one guys with this 5 minute craft balloon ideas.

Balloon Hacks 5 Minute Craft

This DIY is for the people who like to decorate their homes with flowers. They can save up now on the flower holders. Material required for this DIY is different sizes of glasses, some colorful balloons, scissors, artificial flowers. Take a balloon and cut the upper part of it with the help of scissors as shown in the picture. Then cover the glass with the balloon and put as many flowers as you want. This DIY takes no time and is very inexpensive. They can embellish your house indoors with these attractive looking flower pots. Don’t think guys just start with it cause this item is readily available in your house.

DIY Thread Hammock

I wanted to build a small hammock for my small bunny this balloon craft with yarn was the best suited for it. Take a balloon of medium size. Take jute string of the color of your choice and some PVA glue. Blow the balloon and cover the balloon with PVA glue. Start covering the balloon with the jute  string in any pattern as you like. Then keep it overnight and then the next morning pinch a hole in the balloon. Cut out a circle from it with help of the scissors to give it a look of the hammock. Put your cute little bunny in this along with his friends and toys. Tie a string on the upper side of the hammock and let it cherish the cold breeze of the balcony.

Halloween Decoration With Balloons

Halloween! The name itself gives goosebumps. Isn’t it? The best part about Halloween is trick or treats and the spooky decoration. Though Halloween comes in October but don’t you think you should start collecting the ideas from today only considering you will be hosting a Halloween party. I have brought this crazy and easy balloon hack to you guys that will cover your entire ceiling and you will not have to worry about thinking of anything else. The material required would be a balloon, white sheet, sketch pens, scissors, glue, tape, thread. Take a big balloon and cut out a pair of big googly eyes from a sheet of paper. Take ribbons and paste the legs as shown in the picture. This spider looks so spooky that the guests will tremor before entering to your party.

Balloon Hacks 5 Minute Crafts


You might have come across a lot of DIY tutorial of decorating the slippers but I can guarantee you that you would have never come across such an unique balloon craft hack. This hack can convert your boring and simple slippers into funky and cools ones. Your friends would definitely ask about the place of the purchase. But sshhhh! we will have to keep it as a secret guys. For this DIY you will just need a pair of simple slippers, glue and a packet of balloons. Start pasting the balloons as shown in the second picture ( the zoomed one ). Make around 2-3 layers of the balloons till the time your slippers give a fluffy look. You can choose the color of the balloons according to the color of your slippers.

DIY Balloon Lamp


You can make this beautiful candlelight for your living room. The procedure of making is so easy that anyone can make it. You need to heat paraffin in a water bath. Then fill a balloon with a little water and dip it in solution of paraffin. You need to wet it many times and make sure that you don’t leave it inside the hot paraffin solution for long. Once you find the right thickness, puncture the balloon with the help of needle and your candlelight jar is ready.

DIY Balloon Back Cover

Do you guys always feel the need of changing the back cover? Do you guys get bored of the back covers early and also want to spend less for it? Then this 5 minute craft balloon idea is just for you. You need nothing but a balloon for this hack. Take the color of the balloon that goes with the color of your phone. Blow the balloon with your mouth and place your phone on the balloon and press hard then take a safety pin and pinch a hole into the balloon. Cut out the extra part and you are all ready with the all new DIY cover of your own.

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Amidst all the environment where the  kids eat a lot of junk food, staying and eating healthy is very much important. This year to promote healthy eating among kids I hosted a healthy birthday party of my son. In that party everything was healthy even the cake was made of nutritious products. Basically, it was a carrot cake. Also, I had juices, fruit basket etc. in the party. The balloons that I put on  in the decoration also resembled fruits and vegetables. This healthy party balloon hack catched a lot of traction during the party by everyone and very easy to pull off.

DIY Parachute Popcorn Holders

I just love having popcorn. I cannot sit in a movie without having popcorn in my hand. My mom used to make popcorn at home when we were kids. Popcorn is a easy food to make and can be a party filler. If your kid is having a birthday party then you can use this idea and make a parachute popcorn holder. Put these fancy parachute on the table and fill popcorn them. The kids can have it anytime as they pass by and if they feel like snacking. You can alternatively put something else as well instead of a popcorn. The material required for this is 4 sticks, sparkly sheet, scissors, glue, a small holder and a balloon. Cut small hearts form the sparkly sheets and paste them onto the sticks. Now, paste those 4 sticks into the holder as shown in the picture. Now, paste the balloon and we are ready!

DIY Balloon Dart Game

Make your own balloon dart game with the help of this DIY. This balloon craft idea for toddlers is just perfect example of an outdoor game. This will help increase the focus and concentration of your kid. The materials required would be a thermocol sheet, some balloons and glue. Take the thermocol sheet and cut it into the size you want to. Then place the balloons as shown in the pictures and voila! you are ready to rock. Play this fun game with your kid in your garden. Also, you can keep it as one of the games at your toddlers birthday party.

Balloon Decoration For A Party

Parties are the best part of anyone’s lives. I always wish that my life was a party. I know it’s not possible but yeah we can make our parties fun with the help of decorations. Here, I have come up with this amazing balloon decoration idea for parties. This balloon decoration mainly covers the theme of a flower party or basically a party where nature could be the theme. Take 4 big balloons of the same size and same color and one small balloon of contrasting color. First tie the four similar sized balloons together and then take the small balloon and tie it with them. While tying the balloons make sure you take a thread of long length so that you can easily hang the balloons.

Balloon Parachute for Home Decor

You can simply make parachute using colorful balloons. These are good to use as hangings for home decoration. To give effect of flying parachute in the sky, you can also make clouds using paper plates.

I hope guys you liked the balloon craft ideas of my article. I think you guys were amazed to see that balloons can be put to such use as well. You can pull off a lot of ideas with balloons, it was just the best selected ones. So, guys what are you waiting for, start making your own hammock, lamps etc. with the help of these crazy balloon craft ideas for toddlers.

Hope you like these balloon craft ideas & tutorials. Which one your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Thank you for visiting our website. Keep Creating with K4 Craft!

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