Diwali, undoubtedly, is the most celebrated festival all around India. Each and every corner of the country sparkles with the bundle of joy and love. During Diwali we also have a tradition of presenting gifts to our loved ones. Though most of you might have entered into the final round of decoration for the festival, spare little time making some personalized gifts. Try giving your dear ones those gifts wrapped in love and care. Like gift them something small and crafted by your hands. Those are the gifts that definitely going to sparkle the most even among other expensive gifts.

But what if it is a charm bracelet? Charms are often used to ward off bad luck and bring happiness to the person who is wearing. So don’t you think this as a perfect gift to present someone during Diwali? Try making this easy and wonderful charm bracelet by your own.

Materials required

  • Chinese knotting cord (you can even use embroidery thread if you couldn’t find the cord in your market).
  • Charm
  • Embroidery needle


  • Cut pairs of cord in 3 different lengths-30 inches, 20 inches and 10 inches. Fold the 20 inch-cord into half. Now pull the folded cord through the charm and give a knot by again pulling the remaining part of the cord through the loop as shown in the picture. Repeat the same with the other 20-inch cord to knot on opposite side of the charm.

    • Now take the 30-inch cord and lay under the middle cord. Fold the right cord above the middle cord and under the left cord. Similarly pull the left cord under the middle and right cord and later through the loop.

  • Adjust the knot by pulling them upwards near to the charm.

  • Next, pull the left cord over the middle cord then under the right cord.

    • Later pull the right cord under the left and middle cord and through the loop created at the left side as shown in the picture.
    • Keep on doing the above two steps until you reach the desired length. Make sure there is some area at the end left for clasping.

    • Every time pull them tightly while making the knot.
    • To give a better finishing, take a needle and pull either left of right cord through needle and sew them at the center from the backside. Make 3 knots at the center as shown in the picture. Be careful while pulling the needle as you need to apply some pressure to pull them up. You can cut off the remaining portion after knotting.

  • You can either tie this bracelet as such around your wrist or otherwise you can also work on it using the 10-inch cord. Bend the bracelet in a circle shape. Overlap the middle cords as shown in the picture. Use the remaining right or left cords from each side to give a temporary knot. This is just to keep them in place.

  • Use the 10-inch cord and make knots exactly like we did before with the 30 inch cord. Make knots through half an inch way and sew with the needles to finish the knots.

Thus your charm bracelet is ready! You have made an adjustable charm bracelet. You would find it little confusing, so always follow what is shown in the respective pictures. Wrap them in another gift paper and keep inside the gift box, along with other gifts. You can stick or tie on them a piece of gift card writing, “made with love”.

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