Christmas Themed Crafts | Step by Step Image Tutorials

Christmas is coming within a few days. And the preparations for the same are at its peak. How decorations are the topmost priority of everyone and they are looking for the best of the ideas on the internet to enhance the beauty of their houses and gardens. But nothing can beat the homemade crafts by your own hands. No matter how expensive items you buy from the market, the satisfaction and the beauty in these crafts are on the next level. To ease and narrow down your search, we are listing the top Christmas themed crafts idea with step by step image tutorials.

Christmas Themed Crafts to Make your Festival More Special

1 Cute Paper Plate

Image source / Tutorial: Kixcereal

Paper plates are one of the things which are in abundance in every house. The best use of these plates, apart from food obviously, is crafting decorative masterpieces on your own. The first one is Santa face. For this, cover the plate with cotton balls, add pom ball for the nose and draw the eyes. Add the red color hat at the top. The Rudolph has the shades of brown in its face so color the plate accordingly. then you can use the pipe cleaner for the horns, pom ball for a nose, red cloth for the neck and a cut piece for the ears. Add the smile and the eyes. the white plate is for the snowman with the cotton balls and the light blue hat. The nose is of conical shape and there is no beard on it.

2 Adorable Christmas Balls Themed Wreath

Image source / Tutorial: Madamecriativa

A wreath like this can be hanged on the entrance of the house or on the Christmas tree. This Christmas themed craft uses steel moldable wire as the base to make the circle for the wreath. you can also you steel cloth hangers for the same. Add the Christmas balls, preferably of red color, one by one. You can buy different sizes for these balls to fill the wire completely. Then tie the knot at the top and add some artificial leaves to complete the wreath. You can also add a bow made of ribbon to enhance the beauty.

3 Beautiful Christmas Star Ornament

Image source / Tutorial: Decorareciclaimagina


A Christmas tree is incomplete without the Christmas star at the top. And this star can be crafted easily without much effort at home. Take a cardboard sheet or a thermacol sheet and make the star on it with the help of standing nails/matchsticks at the corners. Now take the red wool and dip it into the mixture of water and glue. Tie the nail boundary as done in the above image and let it dry completely such that the wool becomes stiff. After that remove the nails and the sheet and your star is ready!

4 Christmas Balls and Toilet paper Roll Tree

Image source / Tutorial: Outnumbered

This pretty Christmas Themed craft is the perfect replica of the Christmas tree. You can ask your kids to help you in making this too. Yes, it is that simple to craft! Start with taking a good amount of toilet paper rolls and color them completely with dark shades of green such as those of a leaf. Take four rolls and color them with dark brown paint. Now, make the grapevine structure with the green rolls and glue gun such that the number of rolls decreases with the height and we have only one roll at the top. Use brown rolls for the support and then add Christmas balls and small bell chains for the decorations as done in the above image.

5 Adorable Doily Paper Christmas Trees

Image source / Tutorial: The Whoot

Doilies have interesting patterns on them and look lovely. The white color doilies can be used to make these Christmas Themed Crafts of trees. For this craft, you will need circular white doilies, wooden skewers, wooden beads, glue gun, and a pair of scissors. The doilies must have 3 different sizes. make the cones of these doilies and then pass the wooden skewer from the center. Then add a wooden bead and pass the next smaller sized cone. Similarly, do for the last one. Don’t forget to join them with the help of the glue gun.

6 Chocolate Christmas Tree Step by Step Tutorial

Image source / Tutorial: Qbees quest

But what about the gifts and the candies and the chocolates? Worry not, this Christmas Themed Craft idea is for them only. Take long strips of any color you wish, preferably leaf green and fold it into the triangle such that it makes the boundary fence. Now, make the partition by folding the strips after equal distance. let this distance be the one-third of the side of the fence triangle. Then you will be able to make the design as shown in the above image. You can make the rectangular once for the chocolate bars too.

7 Beautiful Christmas Decor Wreath

Image source / Tutorial: Amy blog

This beautiful Christmas Themed Craft of a wreath is made by covering a styrofoam circle with different types of Christmas balls. the beauty lies in the variety of the Christmas balls and the larger the size of the styrofoam circle, the more mesmerizing it will look. take the large size circle and cover it with spheres as of Christmas balls with the help of glue gun directly. Make sure that there is nor portion of the circle left uncovered. You can use small size balls too for this. Tie a thread at the top for hanging as done in the above set of pictures.

8 Healthy Christmas Breakfast


Image source / Tutorial: Cleanandscentsible

What more a mom will wish than a healthy breakfast? You can make this Christmas breakfast attractive with these creative ideas. You can cut the green apple in slices and make a Christmas tree out of them as done above. The strawberries are to add the Christmas effect. Bananas and marshmallows can be used to make beautiful figures.

We hope you liked these Christmas themed crafts ideas.  You can make these beautiful and cute Christmas Crafts at home. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. Also, check out other related articles at K4 Craft for more ideas. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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