Unique DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year with all the chills and snow everywhere along with the jingling of the Christmas bells all around us. This merry-making time of the year surely provides an impetus to all the artists and creative family members to create some beautiful ornaments to decorate the house. We have brought to you some amazing Homemade Christmas ornaments which you can easily make this Christmas Season.

Beautiful & Unique Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Beautiful Christmas ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Christmas Snowman Sleigh Treats

This Homemade Christmas Ornaments idea is made of food items and will definitely bring compliments from guests if kept on the dining table on Christmas Eve. For this, you can use candies or sweets to make the snowman and his ride. The hats are made up of chocolates and you can use marshmallows for the snowman.

Homemade beautiful Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Betz White

These ornaments are made up of velvet clothes and foam. All you have to do is draw the scenery or the required item on the cloth and cut it out properly. After that, stitch the clothes together in the required shape and design. The 3D figures are easy to make such as bow, hat or the wreath pattern. Hang them in front of the Christmas lights for the beautiful effect.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Falling Into First

If you wish to send a message to your loved ones, this Homemade Christmas Ornaments can be useful for you. All you have to do is draw the snowman with finger and thumb impressions on the colored lamp ball and then tag a message on it. You can use a printed card for the Christmas wish or can also write the message with your hands. This way, you can showcase your calligraphy skills also.

Unique Homemade Christmas Ornaments

You can make this unique Homemade Christmas Ornaments with the help of cream for (eatables) or you can use POP if you only want it to be a decorative piece. Don’t forget to add the threads at the top so they can be hung also. After the liquid dries into solid, you can draw the nose, eyes, and the smile with buttons on this snowmen.

Crystal based Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Rook #17

These are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Take crystal ornaments such as the necklace of the keyring and paste the photograph of your loved ones. For this to look perfect, you will have to do multiple trial and error as the size of the photographs and the crystals must match properly and the photograph must fit in the middle. Make sure you don’t leave any glue impression on the front of the crystal as it will leave dull marks there.

Easy to make Homemade Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Sissal

You can use cinnamon rolls or chocolate rolls for this Homemade Christmas Ornaments craft idea. The idea is to decorate them with horizontal leaves and buttons. The combination of all three will bring a colorful contrast to the decorations. After joining them together, you can hang them anywhere in your house in sets.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: We Love a Party

If you happen to have a black-colored lamp ball that has a glittery effect, then you must try this idea. Cut a large circle from a grey sheet and a smaller circle from the black sheet. Paste the grey circle and above it the black one. This will look like a camera. Now write SantaCamera as done in the above image. You can decorate the upper end with a foil paper, and add a red circle just below the Santa for more contrast.

DIY Mouse Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Living Locurto

Take any design paper or make your own pattern design on a colorful sheet. Now cut and mold this sheet into a conical shape. Add artificial eyes and use pom pom balls for the nose as done in the above image. For the tale side, tie a pipe cleaner at the open end from the inside. You can make 2-3 such mouses keep them together or tie a ribbon at the top so that they can be hung easily.

Easy Homemade Christmas paper Ornaments

Image Source/Tutorial: K4Craft

These 3D Christmas trees for Homemade Christmas Ornaments are easy to make. We have used two colors green and white to represent snow and leaves. You can also mix them and make one tree. These can be made with the help of folding the papers properly and then using the scissors for making the spikes of the Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Cutesy Crafts

The foam and velvet/felt cloth looks perfect for the wintery effect. Once you cut out and stitch the scenery, you can use buttons and threads to make snowmen as done on the image. Here we have made a snowwoman also in the left craft to show love and care between the two. The heart says it all. You can use small beads or cotton for the falling snow.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

This Homemade Christmas Ornaments idea is for Christmas tree crafted from felt cloth or you can also use scrubs for the design and appearance. The idea is to stack the pieces one over another in a disoriented form such that they look like a tree. You can pass thread or ribbon from above to below to make them hold together and also for easy hanging.

Beautiful Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: P&G

You can use old and used bulbs to make some creative Christmas eve ornaments. Paint and dress these bulbs with the Christmas elements. Hang them at a height so that they do not smash during the party.

Snowflake Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Fireflies & Mudpies

The popsicles have a lot many uses and one of them is this one. Use 4 popsicle sticks to make a star and paint them with white color as shown in the above image. After sprinkling a few shades of blue, this will look like a snowflake. Craft multiple snowflakes and tie a ribbon at the back for hanging.

Woolen Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Raverly

If you happen to know basic weaving and stitching then you can implement this Homemade Christmas Ornaments craft idea easily. You can make round faces with wool and then add eyes and nose to them with the help of felt cloth or paper. You can even have a collection of these in different colors from red to blue. This will definitely make your house in winters more beautiful.

Snow man Christmas Ornaments

In this Homemade Christmas Ornaments idea, we have used carrom striker to make the face of a snowman. You can use any of the plastic discs of white color for the same. Adding red ribbon lights up the figure and the hat is a plastic cap painted black. You can use LED light for the nose and draw the eyes and the smile.

Fish in a bowl Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial:

Most of us have an affection for fishes. Some prefer them in the open water bodies and some go fo aquariums. You can design your own fishball at home with a glass bowl sphere that is transparent. You can get small size stones from your garden and color them so that they can be kept below. For the stones, go for the acrylic colors as they can last for a few weeks in water easily. Else you can grab a few colored stones from a nearby aquarium shop.

Yarn Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: DRI

The yarns can be used in multiple ways in these Homemade Christmas Ornaments. One of them making figures out of them. Add some water and glue in a bowl and mix the solution. Now, take the yarn and dip it into the solution. On cardboard, draw the shape and figures. Press and install nails/thumb pins on the ends of this drawing. Then, take the yarn and make the figures on the cardboard with it. Let it dry completely and the crafts will be stiff to stand on the sides of walls and trees.

Cork Christmas Ornaments

All of the corks from those empty champagne bottles can now be used to make this Homemade Christmas Ornaments idea. You can use glue to join the corks together or use a pin between them as they are not heavy. go for pipe cleaner for the tail and the ears and add a red bow near the neck for the Christmas effect. Don’t forget to add the eyes and the nose!

Bulb upscaling Christmas Ornaments

Wanna give your painting a chance too? Paint the transparent glass balls with any of the face colors and draw the face on it with permanent markers. If you wish to add a hat to these craft figures, you can tie red pipe cleaner above them around the holding support.

Homemade Christmas gift list

Image source / Tutorial: Craft Snob

This is an interactive way to write down the Christmas gift list. Start with a sheet roll. Paint the edges of the roll in red or green paint. You may even take a wooden cylinder paint it and stick a paper slip on it. The list holder should be able to hang from the tree using ribbon. Add the name of the person whose list it is on the side.

Birdseed Christmas feed

Image source / Tutorial: eHow

Why should Christmas be a bountiful time only for humans. Let the birds even enjoy. Make a burdseed mixture. Set the mixture in the cake moulds. Keep a straw in place to make a hole to hang these birdseed mixtures. Let the mixtures set. Now remove the molds. Pass a wire through the holes made before. Your birdfeed hangings are ready to be enjoyed by the birds.

Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Whatever

Tjis DIY project looks really cool. You can make this beautiful snowman using a clear christmas ball, white ping pong ball, ribbon, a small hat, sharpie pen and sparkles. Open the clear Christmas ball from the top, fill it with silver sparkles. This large round clear ball will become the belly of the snowman. Now stick a white ping pong ball on top of it using a hot glue gun. Tie a colorful ribbon at the neck of the snowman. Stick a black hat on the top and secure the hook in place. Now use a sharpie pen to mark the details of the snowman. Your snowman is ready to be hung from a Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Breakfast for Dinner

This Breakfast for dinner crafty is cool. First of all take a clear glass cup. Line the insides of the cup with drinking chocolate. Fill the surface by using a carboard piece. You can attach some cotton balls as marshmallows. Add a candy stick made from pipe cleaners. Hang the craft from the handle of the cup. This looks really sweet.

Cute Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Cutesy Crafts

This bunny Christmas craft is really sweet. You can use an ankle sock for the purpose. Stick the year in the front. Use felt cloth to make the bunny head. Decorate the little bunny with thread work. This will surely look pretty.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial:

Take some white and red combination candies. Keep them in a cake mold. Lay them flat on butter paper. Now microwave the candies in mold. The candies will melt and form beautiful patterns. Now you can add these to your Christmas table.

Felt and pine cone elves Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Lia Griffith

This is a beautiful DIY craft. Collect some small pine cones. Cut out two heart shapes for the feet of the elves. Cut a one by sixth section of a circle from felt cloth, sew the edges together. Stick a wooden ball to the base of the pine cone. This becomes the head. Stick the hat of the elves using hot glue gun. Also stick the muffler of the pine cone elf. Add two heart shaped feet at the bottom of the pine cone elf to add support and added support to the elf.

Hot cocoa mix Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Sprinkle Some Fun

This is a fun DIY to have at Christmas. Take a large clear Christmas ball. Open it from the top. Clean the Christmas ball from the inside. Fill the hollowed Christmas ball with Cocoa powder and marshmallows. Serve it along with candy cane dipped in chocolate and hot milk. sip the hit chocolate in style.

Toilet paper roll owls Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Pam’s Party

These big eyed owls are a perfect dressing for the Christmas tree hangings. First of all collect some toilet paper rolls and paint it white. Bend the edges of the toilet paper roll, inwards. Cut out small circles of white sheet. Make two wings and stick them to the sides of the owl. Add an inverted triangle, orange nose to the owl. Stick two big googly eyes to the face of the owl.

Unique Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: The Keeper of the Cheerios

You can use plates to make beautiful and big Christmas decorative pieces. Take a plate, clean it and dry it. Use spray paints to paint the surface of the plate. You can make a deisgn using a contrasting colored spray paint. Use sharpie pen, felt cloth, googly eyes, etc. To embelish the plate crafts.

Chicks Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Ginger Melon

These little chicks look so cute. You can make these chich crafts if you know a bit of sewing. First of all decide upon the soze of the chicks to be made. Cut out two felt bases. Fill the felt flaps with polyfill. Now add other details using bright and patterned felt cloth. Use buttons for the eyes of the chicks. Thread the head of the chicks to hang them.

Beautiful tree Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Fireflies and Mudpies

This is an easy to make DIY project. You can start by finding a perfectly sized stick. Now collect some colorful ribbon. Start tying knots using the ribbons, in succession of their sizes. The smallest bow must be at the top and the largest at the base of stick to give it a feel of a tree. You can hang it by threading it at the top of the tree.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: A Bubbly Life

You can make this crystal very easily. Start with the base of a bark. Paint the insides of the bark in the shades of pink. Once you are satisfied with the color gradient. Use resin to set the paints in place. You can wear it around your neck using a necklace.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: A Kailo Chic Life

These aesthetic Christmas balls are easy to make. You can start by painting the surface with black acrylic paint. Now make patterns on the black acrylic surface using white acrylic paint and a thin brush.

Marbled Homemade Christmas balls

Image source / Tutorial: Alice and Lois

These marbled Christmas balls are fun to make. Start by selecting some white Christmas balls. Now clean the Christmas balls and dry them. Fill a trouh with water. Pour some acrylic paints on the surface of water. Dip the Christmas balls in the paint filled water trough. You will get beautiful paint patterns on the Christmas balls.

Beautiful Homemade tree balls

Image source / Tutorial: Am Dolce Vita

These are some pretty Christmas balls ideas. Clean and dry the Christmas balls. Now paint the surface of the Christmas balls ith white acrylic paint. Use a bright colored paint to make different designs on the surface of the Christmas ball. Finish it off with setting spray to give a shiny finish to the Christmas balls.

Homemade smiley Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: A Subtle Revelry

These are some really fun Christmas ball ideas. Take some yellow colored Christmas balls. Use sharpie pens of different colors to make the different smileys on the surface of the Christmas balls.

Pine cone Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Brit + Co

Pine cones are plentiful in the cold season. You can make these pineapples to pump in some warmth to the Christmas party. Paint the pine cones in bright yellow color. Add paper leaves to the top of the pineapple. Now hang these beautiful pineapples on the Christmas tree. These will surely look beautiful.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Club Chica Circle

Phones are all over in this 21st Century. We can even create some beautiful photo hangings using a frame of a phone. This looks classy and trendy both. So just go on check out this clay based mobile phone hanging design.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Lines Across

The old easter eggs can be used as hangings on christmas. All you need to do is cut the egg in half, cover it with sparkles. Tie a thread at the top of the easter egg. Hang these colorful easter egg crafts from the Christmas tree branches.

Cut and fold Polyhedron

Image source / Tutorial: Field Guide 35

Paper folding techniques can give rise to beautiful hangings. You can use these hangings for decorations on Christmas eve. Hope you like it. You can even try out different shapes using paper folding techniques.

Tasty macaroon Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Get Creative Juice

Macaroons are loved by one and all. You can beautifully inculcate macaroons in the Christmas celebrations by making macaroon hangings using clay. Paint the baked clay and make sure you leave a hole at the top while baking to help in hanging the macaroons.

Beautiful Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Gimme Some Oven

Fill in clear Christmas balls with confetti for a bright flash on the Christmas eve. These color splash Christmas balls will surely add a beautiful element to your Christmas party.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Grain Line Studio

This is a beautiful felt whale, you can make it by using felt cloth and polyfill. Add small silver sequins on the sides of the whale to enhance the aesthetics of the whale.

Beautiful candy jars Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Greta’s Day

This is a beautiful hanging craft. Open the top of the Christmas ball. Now fill it up with small pearls and sequins. Now stick colourful cylinder and a disc shaped base. You can hang this candy machine on the Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: I Love to Create Blog

This is a beautiful muffin craft. Start by making a cupcake liner with a shiny sheet of gift wrapping paper. Stick it on a bright colored Christmas ball. Pour acrylic paint on top of it. And add small plastic pieces to make it look like confetti.

Homemade cactus Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: My Poppet

We can make these pretty cactus with green Christmas balls. Buy some small pots or make some sound and sturdy pots using felt cloth. Stick the green Christmas balls on top of the pot. Make the spines of the cactus by using hit glue gun. Add a felt flower on the top of the cactus.

Beautiful balloons Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Paper & Stitch

You can paint some Christmas balls to make a beautiful design. Start by cleaning and drying the Christmas balls. Give ut a base coat and then make different designs on the Christmas balls. Set the paint with setting spray.

Dinasors Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Parents.com

Your old plastic toys are a boon in disguise for Christmas devorations. Dip your old plastic dinasaurs in glue and then in sparkle. Now add a hook to the back of the dinasaur to hang it from the Christmas tree.

Beautiful Homemade Christmas trees

Image source / Tutorial: Please Note

Your old toy cars must be lying here and there. The biggest dilemma is to throw them or keep them along with the memories. Now you can use your old cars and use them for Christmas decorations. You can keep a small Christmas tree inside the car or use candy canes or even tie the cars with red and white twine.

Homemade yarn Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Remodelista

These spider webs are easy to make and compliment the Christmas vibe well. Start by joining the sticks together at regular angles. Use yarn or woolen thread to make a perfect design for a spider web. It will surely look classy and this idea can also be used as a decoration for halloween.

Origami technique Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Snug Studio

These cool paper figures are made by using origami techniques. These quirky shaped boxes are easy to make and easy to hang. You can check out the making techniques on the given link.

Doughnut Homemade Christmas Ornament

Image source / Tutorial: Studio DIY

Doughnuts are a huge rage. Make these crafty doughnuts using clay. Make a cly loop and paint the upper portion to give the required effect to it. You can hang it by looping the thread through the hole of the doughnut.

Homemade toffees Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Studio DIY

You can make your own sugar boiled confectionery and then wrap it in such clear wrapping paper. These bright sugar toffees look great and are tasty too.

Homemade food Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Studio DIY

These are some really fun decorative pieces. Make these different food items using clay. You can use colored clay for a good effect. Make a hole in every food item made. Now bake these crafties. After baking you can thread them through the hole left before. Hang these craft items from the Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Studio DIY

You can make this beautiful french fries inspired hanging for Christmas celebrations. Start by making the red outer packet. You can make the french fries using clay sticks. Flatten them out and paint them in yellow volor after baking them.

Homemade smiley decorations Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Studio DIY

Smileys have become an integral part of our lives. We can decorate our home this Christmas with beautiful smileys. Let us make lots of smileys on yellow chart paper, cut them out. Punch a hole at the head of the smileys. Thread the punched hole. Now your smileys are ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.

Beautiful lamp Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Tattly

These clear Christmas balls are truly a beauty. Buy some clear christmas balls. Using your artistic skills, you can draw on paint on these clear balls. They will look pretty hubg down from the beautiful family Christmas tree.

Homemade Ice cream Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: Tell, Love and Party

This is a beautiful and easy way to decorate your home on Christmas. Start by rolling out some clay and fix it on popsicles. Add a hook to the top. Bake the clay along with the popsicles. After baking, paint the popsicles. Now add the same colored sparkles to the ice cream craft. Hang the crafts by threading a ribbon through the hook at the top.

Homemade Christmas balls

Image source / Tutorial: The Crafted Life.

These are some really beautiful Christmas tree hangings. Buy some basic plastic Christmas hangings and give a coat of white acrylic paint to it. Once it has dried, start by painting beautiful designs on the white surface with colorful paint. Add a red ribbon to hang the Christmas balls from the Cjristmas tree.  This will add the artsy element to your Christmas decorations.

Ninja turtles Christmas Ornaments

Image source / Tutorial: The Crafting Chicks

This is a beautiful way to brighten uo your Christmas devorations. Buy some green Christmas tree balls and red and blue ribbon. Stick googly eyes on the ribbon and tie it on the Christmas ball. Now you can hang these turtle ninjas on your Christmas tree. These will look classy.

These are some really beautiful and thoughtful Christmas Ornaments. We hope they would help to bring a smile on your face this Christmas. Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft! We will soon come up with more such crafty articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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