How to Make Cardboard Pencil Holder (Tutorial)

Pen holders can decorate using different materials. In this tutorial used shopping bags to decorate it.

1. First take a Bristol board and cut it into the required pen holder height. Then roll it to get the cylinder shape and put a cello tape.

2. Cut circle like this to make the bottom of the pen holder.

3. You can paste it or cello tape it like given below.

4. Take some white colour shopping bags.

5. Cut some strips like this.

6. Take red colour shopping bags and cut some strips from it.

7. Using these strips make this circle. Use UHU glue to paste.

8. Make 04/ 05 nos. from this item as given below.

9. Take red, yellow, white and green colour shopping bags.

10. Cut some strips from yellow, white and green colour shopping bags to cover the pen holder.

11. Cover the pen holder using shopping bags strips like this.

12. Paste the red and white decorative items like this.

13. Cut 02 circles from red colour shopping bag.

14. Cut the circle like given below to get the spiral shape. Make the rose flower from it. Use UHU to paste.

15. Paste the roses like this. Cut some green colour leaves from shopping bags and paste it too. Then you can use it as a pen holder like this.

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