Beautiful Paper roll Wall Hanging

Recycling is buzzword of present time because our future can be possible only with our tiny steps towards recycling. We have to recycle items that we use every day. For example, papers or newspapers. You can make very interesting decorations for your home.

With a little change to give your walls a new look, They are really simple and unique. Let’s decorate your walls with beautiful paper roll wall hanging.

Material Required

  • Used notebook papers or newspaper.
  • Glue,
  • Pair of scissors,
  • Scale, pencil
  • Fam sheet,
  • Colours, paint bursh,
  • Satin ribbons, decorative items


    • Take  a paper from used notebook , fold and cut the paper into half.

  • Take one piece of paper and roll with the help of stick as shown in figure.
  • Stick with a glue.

  • Make 70 to 80 straws for wall hanging . Each straw length should be approx 25 cm to 26  cm.

  • Now we require a foam sheet . Make 1 cm X 27 cm.

  • The length of the foam sheet strips should be equal or higher to the length of straws. Take 4 strips of foam sheet and two of them join together.

  • Now take a satin ribbon, cut the ribbon into 40 cm length.

  • We required 2 satin ribbon strips of same length.

  • Now stick the satin ribbon on both  the side of foam sheet.

  • Now start sticking the paper straws on the satin ribbon close together with the help of glue.

  • After sticking all the straws let them dry .the wall hanging is look like as shown in figure.

  • Now its time to decorate the wall hanging . You can write thoughts, paint, stick any artificial items.
  • You can also pooh on it to make it more attractive. Some handmade flowers can also be added to enhance the beauty of your work.

  • For hanging lets take a white ribbon of 20″ length stick at the back of the wall hanging .

And the finally our beautiful paper roll wall hanging is ready.

Hope, you like our tutorial. Keep creating with K4craft!

Richa Raje: