Basics of Earthenware Painting Techniques

Pots have played important part in our civilisation. They are a part of human civilisation since long. Earthen pots are means of keeping water cool and clean as well. We can even use earthen pots as vase, to keep beautiful flowers. Earthen pots look beautiful in their natural earthen form as well. The natural beauty it possesses cannot be described in words as it denotes the beauty of a pot to quench the thirst of many. But what if we add to a pot’s beauty by painting it or adding details to the earthen form of the pot. We can use paints or other techniques to beautify an earthen pot. Let us learn and realise some of these techniques as we go along this article.

How To Paint Plant Pots

Let us start with the basics of earthen pot painting techniques. It is good to use the paint which is used on the walls of houses. You can store old paint in the soft drink’s bottles as they are air tight. The walls’ paint ages only by drying due to air and oxidation. We can store the paint in soft drinks bottle for few years as well. We will use water based wall paints only. As the oil based paints will close the pot pores. The closure of the pores will result in the loss of the property of terracotta pots to keep the water cool. We can keep water in the pots or even grow plants in these pots. If you are using old paint then shake well before use. Always wash new pots before painting them. Use a paint brush with flat bristles and a big size. Take an open container to mix the paint with water. Thin down the paint using water. Always keep I mind that you have to apply a thin layer on the pot. If you will apply a thick layer, the paint will soon come off due to formation of scales. You can even apply a layer of primer for better results. You should always paint the bottom well, as it is the highly used and worn out portion of the pot. Always paint the rim and edges in the end. Always give retouch the corners. Paint a bit on the insides as well so that when the soil is a bit less in the level then as well the paint does not seem less. In case you wish to repaint your old pots then always wash and clean them. If in case that old pot has fungus or any other thick layer growth then clean it with scrubber or brush well. After you have cleaned the growth then rinse it well and then you may go on with the painting process. For better understanding look up:

Terracotta Pots Acrylic Flow Art Painting

Now let us try another technique. Now we will be using flowing paint technique to paint the terracotta pots. The additives being used are: PVA, floetrol and acrylic medium gloss. Take two different plastic cups and make layers of the paint in them. You can either choose different colours to be layered or the same colours to be layered differently. Now start pouring the layered paint on the upside down pot. Always spread newspaper or sheets below the art work before starting. In case you miss a spot, you may pour the run off paint again. For better understanding of the pot painting technique look up:

How To Paint & Decorate a Pot Using M Seal

We require white m-seal and paints and brushes for the next technique. Mix the contents of m-seal. In case you have a round bottomed pot then first of all make the base for the pot using m-seal. Let it dry. Use the remaining m-seal to make beautiful designs on the pot. Now take water in a tub and put enamel paints in the water. Pour bright coloured enamel paints in the water at different positions. Let the paint make patterns or maybe a kaleidoscope. Mix the paints to form patterns. Pour more colour if you feel that a colour is lacking presence. Mix the paints using a thin wire probe. Swirl them once you are satisfied with the amount of paint in the tub. Once done with the swirling, dip the pot in the tub uptill half. Now wait for a few seconds and take the pot out. Let the pot dry. Noow w paint the remaining pot with acrylic paints and brushes. You can paint the m-seal pattern with a different colour and the background in a different shade. For better understanding of this m-seal technique look up-

I hope you enjoyed learning all these basic pot painting techniques. I will soon come up with more techniques and we shall advance in this field. We shall learn to paint beautiful vases, so that you will soon be able to keep your favorite flowers in hand painted earthen pots.

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