Creative and Wacky Birthday Party Mask Ideas

Birthday is a very special occasion in everyone’s life. It comes around every year yet it never loses its sheen. We wish to make our, our near and dear one’s birthdays special occasions each time. We have brought for you one such way to make birthday’s great. We can have masked birthday parties for our children.

How To Make Birthday Masks For Kids From Foam

Party Let us start with easy foam based masks. We need shiny and bright coloured foam sheets, white paper sheets and some wooden sticks. To make and draw we need pencil, a pair of scissors, marker and cellotape. First of all fold the paper sheet in half and make the half design on the paper sheet with the help of a pencil. You can choose and elaborate design or a simple one, it is your wish. Now cut the design using a pair of scissors. Now mark this design on the foam sheet with the help of a marker. Using the wooden popsicle mark the top of the marked design. Now cut along the top edge and then place it again on the sheet and cut the rectangle again. Now keeping these foam rectangles together cut along the design of the mask marked before. Now you have two same foam designs of the mask. If it is an eye mask just cut the eye cavity. Then stick the wooden stick to the mask using hot glue gun or any other method. Your masks are ready to rock your birthday party. For better understanding of the mask making technique look up:

Easter Crafts – Paper Plate Bunny Mask

You may even keep an animal themed party. So you and your friends will require animal masks. So, let us learn to make bunny mask first. Take apaper plate and mark the place for the eyes. Then make big circles for the eyes taking the marked place as centre. Now take three pink straws and cut them in half. Now secure them below the eyes to make the whiskers for the bunny. Once they are secure place two white cotton balls and a small ping one for the bunny’s nose. Now make the teeth for the bunny using a black marker. Now cut the ears for the bunny. First fold the sheet in half and cut a single ear and then using the first one as template cut the other one. Now paint these ears in pink and white. After the ears dry up paste them to the paper plate. Now glue the ribbon to both sides of the mask. Your bunny mask is ready. This video is a very nice tutorial for making a bunny mask:

How To Make Spiderman Throw Cobwebs

If your child is an avid lover of super-heroes, then we can even have a super hero themed birthday party. We shall make a spiderman mask for the party. First of all take a white sheet and mark on it the outer oval shape with the help of a pencil. Now cut the shape out using the scissors. Now fold the cut out in half and cut out any excess or irregularity. In the half position make an eye on one side and cut it out, same way the other one gets cut. Now mark the top and bottom edges f the mask with the pencil. You can increase the size of the eyes using the scissors. Make a small mouth and a nose for the spider man. Take a red glazed sheet and cut it according to the shape of the mask and paste it on the mask using a glue stick. Paste the excess sheet on the backend to secure it in place. Now use brown threads to make the lines in spiderman mask. Secure all the threads on the back. Once all the threads are done, start with the eyes. Start pasting the glazed sheet covering the eyes backwards. Complete the back of the mask by pasting a plastic sheet. Now take the brown thread and paste it in perpendicular manner to the previous lines. Once that has been done, just get ready for the party. For better understanding look up:

Minions Mask Craft

Minions are loved by one and all, so let us make a minion mask to have sheer fun and enjoy the frolic. Take a paper plate and paint it in yellow colour. Then get some eye stickers and choose the one for your minion according to the size of the plate. You can stick the eyes to plate either with the pupils downwards, to the left or right. Now cut out black strips for the minion and paste them horizontally with the eyes. Make a wacky mouth for the minion using a black marker. Cut thin strips of black paper to make minion’s hair. The hair should look wacky and funny. You can choose from a wide variety of minion faces to design your own minion mask. Get the minion mask tutorial from a minion itself at:

Hope you have great birthdays every year round. Make them great with your energy and ideas. Have great fun.

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