50+ Art & Craft Ideas to surprise your Mom this Mother’s Day

We love our mothers the most in our life and they do hold a significant position in our lives. We must show our love to them every now and then. We celebrate Mother’s Day to show our mothers that we love and care for them a lot. Although we cannot equal the love they possess for us, the care they show, or their concern for our well being but at least we can try our best. So, hereby I present some ideas to surprise and shower your beloved mummy with your love.

If you are somebody who procrastinates things then you can buy your mom some beauty products and make a makeup bag on your own. She will surely appreciate your efforts. All you have to use is some old jeans and a needle some thread, some decorative piece of cloth, some ribbon and a fabric glue or hot glue gun and there you go. The second one named “love you so much” card uses a sheet of paper, some sketch pens and your imagination. This artwork is super cute and takes the least time but is super lovely. The next one named “I love you because collage” is a very sweet representation of all the good moments you share with your mom. Memories are hard to go by. So this is something absolutely adorable. You need an old hanger and some pictures  of your mom, better if they are with you. Just drive your creativity writing down the reasons why you love your mom on the back of each picture. You may even give your mom a custom made bookmark if she loves reading books or needs to go through lot of reading material due to her job. For further representation or guidance you may refer to this video tutorial.

Last Minute! 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Now we will make a group of DIY gifts and then make a big single gift out of them. Let us first make a scented and coloured lip balm. It is a very useful gift and can be used readily by your mom and the products being used are coconut oil, petroleum jelly, an eyeshadow and some essential oil. You can use an old container which is no more in use to hold your lip balm. Now let us make a key chain. We will use polymer clay of two colours a microwave and a sharpie pen. Use jumprings to complete your DIY keychain. Make a pearl necklace for your mom using gold chain and loose pearls. Now just present all of these in an attractive manner. For further information look up:

DIY Mothers Day Gifts

Make a nice and sweet card for your mother and she will surely appreciate your efforts and love. A simple and loving is something adorable and it gives wings to your imagination. For ideas refer to this amazing tutorial.

How To Make – Easy Greeting Card Mother’s Day – Step by Step

Just go on and unleash some creativity in making some mesmerising gifts and freezing some delighted moments in your hearts forever. Go on make a card with hearts hidden with some messages. You may even make the blocks card which will show different moments you have shared together. You can even make a scratch and win card for your mum using detergent, paint and candle wax.  Make a heart flower telling your mom that you love her so much. Try some balloon hacks to amaze your mom and write some nice quotes at the bottom of it. Try some popping card ideas like valley fold and mountain folds to make your card look attractive. You may opt for a heart locked card as well. For the procedures for the above mentioned look-up:

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Just go on and reach out for practical gifts. You can make a Mother’s Day Frame using an old photo frame, some chalk paint and  some colourful chalk pieces. You can try using a fabric marker on a tea towel and gift it to your mom. It will be her customised tea towel. You can even write on a white cup and then bake it to make a customised cup for your mother. You can even choose to gift your mom some potted plants. You can refer to the provided video for the procedure.

Creativity With Buttons – Creative Button Art On Paper

You can even try making a beauty essentials basket. You can even use candies put in a jar and then write a cute message for your mother and there you go with a gift for a mum who loves candies. You can even try some DIY with succulents bought from a store. The succulents need not be fresh you can even try arranging the fake ones in a pot. For the procedure and further information you may look up:

Dollar Tree DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Hope you have  a good time making all this up and your mom as well is gratified on receiving your love and your gifts.

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