25+ Beautiful & Simple DIY Home Decoration Step by Step Tutorials

Home is best place in this universe. It is the place where you can actually be all you are and all you wish to be. There are no boundations inside your home. We make every possible effort to decorate it (Home decoration) with all our creativity and hard work. To ease your work and add creative dimensions, we collected nice crafts with step by step tutorials. Please have a look at DIY home decoration step by step tutorials and don’t forget to share if you like them! So let us get started.

DIY Home Decoration Step by Step Tutorials

1. DIY Mismatched Sock Snake- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: pinterest.com

This is a very cute and comfy craft idea. You can make these cute and playful snakes with your old socks. You can also fetch some old socks from your family members. First of all cut the the socks from the toe area. Sew the socks end to end with each other. So as to form a long column of socks. You dont have to cut the toe of the first socks. That will form the face of the snake. Now fill this column of socks with lots of polyfill or cotton. Decorate the face of the snake with whiskers, googly eyes, a bright red mouth, etc. This will enhance the beauty of the colourful snake.

2. DIY Customize your keys!- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: enmibolso.com

This is a very good way to distinguish your similar looking keys or distinguishing your keys from others’ keys. Take a key and then start painting it with a glutter nailpaint. Glitter nailpaint will add a new dimension to the keys as well as help you to distinguish the keys. You can paint the whole mast of the key. You can also do the same thing by using a misture of glue and glitter. Make sure you colour the different keys in different glitter nail paint so that you don’t end up mixing them all.

3. Easy DIY Egg Decorating Idea- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: goodhousekeeping.com

This is a very beautiful way to decorate the eggs on easter or any other event. Take some eggs. Wash the eggs and let them dry. Now take some food colouring and pour different colours of food colouring in different bowls. Now pour the different coloured food colouring solution on the egg shells using a spoon. Start with lighter food colourings like yellow, white, etc. End at the darker shades. Make sure you pour the next food colouring solution while the previous one is still partly wet. This will ensure mixing of the colouring to some extent and will give a better aesthetic.

4. Home decoration step by step tutorial with bulbs

Image Source: goodshomedesign.com

This is a great idea to add flowers to a very innovative pots. These bulbs are a great showpiece pots for fresh flowers. They can also be used as vases. First of all open up the base of the bulb using a plas. Emty out the filament and other parts of the bulb. Now fill the glass bulb with water and place fresh flowers in the glass bulb. You can make many such glass bulb vases. This will add a new dimension to your home decor.

5. Neon cross pillow- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

This fabric block print DIY is a great idea to revamp your old cushion covers or design some new ones. If you are looking for some geometric design inspiration while making some new pillow covers or cushion covers, you can look into this DIY project. First of all take a big potato and cut the required shape out of it. This can be a cross, a plus sign, simple straight bar or circle. Now dip the design in paint and give some impressions onto the white cloth. Once you have the design ready on the cloth, you can start sewing the cushion cover. While sewing the cushion cover, give it a bright piping to add the required dash of colour to it. You can enjoy you beautiful cushion covers DIY in the best possible way.

6. Yo Yo Pillow Decoration- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: topdreamer.com

Want to revamp your old and bland cushions, look no forward, because this is the place to be. These yoyo additions to your bland cushion will make it look all the more trndy and beautiful. Start with circles cut out from different coloured cloths. Using a needle and thread, sew the edge and gather them in. Once you have gathered the cloth in a circular shape, secure it. Add a big button or felt cloth cut in a circle on top of it. Add another smaller to finish it up in the best way possible. You can make as many such yoyos as you want and then add them to your cushion. Sew them directly onto the cushion cover.

7. Opaque striped vases- Step by Step Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

Everyone loves modern art and modern art pieces. So why not try to revamp those old glass vases in a single go. First of all get some sticking strips and wind them around the vase in a up and down manner. You may let the strip overlap. The strip can be wound in a free manner. Now take some glass spray paints, and spray the paint onto the vase. Once the paint dries, remove the strips applied before. This will give you a very beautiful finished product. You can dorn your home with these beautiful vases.

8. Upside Down Stool Wrapping Paper Station- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: diycozyhome.com

Utilising the space in the best possible is something each one of us wants to achieve. So let us get some more storage from a stool. Keep the stool upside down, now take some cloth bags and tie them to the four sides of the stool. This will provide you with four different storage spaces as well as a middle portion to put some big things like craft paper rolls etc. You can use this space to keep anything and everything.

9. DIY Lively Butterfly- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: siteaboutchildren.com

This is a very beuatiful DIY project. It is one of those beautiful projects which can serve many purposes. It will help you to reuse your old stockings, which helps to reduce waste. This project also helps to beautify your home. Start with a metal wire loop, stretch the stocking across the loop. Stitch the base of the stocking gathering. Make two wings for the butterfly. Adorn the body of the butterfly with cloth balls. Add antennas to the butterfly to complete the look. This way you get a beautiful butterfly. You would require scissors, plas to cut the stocking and turn the wire respectively.

10. Colorful Decorative pots- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

This is one of the most satisfying pot painting methods. Fill half a bucket with water and pour some colouring substance into it. The colouring substance should be oil based so that it floats on top of the water. This way you can get a layer of paint on the top surface of water. Now take your pot and dip it into the water. Turn the pot around so that the paint sticks to the complete surface of the pot. This will give a very beautiful abstract art design to the pot.

11. His + Her Sharpie Mug- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: filesclip.com

These sharpie pen designer ceramic cups are a great idea to gift to a couple. You can even make such cups for yourself and your brother or yourself and your boyfriend. They look cool. Start wuth choosing white basic big coffee mugs. Start by choosing a design or quote to be made on the cup. Use a black sharpie pen to make the design on the ceramic cup. Now as per the setting procedure, put the cups in the oven. This will set the ink in place and the design will not smudge. Now your designer cups are ready to be gifted to the special ones.

12. Beautiful Ornament- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

If you are smitten by the jewellery bug, you must try out these beautiful ornaments craft hacks. In this one you will require old bottle caps to make this ornamental locket piece. Start with setting a ciarse cloth around the rim of the bottle cap. Now you can make beautiful designs on the coarse cloth. This way you can create different kinds of designs. Add a cloth ruffle to the edges of the bottle cap. Join two such bottle caps together to make it a two side designer locket. Not you can make a loop to chain it through. This will add beauty to your overall ensemble.

13. Burlap Flowers-Step by Step Tutorial

Image Source: EverydayFamily.com

These flowers are simple to make and look beautiful. First of all make a drawing of a flower and cut it out. We will use this shape as the stencil to cut out flowers from the jute cloth. Cut two to three layers of jute flowers. Now stick them together and sew them from the middle. Now add a colourful small paper flower in the middle and finish the DIY with a bright coloured button as the central bulb of the flower. This will look really good.

14. DIY Rope Gift Basket- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: howtoinstructions.org

This is a beautiful basket to gift someone. You can keep your presents in the basket and then offer it to someone. It will be so different and unique. You can either make it on your own using a jute rope or buy it from the market. Both options are good and lucrative. This basket can be adorned with faux flowers in the end. You can also add stickers to the basket. If you are making it on your own, you can decide the size of the basket on your own.

15. Office Desk Stand- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: pinterest.com

This office utility stand will surely be a great addition to your office desk. This DIY project gives you the freedom to organise and design the stand on your own as per your own requirement. You will require some old cardboard sheets to make this cardboard stand. Make individual boxes wich can be slided along using the steps given in the photograph. Then you can add up as many boxes together using thumb-tacks.

16. Recycled Tin Can- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

Teusing tin cans! Who could even believe it until now. You can make beautiful green pots using the old tin cans. These pots are easy to make. First of all take some thread, an old tin can and some moss. Now start keeping the moss on the tin can and start winding the thread over it. Slowly and steadily the whole surface of the can will be covered with the green moss and thread windings. It looks attractive and green. This provides an aesthetic look to the tin can pots. You can now add soil to the pots and start growing your herbs.

17. Home Decoration Step by Step Tutorial

Image Source: caca-faca.blogspot.com

This DIY requires a lot of patience and the right kind of strokes while shaping the intricate wings of the butterfly. Start with cutting off the top and the bottom of the tin can. Draw a butterfly on the surface of the can. Cut along the lines of the drawing. You will get a 2D butterfly. Now liven up the butterfly by engraving the feathers and the body of the butterfly. Colour the butterfly using colourful permanent markers. Use permanent markers so that the colours fo not sudge on the tin surface.

18. Decorative Confetti Bowls- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: weheartit.com

These confetti bowls are a true beauty indeed. They are easy to make and can be made by anyone and in any colours. Start by blowing up a balloon. Apply glue on the bottom surface of the balloon and spread confetti on the surface. Add more layers of glye and spread confetti again on the glued surface. Once you have put up two-three layers of confetti, leave it to dry. After the confetti dries up, burst the bollon and remove the rubber skin. Now cut the confetti in the shape of a bowl. Now you get a bright and beautiful confetti bowl to keep your stuff.

19. Plastic bottle planter- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: hobidenizi.com

Plastic bottles can be used to make pots. This is an easy and eco-friendly DIY. Cut the bottom part of the bottle, punch some holes in the base of the bottle. Now fill the base with some soil and vover it up with humus and manure. Decorate your pot with goigly eyes and bottle caps. Now grow various herbs and flowers in these pots. They look very beautiful.

20. Pistachio Shell Flower Brooch- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: reloveddesigns.com

Flower brooches are a love forever. What if we could make as many brooches to go with our dresses. Let us make some brooches using the pistachio shells. These shells are to be removed every time you eat a pistachio, just collect them all. Now cut a circular shape out of a cardboard sheet and start aligning the pistachio shell from the centre of the cardboard circle towards the outer edges of the cardboard sheet. This way you will end up with a complete big flower. Now attach a safety pin at the back of the cardboard sheet. Spray paint the pistachio brooches for better finish.

21. Hemp pendant lamps- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: craftynest.com

Now let us make a beautiful hemp lamp. These lamps look really great. They can be made easily. First of all blow up a big balloon. Now start winding the hemp rope around the balloon. Use enough amount of glue to secure the hemp in place. It should not move much. Make sure you do not pull the hemp too taught or keep it slack as in both the cases the lamp will not turn up well. It sjould be considerably taught to give it a good finish. Once the hep dries up on the balloon surface, burst the balloon and pull it out. Now place a bulb inside it to complete the lamp.

22. DIY Cute Paper Basket Storage- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: wonderfuldiy.com

This small cute paper basket DIY is a great crafty addition to your daughter’s wardrobe. You can easily make it using the soft cardboard sheet. Cut a rectangular shape and give it the desired cuts at the required places. Fold the sheet in the desired way, that is the way shown in the photograph given. Attach the handles to carry the basket and voila you have made a beautiful basket to keep your or your daughter’s stuff.

23. Rock candy Making- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

We all love hard rock candy. It is one of those delicacies which one can never resist. So we are going to make some beautiful hard rock candy to compliment you and your holiday season. First of all take half a bowl of water and mix 1 cup sugar in it. Put the water to boiling and add half more cup of sugar. Add food colouring of your choice. Now pour the solution into an open tray or container. Let it cool down and slowly solidify over time. When it hardens and is completely solid, break the surface to make small pieces of candy.

24. Plastic Spoon mirror Decoration- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: wookmark.com

Adorning the big mirrors is something we have inherited from our ancestors. Mirror adorning habit has a rich heritage. In the new age where we are so much inclined towards reducing the waste, we bring to you a way to adorn your mirror while reusing plastic waste at the same time. You can choose a big circular mirror. Now collect some plastic spoons, preferably clear spoons. Cut off the heads. We will br using only the spoon heads for this DIY. Now start sticking these around the mirror. This will start forming a circular shape with the spoon masts. Go on until you are satisfied with the diameter of the installation. Now start spray painting these spoons which have been aligned in the circular manner. Your DIY is ready when you are finished spray painting.

25. Glitter Disco Ball- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: diy-crafts-tutorials.blogspot.com

For all those wasteful CDs we have a very beautiful crafty activity. For all those disco enthusiasts this is one of the best craft items to be made at home. First of all take a chinese lantern or cover a big thermocol ball with coloured strips. Now cut square pieces from the CDs. Now stick these pieces all around the strips or the rectangular lines running around the chinese lanterns. This way you get a shiny disco ball. You can hang it in your room or even through a disco themed party by making lots of them and hanging them up in the party room.

26. DIY lovely fabric ball bunny- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: pinterest.com

We all love soft toys and the best soft toys are fluffy balls. They are soft and playful, both at the smae time. You would need some beautiful cloth and polyfill material to make these beautiful playful balls. Start by cutting out bifferent leaves for the ball and two circular patches, one for the bottom and the other for the top. Stitch the top in the end.

27. Origami Paper Bookmark- Craft Tutorial

Image Source: lovethispic.com

Origami is a great way to express yourself. You can find many origami crafts which showcase different moods and designs. Love is the most potent feeling and having a heart bookmark is truly a dream come true. Origami gives you the chance to make a heart shaped bookmark for all your great reads. There are many folds and turns to make a heart bookmark which are well well explained in the given image.

We hope you loved these great DIY home decoration step by step tutorials. We will keep on bringing more such content to you. Do leave your feedback in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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