15 Beautiful Shelves Designs for Home Decoration

Shelves helps us in keeping our things, arranging them to beautify our home. From modular storage systems to bookshelf staircases, every design attracts human heart.

One of our earlier story talked about invisible bookshelf which by its magic nature welcomed by people. Here, we listed few award-winning designs that you can make with your hands.

A Fancy-shelf cell

Image Source: delatsami.com

Check Shaped Brown Wood Book Shelf Creative

Image Source: decohome.me

Pretty bendy shelf

Image Source: stroyday.ru

A corner Wood shelf

Image Source: fancy.com

Shelves with black wooden skateboard rack

Image Source: homegoid.com

A shelf with Partitions

Image Source: make-self.net

Gallery Of Unique Bookshelves

Image Source: housean.com

Beautifully colored box-shelves

Image Source: stroyday.ru

A Multi-triangular shelf

Image Source: urbanoutfitters.com

A ’branch’ shelves

Image Source: greensector.ru

Balance Your Books – Bookshelf

Image Source: stroyday.ru

A hanging triangular shelf

Image Source: make-self.net

A cardboard shelf for multiple things

Image Source: altayak.com

A square shape shelf

Image Source: make-self.net

Sum Shelving System Cherry – 3 Shelf Set

Image Source: advayashinteriors.com

Let us know your views on these shelves designs for home decoration so that we can improve upon our collection. Keep creating with K4Craft.

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