Giveaway time!! Youtube “Comment to Win” Contest

Thanks for participation of our K4Craft Giveaway contest at Youtube!
10 winners will receive goodies (total worth Rs. 5000) from K4Craft.

List of winners:

  3. Nikita Dokania
  4. team nrithya
  5. Viji Bala
  6. Agnes Ortega
  7. chandni singh
  8. Aulia Darmansyah
  9. parineeta chatterjee
  10. nicita chabbra

Giveaway time!! Comment on our Youtube video & win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000

K4Craft is organizing a Giveaway contest at Youtube!

All you have to do is leave a comment below in this video. 10 winners will receive goodies (total worth Rs. 5000) from K4Craft

How to participate in the contest?

  • Open the above video in the Youtube and make a comment to this video at Youtube.
  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel K4 Craft Video Tutorials (Mandatory requirement)
  • Share with your friends and invite them to like and reply to your comment.
  • Share link of the video with your friends to watch the video. As soon as video has 10,000 views, we will announce the winners.

Who’s eligible? Is it International?

All the person across the globe with Youtube account can participate in this contest. This is open to all the countries and age groups.

How many entries can one user submit?

An user can make any number of comment but we will consider the best comment under this contest.

How are the Winners chosen?

We will declare the most popular comment i.e. the comment which receive highest number of likes and replies. We will consider comments till our video reaches 10,000 views.

How are the Winners announced?

We will announce winner in the description of the video and at our website. The winners need to mail their contact email address at after the announcement of the result.

About the prize money

Top 10 comments will receive gift voucher worth Rs. 5000 each from K4Craft. For non-Indians, we will provide gift voucher worth $ 10.

Note: If you have any query regarding the contest, please mail us at