World Emoji Day Special Craft For Kids

Emojis form a great part of our chats nowadays. They convey our feelings and messages efficiently and effectively. Emojis save our typing time as well. In this fast paced world every nook which helps us save time is welcomed with open hands. Emojis have been accepted by one and all. They have become the new way of chatting. They have changed the face of messaging industry. Nowadays every social media is coming up with their own set of emojis which can help make their platform unique and desirable. Race inclusive emojis have been introduced to avoid being known as a racist platform. The far and wide reach of emojis has brought about revolutionary changes in the messaging world. So, let us all celebrate the importance and value of emojis in our life on this World Emoji Day this 17 July.

How To Turn Words Emoji into a Cartoon for Kids

First of all let us doodle with the word “emoji”. This will give a drive to the creativity which becomes stagnant if not chanelised properly. Doodling is an art form which helps to make our creativity flow. First of all write the word “emoji” in small block letters. Then start with joining the lower curve of ‘e’ with the upper loop. Now fill in the lower loop completely. Now draw a big circle around it. Now make the eyes as dots and semi-circular eyebrows. This is your happy emoji. Moving to the letter ‘m’, draw an eyebrow joining the curve of it. Draw the other eyebrow as well. Now draw a big circle around it. Now make tears flowing through the insides of ‘m’. Make an open mouth for the emoji. Now moving on to the ‘o’, make a dot inside it. Now draw a big circle around it and a semi-circular other eye. Make the mouth and tongue sticking out of the mouth. Join ‘j’ and ‘i’ with an inverted bell curve on top of it. Now make well curves on the lower side. Now make hands and ghosty eyes and mouth for the ghost emoji. We are done with ‘emoji’ doodling. For better understanding look up:

How To Draw A Super Cute Cloud Emoji Unicorn

Let us make a cloud unicorn emoji. First of all draw a triangle to make the horn of the unicorn. Make the layers of the horn equidistant starting from the top corner. Now start making the cloud around the horn. You can either make it straightaway with the sketch pen or first make it with the pencil and then when you are satisfied with the pencil sketch fair it with the sketch pen. Now make the details inside the cloud. Make two hearts as dimples. Now make two big bright eyes for the unicorn. The unicorn must seem bright and bubbly. Make a small open mouth for the unicorn. Spread the hearts all around the unicorn. Now colour the unicorn cloud in the colours of your choice. For better understanding of the unicorn cloud emoji look up:

Paper Craft : Easy Emoji DIY Bookmark Corners

Now let us make emoji bookmarks. It is both hilarious to possess and fun to make. Take a yellow coloured sheet which is square in shape. Fold it in half diagonally. Now fold it from each edge to meet the upper edge. Now open these last flaps and then halve the one sheet in half to meet the centre. Now secure the right and left corners on the inside of the halve fold with the help of glue. Now make a circle out of the square we get in the end. Just be wary that you do not cut the joined ends completely. You need the joined ends to ensure that the bookmark stays in place. Once you have shaped the bookmark in a circle choose the emoji you wish to have as your bookmark. Then start making the eyes and mouth one by one. Use different coloured sheets to make hearts and tears. It will lift up the bookmark. For better understanding of the procedure of the bookmark making method look up:

Easy Emoji Notebook

Let us make an emoji book. First of all take a big yellow sheet and then fold it in half lengthwise, then again halve it in the same direction. Now open the folds and then fold it in the perpendicular direction in the same way. Then open one fold and cut on the lines of the square. Now open the folds and then cut the inner sides as well. Fold them on the outer side and leave the inner square empty. Now fold accordingly and smoothly. Once you get a book shape start making the emojis. For better understanding of the folds look up:

I hope you will have fun realising the art ideas. I think emoji bookmarks will prove useful to all the avid book readers. Happy World Emoji Day to all of you.

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