20 DIY Easy Wall Hanging Craft Ideas & Tutorials

Best 20 Handmade Wall Hanging craft ideas & Tutorials. You can make them with paper, waste newspaper, bangles etc for decoration of diwali like festivals or kids can decorate their school with their teachers.

Easiest and least expensive way to add color to your walls? Hang something up! Wall Hanging are not just for decoration but they also keep us motivated to reach high destination. With this in mind, we brought to you Best 20 DIY Wall Hanging craft ideas & Tutorials with amazing video tutorials and images. Happy Crafting!!

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1. DIY: Paper ceiling / wall hanging Designer Flowers for home decor

Tools are required for making wall hanging flower

  1. Paper Sheet (20X10 cm)
  2. Pencil
  3. Scale
  4. Fevicol
  5. Scissor

2. DIY: How to make easy Wall Hanging for New Year party

Tools are required for making Smiley Wall Hanging

  1. Paper Sheet
  2. Sketch Pen
  3. Fevicol
  4. Scissor

3. DIY: How to make Paper “Ceiling / Wall Hanging” Decoration for Home

Tools are required for making Paper “Ceiling Hanging Decoration”

  1. Colored A4 Paper
  2. Colored thread
  3. Circular object
  4. Glue
  5. Scissor

4. DIY: Paper wall hanging Christmas / New Year Party / Home Decoration

Tools are required for making Paper wall hanging

  1. Paper Sheet (30X10 cm)
  2. Pencil
  3. Scale
  4. Fevicol
  5. Scissor

5. DIY: Pom Pom Wall Hanging Crafts Decoration Ideas

These Pom Pom wall hangings can be used on various occasions for your spouse. They are easy to make and have a warm feeling with them. They go best on white walls as the red color pops up with love and affection. For these, you need red color threads, red beads, a stick and red color pom pom. On a long thread, fix about 50 beads or similar items which are at a constant distance. Now cut the thread such as there length is in a series. You can take beads as a reference, like 4 beads threads, then 5 beads, then 6 beads and so on. Hang pom pom at the ends and tie them on the stick with longest in the middle and shortest at the sides as shown in the image.

via: Maya Kalista

6. Amazing DIY 3D Wall Art – Colorful Star Heart Round Shape Hanging

via: pinterest.com

The 3D art and crafts are always appreciated and especially when it comes to decorations. That’s why one should know how to make such beautiful craft items from 2D shapes to 3 shapes. In this idea, cut out different shapes such as stars, circles, hearts and much more. Now the trick is to make slits between the shapes for easy join. For example, till half of one heart from the upper and till half of another heart from the lower side. This will make them easily go into one another and will give a 3D shape. You can use strings and threads to join all the cutouts of one category in one thread as done in the first image. Or you can decorate a big heart piece with small ones as done on the right. Such buntings can be hung in different ways forming different shapes and taking formations.

7. DIY Decoration with easy Wall Hanging With Bangles

If your set of bangles is mismatched and now you can not wear them because of the incomplete set, you can use them for this idea of Wall hangings with bangles. The bangles are wrapped completely with different colored threads. And a pattern is also formed in the space inside the bangles. One colored bangle is kept in the middle and another 6 colored pieces are joined around the middle one. The threads and pom pom of the same color as of middle are hanged below the bangles as shown in the above image. You can choose your own pattern and the combination of the colors. The bright colors will make your room shine indeed.

via: Creative Diy Art

8. Paper & Beads Wall Hanging using Paper Quilling

The quilling strips have so many uses and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can take medium size strips of multi colors for this wall hanging idea. First, make a long thread with beads that are separated at the same length. Now cut the threads into different length taking beads spacing as the cutting references. Now make patterns with quilling strips by varying the length of the strips with different colors as shown in the image. Tie these strips to the threads with beads and arrange them on the wall sorted by the length. These hangings are surely one of the easiest hangings to make.

via: Tanis GallerY

9. DIY Crafts: Wall Hanging for home Decoration

via: Maya Kalista

These wall hangings use the same color of beads and the shape at the bottom. The hearts can be made of paper with different patterns inside them depending on your convenience and skills. The number of beads is lesser in the next set and thus the length also decreases when we go from left to right. You can reverse the length change from right to left also as done in the rightmost image. Try to use a transparent thread or thread with the same color as of the wall. Use a stick or bar at the top for support and hanging. These beautiful hearts hanging will surely raise the bar of your interior designing.

10. DIY : Wall Hanging Craft Ideas Using Colourful Paper

via: Tanis Gallery

Apart from all of the above-mentioned hangings design ideas for your home and wall decorations, you can opt this idea too. It has simple steps and is easy to make. All you have to do is first cut out same size starts from different colored sheets. Now, on a wall create wave lines as shown coming out from only one point and then diverging. Take threads of the length of wave lines, and join stars on them at equal separation. Stick these threads on the wall with the help of nail or clear tape. These stars will surely add color and dimension to your beautiful room.

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