30+ Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas and Tutorials

We all look forward to reusing waste materials. A lot of toilet paper is used in our homes and at the end of the toilet paper, the roll gets thrown away. We have got better ideas to utilise these not so useful toilet paper rolls. We have made a well-curated list of the DIY projects which can be realized using the Toilet Paper rolls for you. You can grab some of these ideas to utilize those rolls in decorating your house without much efforts or materials.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas and Tutorial

Toilet paper wreath craft

Toffees attract most of us as they remind us of our childhood. To craft these beautiful memories, use the cylindrical shape of the roll as the base. With the help of creep paper or gift wrappers, cover the rolls with extra paper at the ends. Then tie these two ends with a thread or ribbon as shown. Then join all the toffees to form a circle with the help of ribbon or super glue. Your toffee wreath is ready to hang.

Doll house from toilet paper roll


Paint the rolls with different shades of colors as you desire. Then cut rectangular slits and pull it outwards as shown in the image. These slits represent windows. You can use paper sheets with patterns on it or draw your own pattern on a chart paper and fold cones for the top. Join the cone and the cylinder and draw the rest.

Toilet paper roll Easter bunny craft tutorial:







This is a beautiful bunny craft using the toilet paper roll. You need to cut out thin strips of the toilet paper roll transversally. Align these strips in the shape of a face, ears, body, etc of the bunny to complete this DIY.

More toilet paper roll craft ideas!

These forts have larger length as compared to dollhouses of toilet paper rolls. To craft these forts, join two or three toilet paper rolls which have a higher diameter. For the crowns and fort top, cut the pattern out from the roll itself or you can use a paper with high GSM.

Minion crafts from toilet paper roll

Minions are so adorable that they improve the beauty of every place they are kept in. For these cute minions, Join two rolls to have the appropriate length and then draw the minion with a pencil first. You can use yellow and blue acrylic paint or watercolors for these. You can more get face ideas from the internet.

Sagacious owl from Toilet paper roll

These night owls have their own uniqueness. To increase the ease of folding the heads of the toilet paper rolls, you can make the rolls wet with the help of water. This will decrease the stiffness of the rolls. Then draw the body and face of the owls with the help of black sketch pen. Later, if you wish, color these crafts with different shades.

Racing car crafts using toilet paper roll

Race cars kept together attracts the eyes of the most. To craft these beautiful racing cars with toilet paper roll, first cut a rectangle completely in each of the rolls and then paint the body. On the cardboard sheet, cut out circles and paint them as shown in the image with black and white color to represent the wheels. Also, cut out the steering wheel of small size and a rectangle for the seat from the cardboard. Join the pieces together with the help of board pins.

Penguins using Toilet paper crafts

These Mr. and Mrs. penguins can be easily made at home with the help of toilet paper rolls. First, take a roll and draw the body of the penguins that is only the white and black portions. Then attach artificial eyes for these two. You can use yellow or orange chart papers for the nose and the legs. For male penguin, cut a bow out of the blue chart and for the female penguin, use the pink chart.

Animal party crafts using toilet paper roll

These animals party crafts have toilet paper roll as the base material for the body. You can shape the head by first wetting it with the help of water and then folding it along the two ends of any diameter. After that, draw the rest of the body and face accordingly. You can use cut out from various colored charts for the tails, nose, and other parts.

Beautiful home design with numbers

For this home decor craft idea, take the product of two numbers, in this case, it is 4×6. Now take 24 rolls and cover it with brown paper which is used to cover the notebooks or any similar paper. Cover all the rolls neatly with minimum wrinkles. Then stick these rolls on a cardboard sheet or wooden sheet with super glue. For the upper triangle shape, you can use the same material as the support of the rolls. You can craft chimney with another roll and white paper crushed into the gap.

Beautiful confetti flag using Toilet paper roll

For this beautiful confetti flag, take few confetti sheets of different colors and cut circles and long strips. Use the circles to cover the toilet paper rolls properly with water and glue mixer. Add eye to the top of the roll, for this you call use white sheet and color the black circle. For the bottom, fill it with the same color of confetti strips as in the circles used in the body. Tie the craft on a wooden stick with a thread for the hanging.

Monster character crafts using Toilet Paper Roll

Monster characters can be given a look of scary or sweet as wished. It all depends on the eyes and smile. For the body of these little monsters, cut strips till the middle of the roll such that only one side of the strip is connected to the roll. For this, you can draw a circle in the middle of the roll and then start cutting. Then press the roll on any flat surface such that all the strips bend outwards. At the end give these creatures different color shades and desired faces.

Colourful Butterfly crafts using Toilet Paper roll

How can we miss the butterflies when we are talking about beautiful creatures? Cut out wings from the cardboard sheet and cover them with the pattern paper. Use the same pattern to cover the toilet paper roll and then join these two parts. Later attach artificial eyes and the ribbon antennas. You can use flower shaped cut outs for enhancing the look.

Animal crafts using Toilet Paper roll

Just like the previous images, fold the upper part of the toilet paper roll for the head. Then draw the rest of the body or cover it with the sheet. In this image, we have used watercolors and sketch pens.

Sagacious Owl craft Using Toilet Paper roll and colorful paper

Inplace of drawing the body with sketch pens and paints, you can use cut out from different colored papers and use them to craft these smart and handsome owls. You can cover the body with patterns or plain colored sheets. Eyes can be cut out from white and black sheets.

Washi tape showpiece made using toilet paper roll

In this craft idea to utilize waste toilet paper rolls, we have used washi tapes which have patterns on them. First, cover the whole roll with different pattern tapes. Then mark the triangular spikes with the help of pencil on the roll. With the help of scissors or cutter, cut out these triangles and the showpiece is ready. You can tie a thread at the bottom so that your kid can wear it.

Showpiece made using Toilet Paper Roll

For this showpiece, cut out the triangular spikes just like the previous idea without applying the tape. Then cover the roll with any piece of waste cloth which has rough look with the help of glue. Remover the extra threads and bend the spikes a little outwards. At last add buttons, pins and crochets for decorations.

Superman bangles for kids using Toilet Paper roll

These superman bangles can be crafted easily for average-sized hands. If you feel like the hands have high size for bangles, you can cut a straight line along the length of the toilet paper roll so that they can be put on without difficulty. First, cover 2 rolls completely with golden glitter. Then cut out two stars from thin cardboard sheet and apply red glitter only one side of these. Join the stars and the roll and the superman bangles are ready.

Crafty goggles made using Toilet paper roll


Christmas Craft hangings made using Toilet Paper Roll

Just like in the previous craft ideas, fold one side of the head along the two endpoints of a diameter. Now take perpendicular to this diameter on the opposite circle of the roll and fold the roll along two endpoints of the new diameter. These two folds are perpendicular to one another and are at opposite ends of the roll. Now draw the rest of the figure of the Santa Claus and tie a thread at the top for hangings them.

Beautiful hangings made using Toilet Paper roll

This is a very beautiful hanging design. Start by cutting strips of toilet paper roll transversally. Place the closed loop on top of each other wrapping around each previous one. Add a fastener in the middle of the boomerang. Cut oùt the triangular portion at the edges. Now spray paint the boomerang hangings thus formed. You can paint them in different colours and hang them using a thread or yarn.

Games made using Toilet Paper Roll

Your kids love to play games and it is quite evident. You can make these beautiful games using toilet paper rolls. Start with a hard cardboard base. Cover the base with black paper. Make columns and bridges to play car games with this game station.

Fairy Castle DIY project

This is a beautiful castle DIY project made using toilet paper rolls. You can start off by aligning the toilet paper rolls side by side like towers and spiers. Cut the top of the spiers in an alternating fashion to make them look lije a fortress. Add paper cones on top of the main towers. Paint the spiers and add details like windows, doors, brick design, etc.

Dome houses using Toilet Paper Roll

These little dome houses look great when made in a huge number. You can make these beautiful dome houses using old toilet paper rolls. Start by making coloured paper cones as the roofs for these little dome houses. Add a white paper base on the toilet paper roll. Make red lined windows and doors for the domes. This red detailing makes the domes pop and looks beautiful.

Beautiful Playing cups using Toilet Paper Roll

These beautiful playing cups are crafted using toilet paper rolls. One roll is used to make two cubs and the plate is of cardboard. Cut the roll into two halves and then fold one end of each of them. Then, for the handle, cut a small length cylinder from the roll. and join all of them together as shown in the image. Atlast, paint them according to your preferences.

Pen Holder made using Toilet Paper Roll

For this penholder made of toilet paper roll, first, provide a base to the roll by cutting a circular disc of the same dia as of the roll. Then join the disc at the one end of the roll. You can cover the roll with the help of fluorescent sheets. In this example, we have use tricolor of the Indian flag. The flower in the middle of the flag is made of quiling strips.

Christmas candy crafts using Toilet paper roll

Christmas candy can also be made by first wrapping the toilet paper roll with the plain white sheet. then use quiling strips for the spiral pattern around the roll or you can use ribbons too. At last, cover the piece with a plastic transparent sheet for the shiny appearance. They look great.

Beautiful Bird houses using Toilet Paper Roll

These bird houses are quite similar to the dollhouses made of toilet paper roll in previous ideas. To hang these houses, a thread is tied at the top of the cone before joining the cone and the cylindrical roll piece. There patterns and colors are chosen according the garden they have to be kept in. Hang them with the use of a yarn or thread.

Christmas DIY crafts using Toilet Paper Roll

This is a great Christmas DIY project. You can ask your children to make different kinds of garden gnomes for the Christmas eve. Simple and elegant snowmen can be made using a white base. Do make a scarf for them. Detail their features using a black sharpie pen. You can also make a family of gnomes showing the parents reading out the bible to their children. You can make red Santa gnomes or even the disco loving gnomes.

Santa Clauses using Toilet Paper Roll

This makes for a great DIY craft for the Christmas. You can make these garden gnomes using toilet paper. Start by drawing the basic structure of the gnomes on the toilet paper roll. Use coloured sheets to cover the sections of the toilet paper roll. You can even paint the different sections to make these gnomes. Use a black sharpie pen to detail the features of the gnomes. They look really sweet and adorable on Christmas eve.

Fairy castle made using Toilet Paper roll

This is a beautiful castle DIY craft. It can be easily made by aligning the toilet paper rolls together. Cover the aligned toilet paper rolls with a sheet of paper. Make canopies for the castle tops. Paint the castle in beautiful colours complete with windows and door for the castle. Define the edges of the front towers with a patterned cut on the spiers of the castle.

We hope you liked all these beautiful, easy to make DIY craft projects. They will surely bring a smile to your face. Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We will soon come up with more such related content. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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