How To Make Origami Tulip Flower – Step by step

Tulip – spring flower, which is like no other at all associated with the International Women’s Day. Fresh flowers are delicious, but paper flowers are more durable. In addition, a child is better to give mom or grandmother on March 8 that something made with your own hands, than store bought. In this tutorial, we shows you a classic origami tulip flower folding instructions. Here you will find detailed diagram of origami tulip with explanatory comments.

For making origami tulip, you will need a sheet of paper square shape. It is advisable to use this two-sided colored paper crafts.

1. Fold the paper in half horizontally at first, expand the paper. Now fold the paper in half again vertically expand the list. You have set the mid-line.

2. Now, similarly fold sheet twice diagonally also solely to identify the fold line. To origami tulip turned out beautiful, make sure that the corners accurately superimposed on each other, and the folds are clear and sharp.

3. Next you need to connect with the top and bottom center of the square (they are marked with red dots) and at the same time right within the left and right sides.

As a result, you should have here is a triangle with “pockets” inside.

4. Continue to fold origami paper tulip. The bottom corners of the upper layer tregolnika lift up to the top of the triangle.

Turn the work piece and perform the same manipulation on the other side. As a result, you should have a diamond with a “cut” in the middle of the one and the other.

5. Move to the next manufacturing step origami tulip. As if flipping through a book, turn the right-hand side to the left side robma. Turn the work piece and do all the same with the other hand. As a result, you still get a diamond, but folded in the middle.

6. Working with only the top layer, you have to bend down the first left corner of diamonds, a little go over the center line. Then right corner.

7. Now open the right corner and tuck in his left.

Turn the workpiece origami tulip and do all the same with the other hand.

8. It remains quite a bit to finish before the end of origami tulip. First, fold the sides in four petals.

Second, find the bottom of the tulip origami small hole through it and inflate your flower to give it volume.

Tulip paper origami ready! Now that you know how to make origami tulip.

Beautiful every day! 

Images by: Anna Ponomarenko

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