Summer Special Fruit Decoration Ideas For Your Dining Table

We all love to eat fruits. They are beautiful and vibrant and tasty as well. Then why do we not consider making artful pieces out of them. They will look more attractive in this way and when you present them in an artistic manner you are praised more for your hardwork in totality. So, let us try some fruit art in these summer holidays and enjoy the fruity punch a bit more than usual.

Amazing Food Art Ideas | Fruit Carving Tutorial

Take an apple and cut it in two halves. Then take the part with the stem of it and shape it into a flower. Then hollow out the base and put in lime juice in it. Then place the flower you made with the stalk part on the hollow part with the help of a toothpick. Take a green apple and a red apple. Carve out a heart shape from the green apple and hollow out the carving. Then just cut a piece of the red apple and cut out a heart shape from it. Then fit this red heart piece into the green carved space. Take a pineapple and a watermelon. Cut triangular piece from the watermelon and a circular piece from the pineapple. Now carve out hearts from both and fit in the pieces in each other. That gives the heart shape a contrasting background. Now take big strawberries. Cut them in two pieces and hollow out the bottom part.  Fill the hollowed out part with white chocolate and set. Now place the crown on top and dip the strawberries in melted milk chocolate. Now set it. Then just decorate the strawberries in whatever way you wish to. Now take an apple and cut it length wise and cut the seeds out and slice it thin. Now put in these pieces in lime water and microwave for 5 minutes. Now place these microwaved apples on lengthwise pastry base and roll the base and then microwave these rolls. Lo, your apple roses are ready. For the complete procedure refer to this video.

Art with Fruits

Take two grapes and cut them diagonally and then join two diagonal pieces making a heart and secure this heart using a toothpick. Take up some strawberries and give them slight slices at the edges. Open the edges outwards and thus you get strawberry flowers. For more such ideas watch this video tutorial.

Watermelon Feast Is Ready!

You can easily carve out flowers from a circular disc of watermelons. You can try storing the watermelon slush in the watermelon itself. You can make some watermelon juice and leave it in the watermelon shell and use it whenever you want. You can even try some life scenes to emulate on the watermelons and they do look great. You might even try out some cartoon carving. You may even carve out flowers or human faces on to the watermelon skin. You may carve a dragon on the outer skin of the dragon you just ate. That can serve as a garnishing prospect to any of your salads. Try making a fruit basket with the help of a watermelon. You can try some ideas taking inspiration from the girl in this video.

Fruit Decoration : How To Make Watermelon Slices

Now let us learn to carve out a watermelon. First of all take off the top of the watermelon and then hollow it out with the help of a ball spoon. Then use a pin knife to carve out triangles on the watermelon. Then take out the lower triangles from the carved portion. Curve the lower edges. Continue until the half. Now when it starts to look like a flower, just hollow it out a bit more and then put in the circular carvings back into the hollowed out part and enjoy your fruity art. For step wise tutorial refer to this video.

How To Quickly Cut & Serve a Watermelon Birds!

Now let us make an easy and super fast swan with the help of watermelon. Cut the watermelon in four parts and then give it another dissection. Now peel the pieces. Now cut out triangular parts. Use a shaping knife to make triangular cuts on the outer triangle we cut earlier. This video provides with an easy way to make a swan and it can be easily accomplished with little precision of knife. For step wise procedure watch this video tutorial.

I hope you will have fun making all of these. Summers are all about heat and it is our duty to keep ourselves and everyone around us hydrated. Do intake lots of water and watery fruits. Try to keep yourself cool in whatever way you like. Do drink enough water. Do not waste the water as it is very precious. We must value what we have inherited. So, go on carve out some juicy fruits for yourself and relish their taste with enthusiasm. You can even give fruit punch parties for all your friends and it will provide you with a chance to show off your carving skills as well.

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