How To Make Paper Roses (Step by Step Tutorial)

Paper Roses are the most common flowers in gifting. Learn to make paper roses and it makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Materials Required

  • Origami/wrapping/colored paper (color on both sides). You require 4 squares for one rose.
  • Glue
  • Wire or broom sticks to hold the flower
  • Cane basket holder
  • Dry weeds
  • Satin ribbon (or curling ribbon), packing paper
  • Oasis

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1

Fold the square paper (I have taken 7.5 cm * 7.5 cm) in half and again in half till you have triangle with folds. Draw the petal shape, Cut at the top of the open part. Also cut a tiny amount at the bottom to make a hole in the center. Do the same with the rest of the 3 pieces. (Pic 1)

Step 2

Unfold the petals. From the first paper petal cut out one petal along the folded lines. From the second cut out 2 petals along the folded lines and so on.

Step 3

Apply glue to one petal and overlap to another petal shape to form a cone. Do the same with the rest leaving out the following petals 1, 2, 3 and one 4-piece petal. All of these could be used as inner petals forming buds.  However, I have not used all of the smaller pieces.

Use a paintbrush or pencil and curl the cone shape petals outwards.

Step 4

Take a piece of wire. Apply glue to the single petal and wrap around the wire to form a tight base. Then apply glue to the 3-petal piece and roll around the wire to form a bud. Now assemble the cone shaped petals by applying glue at the bottom of the petal. Starting with the smallest pass the wire through the hole; position the petals well.

Once the petals are secured with glue, cut a piece of calyx from green paper fix at the bottom of the flower. Attach leaves to the flower if desired.


I have put some oasis at the bottom of the cane holder. Then I added the weeds. Finally, I arranged the roses according to my liking.  I covered the cane holder with packing material since the oasis was visible. I finally attached the curling ribbon. 

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MeeraMaria Dsouza: I’m Meera from Karnataka. I have always been interested in crafts from a young age. However it’s recently that I have taken into crafting a little more seriously. I consider myself a freestyle crafter. I am particularly interested in flower making and like to work with any material be it paper, fabric or any other. As a crafter, there are always something new to learn.

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